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Jesus laughingIt’s the time of year when Balladeer’s Blog highlights comparative mythology, both in terms of other cultures’ dying and resurrected deities or in this case by showcasing alternate gospels that Christian authorities of long ago deemed to be non-canonical. 

THE GOSPEL OF JUDAS – Yes, it’s the “tell-all” memoir of the figure remembered as the traitorous apostle. Among the many explosive aspects of this gospel is the credence it gave to the long-argued possiblity that Judas  lived on for a time after Jesus’ death and may have even had disciples of his own, like the other followers of Jesus when they dispersed.

The other gospels generally depict their attributed author (yeah, right) as being the apostle who was closest to Jesus and who understood his teachings the best. The Gospel of Judas plays the same game, even going so far as to imply that Judas alone was privy to a particularly secret teaching of Jesus. 

This “secret” is a full-on, flat-out Gnostic interpretation of Jesus and his mission. Jesus is shown laughing at the disciples’ misunderstanding of who he really is and identifies the god of the Old Testament with the Demiurge. The “Savior” is even referred to in connection with the goddess Barbelo from Gnostic myths. Continue reading


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Mascot with demo and repub heads

The symbol of the nonexistent Balladeer Political Party

The old saying “Those who CAN – do. Those who CAN’T – teach” is especially relevant given how Left-Wing Archie Bunkers from the 1960s generation distorted America’s educational system. The saying could be modified as “Those who CAN function in the real world and accept the fact that other adults are free to hold whatever opinions they like – DO. Those who CAN’T function in the real world and accept the fact that other adults are free to hold whatever opinions they like – TEACH.”

Well, okay, they don’t “teach” in any real sense of that word. They simply abuse their authority over students to brow-beat them into agreeing with their own political views. Part of this can be blamed on the lack of action taken by the political right.

Trust me, if high schools, colleges and universities ever get to the point where the teachers and administrative staff are roughly 90% or more Republicans instead of the current situation where they are roughly 90% or more Democrats, the political Left in America would have taken action LONG AGO!

Lawsuit after lawsuit after lawsuit would have been launched at the merest HINT of political bias in the curriculum. Terms like “viewpoint discrimination” or “viewpoint harassment” would already be cemented into law. Also, “Viewpoint Diversity Directors” would have been the Left’s latest job-scam and would occupy six-figure per year positions at schools. And the Left would have sold Democrat office-holders on the belief that educational institutions should be open for lawsuits if there is ever any sizable imbalance of political party affiliation in the faculty and administration members.  

Left-Wing Archie Bunkers would more than deserve it if things get to the point where the political Right uses their own vile tactics against them and makes it so that all reviews for grant money or such have to be subjected for approval to Viewpoint Diversity officials to make sure American Liberals aren’t letting their many, MANY political prejudices influence who gets research funds and who doesn’t. Hilarious. I would still OPPOSE it, but it would be well-deserved karmic justice. Continue reading


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Hutchinson Blue Dragons LogoCHAMPIONSHIP GAME – The 4 seeds – the HUTCHINSON COLLEGE BLUE DRAGONS – took the court against the 6th seeded EASTERN FLORIDA STATE TITANS for the NJCAA Division One title.

The Blue Dragons went straight for the jugular with a 21-4 run to start the game and by Halftime led the Titans by a score of 39-16. (Yes, sixteen.) After the break Hutchinson College coasted to an 84-58 victory to earn their 3rd hoops crown. Devonte Bandoo’s 22 points led the Blue Dragons while his teammate Shakur Juiston put up a Double Double of 18 points and 13 rebounds. * THE BLUE DRAGONS ARE CHAMPIONS OF NJCAA DIVISION ONE * Continue reading

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I’ve gotten e-mails asking that I review this movie but I already did in 2010. It’s been on my Bad Movie page here:

If Footmen Tire youIF FOOTMEN TIRE YOU, WHAT WILL HORSES DO? (1971) – Category: A neglected bad movie classic that deserves a Plan 9-sized cult following.    

No, it’s not about Quentin Tarantino and pre-Castro Havana nightclubs (Thank you, I’m here all week!) it’s really a Cold War-era warning about what would happen if Communists took over the United States. It’s from Ron Ormond, best known for the bad movie classic Mesa Of Lost Women before he found religion and hooked up with the Reverend Estus W Pirkle for films like this one.

If Footmen Tire you 2Pirkle serves as the narrator of this quirky little mess, ranting on and on in his over-the-top way about how the USA has turned away from the Bible and will suffer the consequences. He’s like a combination of Criswell in Plan 9 From Outer Space and the sermonizing narrator from Blood Freak (qv).

In one of his enjoyably bizarre tangents before he gets to the Soviet conquest of America he also speaks out on the “evils” of dancing, which he calls ”The front door to adultery! What starts on the dance floor is expected to be finished later.” He even says dancing is “as immoral as it has always been”. Continue reading


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Louisburg College Hurricanes LogoFIRST SEMIFINAL – The 3 seeds – the LOUISBURG COLLEGE HURRICANES – faced the 2nd seeded SOUTH SUBURBAN COLLEGE BULLDOGS for the right to advance to the Championship Game.

By Halftime the Hurricanes were threatening a mild upset with a 38-37 edge over the Bulldogs. In the 2nd Half Louisburg College made good on that threat, putting more and more distance between themselves and South Suburban College on their way to an 86-73 victory. Jordan Oakley led the Hurricanes with 17 points and 8 rebounds.   Continue reading


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TrainA MEXICAN MYSTERY (1888) – Written by W. Grove. (No other name available) This is the first of two novels by Grove. This one features a sentient and evil train referred to only as The Engine.

In 1864 Mexico the Emperor Maximillian holds a contest for the best design of a new locomotive. The winner or winners will be awarded a lucrative contract to build trains to run all across Mexico on rail lines already laid – a project overseen by a Scottish engineer named John Brown.

Brown meets Pedro da Luz, the wealthy descendant of Montezuma AND Spanish Conquistadors. The brilliant but mysterious da Luz works out of the Mexican town of Xiqipu and his train engine is a marvel of technology, capable of automatically handling many duties that other trains require human workers for.

One of those duties is piloting the train and another is the feeding of wood into the Engine’s furnace to keep it running. At the contest before Emperor Maximillian da Luz’s creation outshines all the other entrants, but then things begin to go wrong. The Engine has depleted its on-board supply of wood and, in its hunger, uses its mechanical arms to uproot telegraph poles, chop them up and feed them into its furnace.

train 2The furious Emperor disqualifies Pedro’s Engine and awards the prize to another designer. Da Luz rants and raves to such a bloodthirsty degree that his fiancee Inez dumps him, adding to his anger. Meanwhile, the Mexican people begin regarding the Engine with superstitious awe and claim it is possessed by the Devil.

Pedro da Luz pretends to be repairing the technical glitch in the Engine in order to remove it from the vicinity but in reality he makes further “refinements” to its programming. The next day da Luz feigns surprise when daybreak reveals that the Engine has apparently left on its own and is nowhere to be found.

The story unfolds as diary entries by the Scottish engineer John Brown, mentioned earlier. Da Luz turns up dead days later, a victim of a stabbing in Mestra. Mysterious events start happening at train stations throughout Mexico, like fatal accidents and the disappearance of wood for train engines. Water towers are drained in the dead of night as well. The missing Engine, apparently acting on its own, is sighted around the country.   Continue reading


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Eastern Florida State TitansFINAL FOUR, FIRST BERTH – The 6th seeded EASTERN FLORIDA STATE TITANS and the Cinderella 14 seeds – the MOTLOW COLLEGE BUCKS – played one of the oddest games of this year’s tournament.

The opening Half was a low-scoring defensive epic and ended with the Titans holding a 25-20 lead over the Bucks. After the break Eastern Florida State continued to smother the Motlow College offense but their own offense burst free, ultimately winning the game by a final count of 65-45. Twenty-eight points from Ahmed Ali led the Titans to victory. Continue reading


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