democrat republican otherIndependent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog takes a look at some recent political cartoons and the failures of elected Democrats and Republicans. (Plus, how about Joe Biden’s latest senile gibberish. He actually said “How did we get to the place where, you know, Putin decides he’s gonna just invade Russia?”)

We start out with the item below ridiculing Joe Biden’s idiotic lie about outfighting a street hood called Corn Pop. This Tall Tale/ outrageous fabrication was always kicked off by Biden’s inane remark “Corn Pop was a bad dude …” The “bad dude” wording is typical of the way privileged white one percenter career criminals like Joe Biden feel they need to talk down to voters of color through embarrassing attempts at sounding “ghetto.”

biden corn pop putin

This next one is a reminder of Joe Biden’s reputation for corruption and for getting “ten percent for the Big Guy” kicked up to him by other members of the Biden Crime Family, like his Underboss son Hunter Biden. 

biden how 10 percent

And here is a poke at Underboss Hunter Biden and the way he and his family have used Ukraine as a virtual money-laundering machine.

biden hunter worried checks will stop

Next we have this reminder that while the covid situation crushed the working class, bloated rich pigs exploited it to become richer and richer. People lost their jobs and stores went out of business while places like Bezos’ Amazon acquired more wealth and market share. 

covid plutocrats capitalized on it

This one is a reminder of senile yet corrupt Joe Biden’s blood-soaked Afghanistan debacle last year, when Biden became the only U.S. president in history to be held in contempt by the British parliament for his catastrophe.

biden forgot weapons in afghanistan

Up next we have a reminder of how Joe Biden ended America’s energy independence achieved under his predecessor, thus leading us to the current situation where the Biden Regime pays Putin tens of billions of dollars per day for fuel. 

biden war on american oil

More of the same here:

biden and fuel

And even more of the same here: 

biden war on us fuel

And this next one refers to a very old saying:

biden weak men create hard times

This next one jokes about accused rapist Joe Biden’s repeated faceplants with his policies: 

biden faceplantFinally, a take on the way Joe Biden is such a low life-form that he still exploits and capitalizes on the death of his son Beau. Biden embodies political sleaze and phoniness. 

biden exploiting his dead son AGAIN


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  1. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. Oh, Balladeer……I can’t even laugh about it anymore. My political sense of humor has gone on strike!!! These are all so true. Did I say…sigh? 🤣 Thank You for another great post, Good Sir! 💕

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    Too funny for words.


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