Biden sick and tiredIndependent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog takes another look at recent political cartoons, many of them about career criminal Joe Biden and the Biden Crime Family. 

Stop Democrat ViolenceUp first below is yet another reminder about how illegitimate the Democrats’ absurd January 6th Committee is, with Democrat violence once again sweeping the nation and with Democrats calling for the violent deaths of government figures. 

democrat swamp creatures

Next is a clever look at the way that the installed career criminal Joe Biden’s Regime has destroyed the country.

biden like Scar

This next one refers to Joe Biden’s unfit and illegit nature, in this case the embarrassing notes that must be given to this clump of bacteria sculpted into human form.

biden unfit stooge

Then there’s this reminder about how many times Schiff and the other Democrats have lied about de facto Third Party President Donald Trump being “guilty” of manufactured charges.

democrats and schiff lie about Trump

And another take on the illegitimate January 6th Committee while Democrat fascists unleash their latest round of political violence on the nation.

democrats and their illegitimate committee

And this reminder about the Ashley Biden diary and its reference to Joe Biden taking “inappropriate” showers with his own daughter when she was a child. Joe Biden is garbage.

biden showering with his daughter Ashley when she was a child


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    Surely people didn’t really vote him into office – |Tell me it ain’t so. There had to be a glitch somewhere. Are Democrats that stupid?


    • They’re either that stupid or their TDS prevents them from acknowledging the painfully obvious. The 2020 presidential election was not a fairly run or legitimate election. Joe Biden is as illegit as Rutherford B Hayes and George W Bush.

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