First up this time is a look at Democrat Joaquin Castro’s ugly fascist attempt to sic violent mobs of slobbering psychopaths on people who donated to de facto Third Party President Donald Trump … And accidentally exposed some of his own donors who also donated to Trump. Democrat intolerance at its worst. 

Castro fascist

Then there’s this look at some Karmic Justice that has been handed out to assorted political malefactors lately.

Deep State Chickens

Democrats are determined to make the vague but convenient labels “white supremacist” and “white nationalist” as overused and meaningless as they’ve made “racist.” One of their dumbest maneuvers has been the pretense that the “OK” sign is a secret white supremacist hand gesture. Here we see Democrat Elijah Cummings, noted white supremacist, making that hand sign. 

Cummings making OK sign



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6 responses to “POLITICAL CARTOONS: AUGUST 10th

  1. Keisha

    I loved these! Trump 2020!

  2. Artie

    Democrats are morons for believing that OK means white supremacy stuff.

  3. Nancy

    I enjoyed each one of these cartoons!

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