democrat republican or awakeIndependent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog takes a look at some of the most recent political cartoons. We need independent parties.

This first one is a reminder of how Joe Biden invited the Russian invasion of Ukraine with his public remark that a “minor incursion” by Russia into Ukraine would be acceptable. So much blood on this man’s hands.

biden invited ukraine invasion

The Washington Jeff Bezos Post is ribbed in the item below about how monumentally wrong they have been with so many stories on their front page while burying corrections in the back pages.

democrat media lies

Up next is this reminder that under Biden’s predecessor inflation was only at 1.4%. Joe Biden’s disastrous policies caused the skyrocketing inflation. 

biden inflation

Below is a terrific depiction of political hypocrisy.

It captures how Democrats snivel about any heckling of their own presidents while always depicting opposition party presidents as “worse than Hitler” and more.

pelosi and others hypocrisy

Democrats have forced political litmus tests into more and more aspects of everyday life, fascistically crushing dissent.

democrat control definitiondemocrat fascism

Typical of the Biden Regime, Joe is siccing his 87,000 new IRS agents on waitresses to ensure their tips are taxed.

biden war on working class

More the same next:

biden regime after waitresses

Below is another reminder about how Joe Biden’s career has been the opposite of how he presents it.

biden taxed soc sec benefits

Another item about the Biden Regime’s fascistic politicization of the FBI.

biden hunter not raided

Below is a reminder of how the Democrats at Big Tech have interfered in politics around the world.

democrats in social media

Up next is this sarcastic joke which underlines how the Democrats always feel it’s just fine no matter how many times THEY “storm” into Capitol buildings. It also ridicules propaganda about the nonexistent “insurrection” (LMAO).

traunuary 6th

And we close with this dark humor about Biden’s border catastrophe. (AND P.S. – JOE BIDEN STILL HAS MORE KIDS IN CAGES THAN EITHER TRUMP OR OBAMA EVER DID. But we all know Democrats never really cared about those kids. They just used them as a political stick.)

biden border disasters




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  1. And I keep wondering why the GOP has not addressed the taxation of social security benefits! It’s double taxation!

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