Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog presents another look at some recent political cartoons that genuinely speak truth to power, especially to Joe “D’OH!” Biden, the hopelessly corrupt and blood-soaked career criminal. 

biden brackets

Here is yet another reminder about the non-stop dishonesty from the Democrats’ media outlets.

biden supporting media propagandists

And here is a reminder about the Biden-backing liars from America’s inept at best and malicious at worst “intelligence agencies.”

biden liars

This next one is a reminder about Andrew Cuomo, who was protected by the Democrats, and the scandals regarding unnecessary deaths of the elderly in nursing homes during his disastrous handling of Covid.

cuomo and victims

One of the many, many ways that the 2020 presidential election was as corrupt and tainted as the 1876 and year 2000 presidential elections.

biden not legit

A timely reminder about how 21st Century Democrats are always on the most destructive side of the issues.

biden democrats

This joke is about the Democrat-run schools brought to us by the Democrat-controlled (and donating) teacher’s unions. 

democrat teachers

And this trip down memory lane is a joke about how Joe Biden lost control of his bowels while meeting with the pope last year and had to change his clothes. 

biden lost control of his bowels in meeting with the pope

This one needs no explanation.

biden and fauci vax lies

Up next is this reminder about Crooked Joe Biden’s aid to Iran in developing nuclear weapons.

biden helping iran with nukes 

And this reminder that Biden moronically went along with Putin’s involvement in the nuclear talks with Iran.

biden letting Putin participate in the talks with Iran



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  4. I laugh when I read these. Then, after, and longer, I cry.

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