On this 8th day of the 8th month, let’s take another look at some recent political cartoons.

This first one deals with the callous Joe Biden’s word games while the working class and the poor suffer under his policies.

biden recession

Up next is this non-cartoon reminder from Australia’s Ross McLean about the way China gets its money’s worth from Joe Biden.  

biden owned by china

This non-cartoon deals with the political corruption and rot at the FBI (Fugedda Bout Integrity). 

fbi corruption in 2016 and 2020

Up next is this cartoon about the Biden Regime’s absurd pretense that January 6th of 2021 saw an “insurrection.” LMAO! 

biden regime jan 6th

The Democrat proficiency at vote fraud.

democrat vote fraud

And a reminder that Joe Biden doesn’t just crash economies.

biden bike economy

Another look at how the 2020 presidential election was as tainted and corrupt as the ones in 1876 and 2000.

democrat 2020

And this one on corporate phoniness and virtue-signaling.

democrat finance

Finally, these bits of truth from Samantha Marika.

marika on truth


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    “Over a vaccine Dr. Birx NOW admits was ineffective” – and she didn’t know that at the time?

    Now it seems that all of the information from that organization is not true?


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  3. Did Birx ever get her expired license to practice (PRACTICE) medicine renewed? At the beginning of the created pandemic her license was expired in the state she practiced.

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  5. I’m just a lowly registered nurse, and I figured out real quick that the vaccine didn’t work. So much for “experts.” NEVER AGAIN!

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