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Melania over MichelleWith the mean-spirited slug Michelle Obama slithering back into public view this week, THE Mother Jones – Mary Harris Jones – decided to grant another posthumous interview to Balladeer’s Blog.

Balladeer’s Blog: You seem excited about something, “Mother” Jones.

Mother Jones: I am! I was admiring the way First Lady Melania Trump – who speaks more languages than both Obamas – has been dazzling the world lately!

mother-jonesBB: Now that you mention it, she HAS been, and it’s been fun watching Trump-haters froth at the mouth over it.

MJ: The people who hate the Trumps are the same wealthy pigs who hated me when I was alive. Anyway, Melania’s charismatic tour de force made me reflect on what a nice change of pace she is from that bitter, frowning sow Michelle Obama. Did you see Melania with those children in Italy? Wonderful! Michelle would have been chiding the children about “white privilege” or some such thing. Continue reading



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mother-jonesBalladeer’s Blog has long been a proponent of the need for Third Parties here in America. Those additional political parties would provide much-needed competition to the corporate owned Democrats and Republicans who hijacked our electoral system long ago.

Donald Trump is a de facto Third Party President since the bloated rich pigs who own both parties are all against him. Even Mother Jones – Mary Harris Jones herself – agreed in another posthumous interview with me regarding Trump.

MOTHER JONES: Donald Trump is infuriating ALL the right people to infuriate! Just like  Franklin Roosevelt was accused of being “a traitor to his class” for the relief he brought to the long-suffering working class so President Trump is being regarded with the same hostility by the selfish moneyed interests.

trump-rogue-wonBALLADEER’S BLOG: And I imagine the Harry Truman comparison is the obvious shared trait?

MOTHER JONES: Damn right! President Trump reminds me of Harry Truman because of the way the prim cowards of the American media act shocked and offended whenever the Donald gives ’em hell!  

BB: Now that you mention it Give ‘Em Hell, Donald would make a great one-man show.

MOTHER JONES: You bet it would, young fella. Combine a few of the best qualities of Truman and FDR and you get President Donald Trump. Like FDR he may be a rich man himself but only someone with a lot of capital and a lot of gumption could take on the entire political and financial establishment like he has.

BB: I agree that Trump is neither a Democrat nor a Republican, neither Liberal nor Conservative and that is a plus. But do you think he’ll be able to continue fending off all the selfish interests attacking him? Continue reading

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“Hillary Clinton is a disgusting criminal who is in the pocket of the kinds of people I used to fight. Do NOT vote for her.” 

Mary Harris Jones, the legendary labor organizer from the 1890s onward, also known as “the Miner’s Angel” and “Mother Jones,” spoke to Balladeer’s Blog last night, despite being dead since 1930. As the fiery Mother Jones herself put it “If that pussy Joe Hill could posthumously talk to assholes like Joan Baez then I can talk to YOU, young man.”

Seeing no reason to provoke this heroine who fought against outrages like child labor I quickly moved on to ask the reason for her visit. As expected, Jones was blunt:

“I, Mother Jones, whole-heartedly CONDEMN the criminal Hillary Clinton! She and the rest of the Democrats sold out the working class long ago once the rich pigs who owned the Republican candidates started pouring more money into the Democrats’ coffers than to the Republicans’ coffers.

“The richest districts in the United States have been voting for the Democrats in recent elections PLUS Hillary herself is a blatant puppet of Wall Street, which is just as much a pack of thieves as it was in my day. Hillary will continue Barack Obama’s policies toward workers: cozying up to bloated rich pig labor leaders who endorse the Democrats while making life more and more desperate for ACTUAL laborers.

“The scum Obama has treated the working class like a hostile occupying force and that greedy, sickly, amoral pig Hillary Clinton will continue that policy. She’s even more firmly in the pocket of billionaire filth like George Soros and the Koch Brothers, ALL of whom have made clear their hostility toward Hillary’s opponent.” Continue reading

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