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Nina TurnerNina Turner, the black woman who served as the co-chair for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign – which was once again sabotaged by the corrupt Democrats – recently compared voting for the senile and possibly demented Joe Biden to eating “a bowl of shit.”  (Link below)

Her scathing remarks about the scandal-plagued, groping Biden continued: “It’s like saying to somebody ‘You have a bowl of shit in front of you, and all you’ve got to do is eat half of it instead of the whole thing.’ It’s still shit.” (No word yet on how many Antifa (KLANtifa) bacteria were aroused by her imagery.)

Nina Turner with Bernie SandersTurner also pointed out “WHILE BERNIE SANDERS HAS ALWAYS STOOD UP FOR AFRICAN AMERICANS, JOE BIDEN HAS REPEATEDLY LET US DOWN.” Joe Biden has long been behind draconian legal measures against African Americans, often in concert with Hillary “The Human Herpes Sore” Clinton, who notoriously called African American males “super-predators.” (No, Hillary, career politicians like YOU are super-predators. And career criminals, too.)   

Nina had courageously criticized Biden for exploiting his proximity to Barack Obama to try to pretend he himself was a good candidate for African Americans.  Continue reading


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democrat republican awakeRegular readers of Balladeer’s Blog are familiar with the way I refer to “the Chicago cesspool” of political corruption. Well, in the recent study by UIC the Windy Cesspool remains the most corrupt city in America! From 1976 to 2018 there were 1,750 political corruption CONVICTIONS in Chicago. So that’s not even counting the many times the city’s corrupt machine thwarted justice.

Los Angeles was in 2nd place with over 1,500 corruption convictions in that same time period. New York City was in 3rd place. All three cities are Democrat-run, and in Chicago’s case the city has had NO Republican mayor since 1931.

#WalkAwayI emphasize this for overseas readers who seem to think that only America’s Republicans are criminals, when in fact BOTH Democrat AND Republican career politicians are white-collar criminals.

For the link to the study Continue reading


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Matt TaibbiIndependent voter site Balladeer’s Blog often points out the need for Third Parties. So many of us decided to #WALKAWAY from the increasingly deranged Democrats to become Independent voters. Rolling Stone‘s Matt Taibbi expressed similar disgust with Democrat corruption and dishonesty after last week’s Iowa Caucus debacle.

The link is below but first some excerpts:

The chaos in Iowa “reeked of third-world treachery — from monolithic TV propaganda against the challenger (Bernie Sanders) to rumors of foreign intrusion to, finally, a “botched” vote count that felt as legitimate as a Supreme Soviet election. . . .”

#WalkAwayWorse, though, is the fact that the Democrats have become so politically entrenched that, in this election, they are the reactionaries. Iowa and the “flatulent end of the party’s impeachment gambit” revealed to the world that Democrats are “an incompetent lobby for doomed elites, dumb crooks with nothing left to offer but their exit.”

What happened over the five days after the caucus was a mind-boggling display of fecklessness and ineptitude. Delay after inexplicable delay halted the process, to the point where it began to feel like the caucus had not really taken place.”

No matter what result emerges, it’s likely many individual voters will not trust it. [snip] [T]he overall impression was a clown show performance by a political establishment too bored to worry about the appearance of impartiality.” 
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