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justice trying to hearThe neither fish nor fowl impeachment “inquiry” continues, violating all precedents and procedures from previous actions regarding Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton.

Just as I feel Bill Clinton did not deserve impeachment I feel President Trump does not deserve it. This partisan hackery is a cheapening of the process and makes it clear that political parties may now start resorting to impeachment theater if they fear an electoral loss.

Whatever your feelings, you can let your Congressional representatives know. 

CONTACT INFO: https://www.contactingcongress.org  

When even the Democrats’ Washington Post (Motto: “Democracy dies at our hands”) can’t ignore Adam Schiff’s lies that should tell you all you need to know.

schiff four pinocchios


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democrat republican awakeEven if you hate Donald Trump I have no idea how you can possibly think he is worse than the corrupt white-collar criminals arrayed against him.

Given that various Marches for Trump are taking place today across the nation, here are excerpts from Rolling Stone Contributing Editor Matt Taibbi’s perceptive analysis of the ugliness of the Democrats’ slow-motion coup against President Trump … AND WITH JUST OVER A YEAR BEFORE THE ELECTION WHEN THEY COULD VOTE HIM OUT WITHOUT DIVIDING THE NATION.

Link is below. First the excerpts:

“Taibbi’s article comes after he criticized corporate media’s framing of the Deep Stater as a non-partisan “whistleblower,” despite being a registered Democrat who worked with former Vice President Joe Biden in the White House.”

March for Trump“My discomfort in the last few years, first with Russiagate and now with Ukrainegate and impeachment, stems from the belief that the people pushing hardest for Trump’s early removal are more dangerous than Trump. Many Americans don’t see this because they’re not used to waking up in a country where you’re not sure who the president will be by nightfall. They don’t understand that this predicament is worse than having a bad president.”

“The Trump presidency is the first to reveal a full-blown schism between the intelligence community and the White House. Senior figures in the CIA, NSA, FBI and other agencies made an open break from their would-be boss before Trump’s inauguration, commencing a public war of leaks that has not stopped.”

“I don’t believe most Americans have thought through what a successful campaign to oust Donald Trump would look like. Most casual news consumers can only think of it in terms of Mike Pence becoming president. The real problem would be the precedent of a de facto intelligence community veto over elections, using the lunatic spookworld brand of politics that has dominated the last three years of anti-Trump agitation.” Continue reading

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Ugly Robert DeniroIt’s no secret that Donald Trump is a de facto Third Party President taking on America’s cesspool of corruption which masquerades as a government.

Recently Trump drove drug addict Hunter Biden, the Underboss of the Joe Biden Crime Family, to finally step down from his position with a Chinese company AND even the Democrats at the New York Times have stopped trying to deny that the Deep State (a term which has been around for decades and was NOT “made up” by Trump) is real.

They’ve just moved on to pretending it’s “a good thing” that corrupt bureaucrats abuse their authority.

Anyway I titled this post in honor of alleged sexual assailant Robert Deniro, star of any movie offered to him. This is about a terrific article further deconstructing the absurd “impeachment” nonsense that the Democrats are subjecting the nation to. The link is below but first some excerpts:

Adam Schiff eyes“Believing Adam Schiff’s (left) lies and calling for an “impeachment inquiry” has to be one of the worst blunders of Speaker Pelosi’s career. The whistleblower tale has crumbled and the backup witnesses the Democrats are relying on only confirm the Deep State bureaucrats and Democrats believe that they, not the elected president, have a lock on executive powers.”

“The leaker, incorrectly tagged a “whistleblower,” now doesn’t want to testify” and wants to just send a letter.

Pelosi and posse and no stinkin badges joke“It was already ridiculous to think a presidential impeachment, to remove the most powerful elected political representative of The United States, could continue based on an anonymous complaint.  However, expecting the same complainant/accuser to remain invisible during the process is so far beyond nonsensical, the light from where nonsense emanates wouldn’t reach this narrative for a year.”

“The real reason for this backoff, I think, is that once his identity is confirmed, it will be clear this was a stupid setup by amateurs in Congress who wanted to cover their tracks.”

Trump's Enemies“For one he seems to be involved with those behind the discredited Steele Dossier. “Billionaire Clinton donor Victor Pinchuk sent MP Bielkova to meet with him the same day she met with David Kramer and kicked Steele Dossier operation into high gear.” For another, his association with two members of Schiff’s staff — Abigail Grace and Sean Misko — suggests they cooked up his story together before sending it off to the Inspector General to refashion the leaker as a “whistleblower.”

(NOTE FROM BALLADEER: Plus the notoriously corrupt American Intelligence Community BACKDATED their sub rosa change to “whistleblower” definitions to include word of mouth and hearsay just to get this anti-Trump travesty off the ground.)   

“The DNC, Pelosi, Schiff, the media, progs in general and even the bureaucracy and FBI are in some respects a sideshow.”

March for Trump“The real issue that ought to either-or-both frighten and enrage any honest American is that the “Intelligence Community” truly does now consider itself a law unto itself and has arrogated the power to actually decide who is a suitable president and who will be allowed to occupy the White House.”

“The genesis of Russia and the Ukraine has quite plainly been at its root the IC and especially the CIA.”

“They have, make no mistake, declared war on self-governance, unless we pick someone they approve of which is quite obviously not self-governance.”

As for the alleged “backup witnesses” that the Democrats have conjured up:

“Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch 

“The President pulled her from that post in May. She is the ambassador who didn’t let representatives of the new government of Ukraine have visas to travel to this country to provide evidence of corruption by Biden and others in their country.”

“I suppose her point, and that of the Democrats, is that the executive powers granted the president are to be negated. The Deep State, once in place, cannot be removed by an upstart president who disagrees with its members.”

“Fiona Hill Continue reading

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Donald Trump rock starJust last night Mother Jones described de facto Third Party President Donald Trump as “the new Abraham Lincoln, saving the country from more Democrat perfidy.”

Yes, Mary Harris Jones, aka “Mother” Jones, once again contacted Balladeer’s Blog posthumously to express her admiration for President Trump in his one-man stand against the swamp of corruption that masquerades as the United States government.

According to Mother Jones last night: “Listen, Balladeer, in a way Trump is having to serve as both Lincoln AND General Grant. And as Lincoln said about Grant so we can say about President Trump. We cannot spare this man. He fights.”

Mother Jones also provided this excellent article skewering the Democrats’ false narrative and their not-an-impeachment-just-an-impeachment-inquiry. This procedure, by the way, VIOLATES THE PROCEDURES FOLLOWED WHEN PURSUING IMPEACHMENT AGAINST ANDREW JOHNSON, RICHARD NIXON AND BILL CLINTON.

Pelosi fake impeachment inquiryThe link is below, but first some excerpts:

“The attempt at impeachment is best understood as a legislative coup against a democratically elected president, and the radical leftists in Congress are working arm-in-arm with the deep state saboteurs and their allies in the media in order to try to effectuate this illegal coup.”

“The deep state is a collection of permanent bureaucrats enmeshed inside the federal government who can’t be fired or removed — at least historically, have not been able to be — because of misguided civil service laws. They believe they know better than you, and your listeners, and the voters how the country ought to be run.”

” At this moment in time, the deep state has a knife aimed at the heart of American democracy, and that’s what you’re seeing playing across your TV screens and newspapers pages and online, with these so-called whistleblowers, who are, of course, in fact, angry hate-filled rage-driven bureaucrats determined to take down the President of the United States and illicitly and improperly using the Whistleblower Protection Act in order to effectuate their designs.”

March for Trump“One of the gravest threats that we face today — and I can’t emphasize this enough — to our republican form of government is the unelected deep state, and I’ll explain what I mean by that. The Constitution of the United States, Article II, states very clearly that, and this is a quote, ‘The executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America.’ What that means is that the whole executive power is vested in one democratically elected person: the president. The president, who is accountable to the voters — the president, who is accountable to the American people, holds and wields the executive power.”

“Every other person in the federal government in the executive branch is an extension of his authority, is acting as an extension of his authority delegated to them. They have no independent authority. So when a deep state bureaucrat says, ‘I don’t want Donald Trump to be president. I don’t want to effectuate his policies. I don’t want to carry out his agenda, so I will do the opposite,’ they’re violating the Constitution and they’re taking away the power of the American people to elect who heads the executive branch and what policies they implement.”

“… they’ll spin and fabricate and lie to create their desired narrative to try to steer policy in the direction they want to steer it in, and the most dangerous expression of this — of course, we’ve seen — has been in the intelligence community, which is amassed with awesome power, awesome capabilities, and they’re directing that and wielding that — in some cases — against a duly-elected President of the United States of America, which is a form of sabotage that should terrify everyday American citizens. That is now the situation we find ourselves in.”

Trump in the way“Why? Because this president dared to disrupt two-party betrayal of the American people over many decades: betrayal on trade, betrayal on China, betrayal on foreign policy, betrayal on our southern border, betrayal on our economy, decade after decade, year after year, administration after administration. This president dared to stand up to defy that betrayal — was elected to end that betrayal — but the people who profited like parasites off of that betrayal are now the ones trying to prevent him from executing the agenda that the American people installed him to execute. That’s the situation we find ourselves in today.” Continue reading

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donald-trump-and-flagEvery day that neither Jeb Bush nor Hillary Clinton are president is a great day. Here at Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog I make a point every single day of taking in ten or more Democrat media outlets and ten or more Republican media outlets.

Some of the Democrat sites I read are the NYT, WaPo, Mother Jones, The Hill, CNN, MSNBC, even HuffPo (the site for HUFFy, POST-menopausal white Democrats). Some of the Republican sites I read are the WaTi, American Thinker, Townhall, Breitbart, Free Republic, The Other McCain, even Gateway Pundit (but mostly for laughs).

I periodically remind readers of this so that newcomers know I listen to both sides. Which is why I became an Independent Voter. WE NEED THIRD PARTIES. Plus I like to remind people on the left or right who vow to NEVER read the sites of the opposite political party that THAT is why they have no credibility with me. If you read only one side’s take on the issues you’re like a judge who only listens to the prosecution side of a case without letting the defense speak. 

mascot new look donkey and elephant headsAmong the reasons I support President Trump is because he is a de facto Third Party President. Plus he’s not a career politician, which in America means “career white-collar criminal.” And he’s done more to help the working class and the poor than any other president of my lifetime. 

A recent poll (link below) indicates that the Democrats’ absurd, neither fish nor fowl impeachment “inquiry” (all the fun of impeachment but with no accountability) has driven up President Trump’s standing with Independent voters. Continue reading


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Trump and JFK picWhy would anyone trust ANYTHING coming from a CIA employee? America’s CIA has a well-deserved international reputation for being the dirtiest of the dirty and the lowest of the low. After the 9-11 attacks the Democrats were reminding everyone that the CIA is trash and their actions around the world have made the U.S. many enemies.

But when CIA activities facilitate Democrat Party corruption all is forgiven, apparently.   

Read Watergate reporter Bob Woodward’s book Veil for just one of many thoroughly detailed looks at the corrupt practices of the CIA. Veil even includes a few instances of the CIA’s leaker network of current and former employees sabotaging figures appointed by U.S. presidents if they don’t get their way.

Trump and JFK JrAnd let’s remember Democrat Chuck Schumer, rather than praise de facto Third Party President Donald Trump for the boldest stands against America’s dirty intelligence community since John F Kennedy, instead taunted him for defying them, saying “They have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.”

Bush CIAThe thought of trusting ANY CIA-tainted figure on crucial issues is absurd. Remember their assurances that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction? How much blood is on their and George W Bush’s hands for that? Plus George’s father has a CIA center named for him because of his past with the agency, including as director under Ford. 

And by the way, one of the reasons I used to be a Democrat was because of their outspoken criticism of the CIA. They no longer have the courage to do that, apparently, if Schumer’s cowardice is any indication.  Continue reading


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Pelosi blank stareThe House Democrats under Nancy Pelosi are basically admitting how unpopular their kangaroo court-level “impeachment inquiry” is by refusing to even hold a vote to proceed. Pelosi and her fellow Democrat criminals know that forcing a formal vote would endanger the reelection chances of many Democrats in the House who were elected from moderate districts, where Trump is popular.

Democrats KKKThe House will not even allow their minority party, the Republicans, to subpoena witnesses themselves. Clearly the Democrats do not want an investigation or “inquiry” they are just hoping that this fraudulent impeachment attempt will succeed where Robert Mueller’s trumped-up “Russian Collusion” investigation failed.

Even though Mueller spent two years and could not show that Trump had colluded with Russia in 2016 Pelosi and her fellow Democrat fascists keep intentionally saying that President Trump’s Ukraine conversation shows him seeking foreign help “again,” ignoring the fact that Mueller came up empty.

Democrat rat logo


The biggest regret of my life is that I used to belong to the Democrat Party. They are criminals, liars and fascists willing to push the country to the point of Civil War just because they cannot get over losing the 2016 presidential election.

And to try to cover up Joe and Hunter Biden’s Ukraine corruption. And Obama’s use of the Ukraine for anti-Trump Campaign info in 2016.  

#WalkAwayOn a lighter note, deranged Democrat Rosie O’Donnell ran a poll on her social media feed regarding impeachment and 58% of her own followers voted AGAINST impeaching President Trump. Needless to say O’Donnell then took the poll down. A true Democrat! 

Join those of us who have chosen to #WALKAWAY from this obscenely corrupt and totalitarian excuse for a political party.

It goes without saying that America’s career politicians are the lowest life-forms on the planet but the Democrat ones are the lowest of them all.



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