mother-jonesMary Harris Jones aka Mother Jones has decided to once again have a posthumous conversation with Balladeer’s Blog. The topic was Mother Jones’ favorite president since FDR – de facto Third Party President Donald Trump.

I tried to rein in Mother Jones’ enthusiasm for the Donald, whom she praises as the new FDR, the new JFK, the new TR and the new Harry Truman all rolled into one. I did not succeed. As always, she wore her Trump support on her sleeve.

Eventually I steered the conversation away from the many, many ways that President Trump has helped the working class and the poor of all colors and encouraged Mother Jones to recommend her favorite Trump links of late.

trump smilingMOTHER JONES: WASHINGTON POST/ ABC NEWS POLL SHOWS SUPPORT FOR IMPEACHMENT HAS ALL BUT VANISHED. “Listen, young fella, the slobbering psychopaths called Democrats have been rebuked again in those polls they eat, sleep and breathe by! Nobody wants Trump impeached except fringe losers.” CLICK HERE

Hillary Clinton Russian Probe backfireMOTHER JONES: NEW YORK TIMES ADMITS THAT DEMOCRAT VOTERS DON’T CARE ABOUT IMPEACHMENT. “That shows the voters have much more sense than the Democrat office-holders, who are all bought and paid for. But the Democrat politicians don’t care what their voters want.” CLICK HERE




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  1. Sarah

    President Trump is one of the all-time great presidents!

  2. Joanna

    I love these Mother Jones posts you do! You must drive leftist nutjobs wild!

    • Thanks! Yeah, they become even more unhinged than usual. My reply is always “So are you saying you don’t like it when Mother Jones’ name is attached to political opinions that she might or might not have agreed with, is that it?”

  3. Deniece

    I hope Trump gets another 4 years! He is a great president!

  4. Kaitlyn

    This should read only morons want Trump impeached.

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