President Trump and flagBack in 2015 when Donald Trump first announced he was running for president I rolled my eyes and thought “This will last about three weeks.” I’m glad I was wrong. De facto Third Party President Trump has saved the economy TWICE now, has helped the working class and the poor of all colors more than any other president of my lifetime, has overseen history-making peace measures and so much more.

Every day that neither Hillary Clinton nor Jeb Bush are president count as additional gifts that the Trump presidency has brought. The slobbering psychopaths who keep coming up with false smears against the Donald keep lying louder and louder, then seem shocked that only people who never supported Trump in the first place believe them.

president trump saving childrenIt’s no secret that for decades now America has had one of the most corrupt political establishments in the world. Only President Donald Trump has successfully fought that vile establishment, which has brought the full force of its political and propaganda thuggery against him. Already the Democrats have made clear their intention to muddy the 2020 election results with fraud-friendly mail-in voting.

Here’s the MOTHER JONES reminder of the Donald’s heroics: 

mother-jonesHere’s a take from a true working class heroine. Mary Harris Jones, the legendary labor organizer from the 1890s onward, also known as “the Miner’s Angel” and “Mother Jones,” spoke to Balladeer’s Blog yet again, despite being dead since 1930. 

BALLADEER’S BLOG: Well, hello again! I always enjoy our talks.  

MOTHER JONES: I’m glad to hear it, sonny! I continue to be very impressed with the way President Trump – the new FDR and the new Harry Truman – continues to scrap with the same kind of plutocratic oppressors I always fought.

Trump is SerpicoBB: I admit the stench from Washington, DC is amazing. “Draining the Swamp” as Trump calls it, is demonstrating the depth of corruption and outright criminal activity the Democrats and Republicans are responsible for. It took a de facto Third Party President like Trump to take the first necessary steps.

MJ: You know it, young man! No Democrat or Republican would have rocked the boat like this! I think President Trump is like many heroes in one.

BB: Well, I think “hero” might be too strong a word for Trump, but –

MJ: Yes, yes, I know I’m more enthusiastic about him than you are, but I want you to just listen for awhile.

BB: Okay.

Franklin RooseveltMJ: First off, President Trump is like Franklin Delano Roosevelt. FDR was looking out for the working class and the poor, so rich fat cat scum tried to destroy him like they’re doing with Donald Trump. They even tried the VERIFIED Businessman’s Coup plot against FDR.

Right now the way that Democrat rich pigs are trying to steal the upcoming election is disgusting and is a threat to all elections of the future. Democrat fascists plan to drag out the election results for months.

SECOND, President Trump is like Harry S Truman. Harry gave ’em Hell every chance he could and weak-kneed sissy boys like today’s Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell clutched their pearls and reached for the smelling salts. Trump shocks more Republican and Democrat trash in one week than good old Harry did in his entire presidency!  

BrubakerTHIRD, President Trump is like that Robert Redford fella when he played Brubaker! Like Trump, Brubaker was trying to clean out a virtual sewer of corrupt officialdom. Even if the scumbags fighting Trump oust him, it will be like the ending of Brubaker, when the prisoners – or American citizens in Trump’s case – gathered around to pay him respect.

The prisoners giving the departing Brubaker a slow clap of good bye was an acknowledgement that the man had tried to help them and to fight the crooked politicians and rich pigs abusing them. President Trump’s end might be like that if the Establishment criminals succeed in driving him from office.

BB: That’s a very profound comparison. Even if – like Brubaker – President Trump’s bottom line accomplishment is to raise awareness in all of us about the NEED to fight the white collar criminals who have hijacked our political system, there is a certain dignity in that. A dignity that people like Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden could never understand.  

MJ: Good lad, Balladeer, but I have plenty more heroes to compare with President Trump, so pipe down. 

BB: By all means, carry on.

SerpicoMJ: FOURTH, President Trump is like Serpico. The real-life Serpico, not the weak sauce movie version of the man. Like Frank Serpico, President Trump is the only one refusing to play business as usual and just get bought off.

And like Serpico, even Trump’s presumed allies – the Republican crooks – would happily set up the Donald to be taken down by even bigger crooks who will be glad to do the dirty work.

BB: Now that’s a bit strong, don’t you thi –

MJ: I’m NOT FINISHED! FIFTH, President Trump is like Harry Flashman, G.M. Fraser’s fictional rogue. Can you guess why, son?

BB: I would say it’s because even though Flashman is far from noble or heroic, his mere monetary and carnal lusts wind up looking virtually harmless compared to the atrocities perpetrated by the supposedly “Great Men” of history that Harry Flashman often runs afoul of.

Similarly, President Trump’s flaws can’t help but look like virtually harmless peccadillos compared to the monumentally atrocious crimes of the bloated rich pigs and political criminals that the Donald clashes with on a daily basis.

Or like I often say here at Balladeer’s Blog, the contemptible nature of America’s Political Class and their media lackeys lets even a black-hearted rogue like Donald Trump emerge on the side of the angels.

john f kennedyMJ: You took the words right out of my mouth, youngster! SIXTH, President Trump is like John F Kennedy, who also played by his own rules.

President Trump is surrounded by enemies and the fact that he is tangling with America’s vile “Intelligence Community” like JFK did makes you worry about his safety.

BB: I’m not sure I go along with –

MJ: And SEVENTH, President Trump is like Richard Channing from Falcon Crest. You yourself got me thinking about that comparison, young man. You’re right, though. Richard Channing was ruthless but never outrightly evil.

Richard Channing 2Even the people making Falcon Crest were comparing Channing to Donald Trump. Especially the storyline where Richard buys that abandoned western town and renames it Channing after himself.

BB: Right, that was at a time when Trump was buying everything he could and renaming it after himself in that same way. Good catch.

MJ: Thanks. I need to get going for now, sonny. Talk to you again soon.  +++ 

By the way, for those wondering, I’m neither a liberal nor a conservative. Want proof? CLICK HERE 

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  1. A Texan

    Yeah, I can’t believe idiots willingly bought into Trump insulting dead veterans given he has done the most over the years for them. The (((person))) making the accusation himself supported the asinine Iraq war. He even sent $25k to that Marine that was released from a Mexican jail a few years ago.

    I guess Trump also pissed off the pharmaceutical companies by trying to allow some lower cost drugs across the border from Canada.

  2. I’m glad to see so many have supported this post.
    It is my understanding Mr. Trump has donated his Presidential salary to the National Park Service, to organizations helping people and to trying to fix this C-bug bull[BLEEP]. I don’t want a career politician holding any office anymore. There are enough old guards in the game to give counsel.
    President Trump doesn’t need to do this, he doesn’t need the money and he is not power tripping. He’s been in a position of power through his money, status, and what he’s built already. It is my belief the man truly loves his country and knew it needed a money making minded individual who is not in bed with lobbyists to try to help it. Maybe the economic crash was orchestrated, just saying gov’t s have always done messed up stuff. And oh, how it works out economic woes happened on Trumps watch, doesn’t that just fuel the haters to bash him and America more so
    Marxist tyrrants

    • I love how you put this! And I’ll add my observation that people around the world who always talk about how much they HATE the way America conducts itself fail to support the ONE president we’ve had in decades who actually OPPOSES the old way of doing things. They side with the Establishment instead.

      • Thanks and I very much agree that observation seems correct. After hearing what some speakers from the WHO has said, I also think I’m glad he wanted us out of the relation with it, despite how popular a decision it may not have been. He doesn’t like to sugar coat his words either, unlike others who give flowering speeches written for them, that have few blooms of reality later on.

      • Yes, I think you’re right about all that.

  3. Keith

    President Trump brought a lot of peace to the Middle East!


    President Trump is the peacemaker!

  5. Sally

    Trump is the greatest!

  6. JangoGod

    President Trump was such an incredible man and statesman!

  7. Dylan

    Everything Trump did was distorted by the media.

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