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Darrell ScottThat statement from the highly respected Darrell Scott echoes my own sentiments about how de facto Third Party President Donald Trump has done more to help the working class and the poor than any other president of my lifetime. 

A link to the entire article is below but first some excerpts:

“He’s done more for the black community than any other president in my lifetime,” Scott said. “So when he said, ‘What do you have to lose’ he showed us that we didn’t have nothing to lose at all.”

black support for trump“Scott also stated that there is “enthusiasm” for President Trump amongst those located in inner cities. Scott said that he believes Democrats were “egging” on those who took part in several violent riots across America after the death of George Floyd.

Scott listed some of what he considers to be President Trump’s accomplishments for the African-American community:

“He’s exceeded expectations, he has surprised his critics, and he stepped up to the plate with one home run after another, criminal justice reform, prison reform, historic funding for HBCUs, Opportunity Zones, historic low levels of unemployment for blacks. He’s done ceremonial initiatives on behalf of the black community, dedicated Martin Luther King Jr.’s childhood home as a national landmark, he released average and ordinary Americans …” Continue reading

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democrat platform is hatredWE NEED THIRD PARTIES! In a year when Democrats keep threatening that they will AGAIN refuse to accept a presidential election loss their hate-filled and divisive “Virtual Convention” did the seemingly impossible: it gave Senile Joe Biden’s OPPONENT a positive bounce in his approval rating.

Utterly hilarious, especially since de facto Third Party President Donald Trump was ALREADY higher than Obama was in 2012 at this point. And Joe Biden’s idiotic remark “THERE’S NEVER BEEN ANYTHING WE’VE BEEN ABLE TO ACCOMPLISH WHEN WE’VE DONE IT TOGETHER” did nothing to dispel the public’s concerns about Biden’s obvious senility and/or dementia.

But Democrats, the hate-filled party I’m ashamed to admit I used to belong to before they lost their sanity, continue living up to their new label as “The House Harkonnen of Politics.” Democrat fascists have made repeated threats that they will use the fraud-friendly process of mail-in voting to drag out the election results FOR MONTHS after election day. And will get more and more violent if they don’t get their way. (See Seattle, Portland, Chicago and elsewhere for a small sample of what Democrats have planned for November.)


Democrats just keep adding to the list of ways in which they sink lower and lower. Read on: Continue reading


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Joe Biden senileThank you to the BERNIE BROS who made me aware of this video compilation of the Top Thirty Bloopers so far by the senile, demented and corrupt Joe Biden. Watch this and you’ll realize part of the reason that President Trump’s approval rating just reached another high in Rasmussen Polls and is, in fact, higher than Obama’s approval rating was at this same time in 2012! 


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Mascot with demo and repub headsOverseas readers know that I’m an Independent Voter and I’d like to see BOTH the Democrat and Republican Parties splinter into multiple smaller parties. It may be the only peaceful way out of our current situation. Anyway, those overseas readers often ask me for some non-partisan perspective on American political events. Here’s another round.

Q: WHY DO JOE BIDEN AND OTHER DEMOCRATS WANT THE POLICE DEFUNDED? (This question came in response to multiple Democrat jurisdictions in the country, like in Minnesota and California, voting to replace their police departments or defund and diminish their police departments. Plus the way countless Democrat politicians like Biden have taken to referring to the police as “the enemy” and “an occupying army.”)

Privileged White DemocratA: “Democrats” often just means PRIVILEGED WHITE PEOPLE WHO THINK THEY ARE SPEAKING FOR PEOPLE OF COLOR BY AUTOMATICALLY SIDING AGAINST POLICE. These Democrats have convinced themselves that it’s only “privileged” people like themselves who see the police as a source of comfort and/or protection during and after the commission of a crime. They think that ONLY the police haters speak for “communities of color” and insist black people who like the police are “internalizing white oppression.”  

At least the true believers among the Democrats have deluded themselves this way. OTHER, more blatantly partisan Democrats view the recent nationwide outrage as an excuse to replace actual policing with their own – as usual – highly politicized organizations which will reflect ONLY the will of those people of color who agree with the privileged white Democrats about the issues rather than reflect the will of the community as a whole.

We’ve all seen the Democrats do this in the news media and in the “educational system” (LMAO) and it amounts to a political litmus test just to obtain AND HOLD a position. Does anyone seriously think that any black people who DON’T hate the police will be made welcome in the organizations with which the Democrats replace the police? Does anyone seriously think that any black people who are – or are just ACCUSED of being – right-of-center, let alone conservative or Republican – will be made welcome in the organizations with which the Democrats replace the police?

Democrats like criminalsSoon we’ll be hearing about how NINETY-PLUS percent of the replacement “police” organizations are Democrats, just like in “teaching” (LMAO) or in the major media outlets.

And if a few such figures of color who actually want to make their communities SAFER actually DO slip through the Democrats’ screening process, how long before convenient “complaints from Democrat co-workers” force them out?

And by screening process I mean the way that more and more jobs require degrees or at least courses in assorted Democrat-Sanctioned “Studies” and/or “Sensitivity Training”. Sensitivity as defined by privileged white Democrats, that is. Police work will be added to the list of occupations (like teaching, reporting, etc) that are, in reality, no longer open to everyone but only to people who espouse – actively and outspokenly espouse – one particular set of political opinions.    

Hopefully enough people of color will keep speaking out, like in New York where they are TRYING to make it clear to their self-styled White Democrat Saviors like Cuomo that they want various units of the police REINSTATED. Crime has skyrocketed in New York City under the Democrats and poor people of color often find themselves at the mercy of criminals just so that self-styled White Democrat Saviors can pretend they are “helping communities of color.”

Jakhary JacksonFor just one of many examples of the way so many of the loudest anti-police voices right now are coming from privileged white Democrats, see below. A black police officer in the Democrats’ Portland, OR makes it clear that there are often MORE PEOPLE OF COLOR IN THE POLICE RANKS AT THESE INCIDENTS THAN THERE ARE AMONG THE ANTI-POLICE FANATICS.   

FOR THAT ARTICLE: Continue reading


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Vernon JonesDemocrat State Representative Vernon Jones, a Martin Luther King Person of Courage, who has been very outspoken about the right of African-Americans to vote for any candidate they  choose, NOT just Democrats, once again blasted Democrat Presidential Candidate Joe Biden over his many ugly actions regarding communities of color. (Link below, but first some excerpts)  

Jones has pointed out that President Donald Trump has done more for the black community than any other Washington politician, all while Biden hides in his basement. Vernon also criticized hysterical Democrat plans to defund police.  

Black Voices for Trump pic“Jones applauded President Trump’s decision to sign an executive order on police reform. The EO created a national database of police misconduct. This prevents officers from bouncing between police departments when they’re fired for excessive force or other related issues.”

black in magaSaid Jones “Where were Joe Biden and the previous administration for 8 years in the White House on this issue? I’ll tell you. They were absent in unifying this country.”

“The black unemployment rate under Biden and the Obama administration averaged a horrific 12.8 percent … By comparison, more than double that number – 350,000 black Americans – were lifted out of poverty during just the first two years of the Trump administration.”

Trump black supporters even moreJones also reminded voters of color about Joe Biden’s THIRTY-SIX YEARS of pushing horrifically strict bills against black offenders (sometimes in conjunction with Hillary Clinton, who notoriously called black men “super-predators”).

Trump and black support“Don’t take my word for it,” Jones said, “take then-Senator Joe Biden’s own words for it. The truth is, every major crime bill since 1976 that’s come out of this Congress, every minor crime bill, has had the name of the Democratic senator from the State of Delaware: Joe Biden. Now that Biden is running for president in a woke Democratic Party in 2020, he’s attempting to sweep his racist legacy under the rug. We can’t let him.”

“Joe Biden is directly responsible for the mass incarceration policies of the 1980s and 1990s, which decimated the black community. Biden authored the 1994 crime bill which imposed mandatory minimum sentences, disproportionately putting hundreds of thousands of young black men in prison.” Continue reading


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Joe Biden faceJoe Biden, the Clown Prince of senile, possibly demented, DEFINITELY corrupt career politicians, always brings the crazy AND the laughs. Joe sounds like he’s drinking again – probably to drown his sorrow over how wonderfully the economy is rebounding from the Covid-19 hit. Or maybe because of the way many of his Union allies were accused of sexual misconduct recently. Whatever. Thank you to the BERNIE BROS who alerted me about this video: 


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Joe Biden is creepyLaughing at Joe Biden is ALWAYS the best medicine! Here’s a little levity to end the weekend. Now, I know compared to Joe Biden’s sleazy trail of modern-day lies and corruption plus running a crime family guilty of influence peddling, his plagiarism scandals and ridiculous lies about his academic qualifications may seem trivial. But they’re STILL funny! See below.

And please note how much more professional and honest the news people were back then, not giving Biden a pass just because he’s a Democrat. People back then at least tried to be actual journalists. 


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Biden art of the feelTHANK YOU TO THE BERNIE BROS WHO POINTED OUT THIS VIDEO TO ME. In reality, people who hated Trump 6 months ago still hate him and people who liked him 6 months ago still like him. The Democrats and their media outlets love to subject us to the same Trump-haters over and over again, pretending it means something. Their “polling” from Harvard/ Harris claimed a 12 point lead for Hidin’ Biden over de facto Third Party President Donald Trump.

When you dig for the hard data – which pollsters fight giving up because it reveals their prejudices – we see that the poll sampled 1,868 voters, 34% Democrats, 33% Independents and 22% Republicans. SO: They sampled 12% FEWER Republicans than Democrats and, coincidentally enough, their poll showed Biden UP by roughly 12%. Gee, how authentic.

Biden papersMeanwhile, Senile Joe Biden emerged from his bunker once again for a tightly-controlled event AND STILL BLEW IT, YET AGAIN! Watch as the demented fool claims that 120 MILLION Americans have died from the Coronavirus, then, wonderfully, the screen glitches on the “D’OH!” look Joe got on his face when he realized his stupidity. Biden and his people cannot run small campaign events, let alone the country. Watch the whole video.  

Joe Biden’s disastrous series of appearances under the most gentle circumstances are a reminder of how he and his staff lack fundamental competence and BERNIE SANDERS may well have won the nomination if the Democrat power brokers hadn’t stolen it from him to hand it to Biden.

Joe Biden senileRegarding the actual 2020 campaign, it is still anybody’s race, but the Democrats are trying to intimidate the nation with their rioting and their disastrous “autonomous zones.” And their push for mail-in voting everywhere is obviously so that they can insist that “all the votes haven’t been counted yet.” This lets them see how many votes they need to win certain states and, as we’ve seen in the past, Democrat-run areas will MIRACULOUSLY find enough “uncounted” votes to reach those levels.

But until then, remember the Democrats want to defund the police and their hot new childish chant is “Every city, every town, burn the precinct to the ground.”


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Trump and Robert JohnsonRobert Johnson, founder of Black Entertainment Television and the RLJ Companies, joined the chorus of African-American voices condemning Democrat Joe Biden for his blatant public expression of the Democrats’ view that they “own” the black vote as surely as they owned black people on their plantations.

Biden, already under siege for his and his family’s international corruption PLUS sexual assault allegations, said “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.” He stated this on The Breakfast Club radio show.

Biden racistNote also that Biden condescendingly used the word “ain’t” the way so many Democrats do when talking to voters of color, as if it will endear them to those voters. Joe Biden’s career has been marked by draconian legal measures against African-Americans, sometimes in conjunction with the disgraced Hillary Clinton, who called African-American males “super-predators.”   

Robert Johnson weighed in on social media by saying “VP Biden’s statement today represents the arrogant and out-of-touch attitude of a paternalistic white candidate who has the audacity to tell Black people, the descendants of slaves that they are not Black unless they vote for him. This proves unequivocally that the Democratic nominee believes that Black people owe him their vote without question; even though we as Black people know it is exactly the opposite. He should spend the rest of his campaign apologizing to every Black person he meets.”

Trump black supporters even moreTo help clarify all this for overseas readers and put such sentiments in their historical context: 

 In the final third of the 20th Century the speakers and money people of the Democrat Party began developing a very proprietary, some would say condescending, attitude toward African-Americans. The 1960s generation of American Democrats in particular had often treated the lives and history of African-Americans as a kind of hobby.

Black Voices for Trump picThese patronizing dilettantes originally demonstrated a protective, or at least supportive, attitude toward African-Americans, who in turn rewarded the Democrat Party’s candidates with almost unanimous support.

However, as the decades wore on and African-Americans had greater opportunities open up to them many of them began making up their own minds about what political attitudes they would embrace and what political candidates they would support. This did not sit well with the white Democrat power brokers.

Black Voices for Trump againA large portion of the Democrats’ power structure rested on the myth that all African-Americans were still Democrats. The mere existence of increasing numbers of African-Americans choosing their own political affiliation was a massive threat to the Democrats’ decades-old propaganda advantages: their false claim that they and they alone represented the wishes of all minority groups and their incessant accusations of racism aimed at all dissenting voices.

The whitebread Democrat leadership and the African-American demagogues (think Al Sharpton) they used as alleged spokespeople for “all African-Americans” began a campaign of harassment against any African-Americans who declared their political independence from the oppression and condescension of the Democrat Party. Continue reading


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Biden face 3As Bernie Sanders supporters pointed out, senile Joe Biden, amid multiple erupting scandals, proved once again that he and his people can’t even manage a virtual campaign event, let alone cope with problems on a global stage.

Enjoy this latest video look at the inept and corrupt Joe Biden. 


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