Mascot sword and pistolAs assorted tech issues remain here at Balladeer’s Blog I can at least post these links to EVERY part detailing the Celestial Madonna Saga. It presented the Avengers – Mantis included – taking on Loki, Dormammu, Zodiac, Thanos, Lion God, the Troglodytes, the Star Stalker, the Defenders, the Collector, Ultron, Nuklo, Klaw, Solarr, Maximus the Mad, Omega, Necrodamus, KANG the Conqueror, Macrobots, the Titanic Three, the Legion of the Unliving and Immortus! Enjoy til things are operating properly again.


Mantis Collector pose 2


Balladeer’s Blog spent part of this past summer on a light-hearted, escapist bit of fun by examining the very first Mantis storylines at Marvel Comics. Mantis was brought into the Marvel Cinematic Universe this year in the second Guardians of the Galaxy movie but I reviewed her ORIGINAL appearance and the 1973-1975 Celestial Madonna epic she starred in.


I. MANTIS: THE CELESTIAL MADONNA SAGA – The “senses-shattering” beginning of the series which I covered in some of the same style as my reviews of Epic Myths. CLICK HERE  

Mantis Night of Swordsman 3II. MANTIS 2: NIGHT OF THE SWORDSMAN – Mantis and her romantic partner the Swordsman show up at Avengers Mansion and wind up helping the superteam against one of their old foes. CLICK HERE

III. MANTIS 3: BELOW US THE BATTLE – Mantis, the Swordsman and the other Avengers fly to England in search of their missing member the Black Knight. While there they come into conflict with sinister forces. CLICK HERE

IV. MANTIS 4: THE AVENGERS VS THE DEFENDERS – As the search for the Black Knight continues, Loki and Dormammu trick the Avengers and the Defenders into all-out war with each other over a relic called the Evil Eye of Avalon. CLICK HERE 

V. MANTIS 5: THE AVENGERS-DEFENDERS WAR CONTINUES – Mantis and one of her fellow Avengers battle the Defenders’ leader Doctor Strange for a fragment of the Evil Eye. Meanwhile, the newest Defender Hawkeye fights Iron Man in Mexico for another fragment. CLICK HERE

Mantis Holocaust coverVI. MANTIS 6: HOLOCAUST – Mantis’ lover the Swordsman battles Valkyrie of the Defenders for the Bolivian fragment of the Evil Eye, while Captain America clashes with the Defender Sub-Mariner and the mutant called Sunfire for the fragment in Japan. CLICK HERE

VII. MANTIS 7: BREAKTHROUGH – In Los Angeles the Avenger Thor battles the Defender Hulk for the final fragment of the Evil Eye, unaware that their teammates have begun combining forces. CLICK HERE

VIII. MANTIS 8: TO THE DEATH – The Avengers and Defenders race against the clock to save the entire universe from Dormammu’s revealed plan. CLICK HERE

IX. MANTIS 9: THE COLLECTOR – Mantis and her fellow Avengers battle the Collector, one of the Elders of the Universe. The Collector is trying once again to add the Avengers to his universe-wide museum. CLICK HERE

Avengers 120X. MANTIS 10: ZODIAC RETURNS – The supervillain team called Zodiac is back in action, now led by Taurus who has a deadly master plan. CLICK HERE

XI. MANTIS 11: AVENGERS VS ZODIAC CONTINUES – Taurus hints at some of the mysteries behind Mantis as the Avengers battle Zodiac atop the World Trade Center Towers. CLICK HERE 

XII. MANTIS 12: SHOCKING REVELATIONS IN THE SHOWDOWN WITH ZODIAC – The Avengers and the rebellious Houses of Zodiac fight each other while trying to survive Taurus’ death trap, meanwhile an explosive revelation is made about Mantis. CLICK HERE

Avengers 123 An Origin For MantisXIII. MANTIS 13: AN ORIGIN FOR MANTIS – Libra’s revelations about Mantis lead the Avengers to Vietnam and a clash with Mantis’ crime-lord uncle and his chemically-enhanced troops. CLICK HERE

XIV: MANTIS 14: THE STAR STALKER – As the mysteries surrounding Mantis deepen the Avengers battle to save the entire world from destruction at the hands of the alien Star Stalker. CLICK HERE

XV. MANTIS 15: THANOS – Mantis and the other Avengers get drawn into the war against the mad Titan called Thanos and must prevent his interstellar fleet from invading the Earth. CLICK HERE 

Avengers 125XVI. MANTIS 16: THE THANOS WAR CONCLUDES – Mantis plays a crucial role in defeating the cosmically powerful Thanos. Meanwhile parallels between Mantis and Moon Dragon come to the surface. CLICK HERE 

XVII. MANTIS 17: KLAW AND SOLARR TEAM UP – The supervillain Klaw and his new partner Solarr hold an Ambassador and several Avengers hostage in a bid to force the Black Panther to abdicate the throne of Wakanda. CLICK HERE

XVIII. MANTIS 18: THE SCARLET WITCH FINDS A FATHER – During a battle against an atomic-powered mutant called Nuklo, the Scarlet Witch meets her long-lost father as parallels now emerge between her and Mantis. CLICK HERE

Avengers 127XIX. MANTIS 19: THE WEDDING OF QUICKSILVER AND THE INHUMAN CRYSTAL – The Avengers and Fantastic Four join the Inhumans in their hidden city of Attilan for the wedding of the former Avenger Quicksilver and the former Fant 4 member Crystal. Maximus the Mad, the Alpha Primitives and Omega attack them. CLICK HERE 

XX. MANTIS 20: ULTRON VS THE AVENGERS, THE FANTASTIC FOUR AND THE INHUMANS – The Avengers’ arch-enemy Ultron, the real menace behind Maximus, Omega and the Alphas, plans to kill all three superteams then use Attilan’s Kree technology to wipe out all human life on Earth. CLICK HERE

XXI. MANTIS 21: NECRODAMUS ATTACKS – While the romantic feuds among Mantis, the Scarlet Witch, the Vision and the Swordsman come to a head, Wanda trains with Agatha Harkness and the Defenders’ old foe Necrodamus attacks Avengers Mansion. CLICK HERE

Avengers 129 bid tomorrow goodbyeXXII. MANTIS 22: KANG THE CONQUEROR WANTS THE CELESTIAL MADONNA – Kang attacks the Avengers and declares war on 20th Century Earth while waiting for the manifestation of a figure called the Celestial Madonna. CLICK HERE

XXIII. MANTIS 23: KANG, THE CELESTIAL MADONNA AND THE DEATH OF AN AVENGER – Kang the Conqueror’s future self aids the Avengers as they fight Kang around the world, the Celestial Madonna is revealed and an Avenger is slain saving Mantis’ life. CLICK HERE

XXIV. MANTIS 24: THE SWORDSMAN’S FUNERAL AND THE MYSTERIES OF MANTIS’ PAST – The Avengers bury the Swordsman at the Pama Temple in Vietnam then investigate Mantis’ past only to wind up battling the Titanic Three and a new 4th member. CLICK HERE

Avengers 131 quiet half-hourXXV. MANTIS 25: KANG ASSEMBLES A LEGION – While the Avengers continue exploring the secrets of the Celestial Madonna, Kang the Conqueror uses time-travel technology to round up a Legion of the Unliving to use against the Avengers. CLICK HERE 

XXVI. MANTIS 26: KANG WAR TWO – Kang’s Legion of the Unliving clashes with the Avengers in the Labyrinth of Limbo while, back on Earth, the Hooded One and a green-hued apparition discuss the danger of the Celestial Madonna being killed before she can fulfill her destiny. CLICK HERE 

XXVII. MANTIS 27: THE CAUSE OF THE VISION’S PROBLEMS AND THE SHOWDOWN WITH KANG’S LEGION – Amid the final battle between the Avengers and Kang’s Legion of the Unliving the solution to the Vision’s panic attacks/ deja vu experiences is revealed. CLICK HERE 

Avengers 133 Yesterday and BeyondXXVIII. MANTIS 28: CELESTIAL MADONNA EXPLANATIONS AND THE HOODED ONE’S IDENTITY – Immortus uses his time-travel technology to show the Vision his hidden past and show the rest of the Avengers the ancient roots of the Celestial Madonna story. CLICK HERE 

XXIX. MANTIS 29: THE REAL STORY OF THE PRIESTS OF PAMA – The oddly-behaving Scarlet Witch battles Moon Dragon while the Avengers learn what Libra concealed from them about the Priests of Pama who trained Mantis. CLICK HERE 

XXX. MANTIS 30: THE NEXT-TO-LAST CHAPTER – The parallels between Mantis and Moon Dragon are explained, Jarvis is stunned by what he finds in the Scarlet Witch and Agatha Harkness’ room, the time-traveling Vision witnesses his creation by Ultron and more secrets of the Celestial Madonna are revealed. CLICK HERE

XXXI. MANTIS 31: THE FINALE, INCLUDING KANG’S FINAL GAMBIT – With the fate of all time and space at stake the Avengers once more battle Kang the Conqueror plus other recent super-foes as the final truths regarding the Celestial Madonna are revealed. CLICK HERE 

XXXII. MANTIS MEETS THE JUSTICE LEAGUE: A CELESTIAL MADONNA EPILOGUE – Two years after the conclusion of the Celestial Madonna Saga at Marvel Comics, one of the story’s writers had an obvious Mantis pastiche manifest in the DC Comics Universe for a one-shot tale. Justice League members help her overcome a pursuing menace who wants to kill her and her mate before she can give birth to the Celestial Messiah. CLICK HERE





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    Cable companies should use your outline for an Avengers series covering Mantis and the Celestial Madonna story.

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