Welcome back to Balladeer’s Blog, the only site on the web that equally criticizes both Democrats AND Republicans. I think we need Third Parties urgently.


mascot new look donkey and elephant headsFor condescending Democrats who can’t understand why working class and poor people OF ALL COLORS have come to despise them: “Just because you never have to deal with the negative consequences of all the wrong-headed and damaging policies that you pursue, don’t ever forget the suffering people who DO have to deal with those negative consequences.”

For American “teachers” (LMAO): “People who say that teaching is a political act should never be trusted with authority over vulnerable young minds.”

For Republican office-holders: “Governments spend money. Just deal with it.”

For Democrat Fascists on college campuses: “Remember the Best and the Brightest? You’re the Worst and the Dumbest.”

For Democrats in General: “Wherever there is disagreement it is NOT just one side who is being divisive.”

For YouTube users: “There is always Vid.me … A far superior setup.”

For Barack Obama: “Your shame over your horrible college grades is exceeded only by your shame over being such a weak, inept and crooked little man.”

For delusional Hillary supporters who are still making excuses for her humiliating loss to President Donald Trump, the new FDR and the new JFK: “H.C. is for Hillary Clinton … Also for Heinous Crimes … And Haiti Crusher … And for Human Cockroach.”

For Jerry Brown: “All the dead victims of Illegal Immigrants used to have “DREAMS” too.”

For David “Exploit the Dead” Hogg: “You are this year’s Sandra Fluke … and you look ridiculous when you make that face like you’re wishing people into the cornfield.” 




  1. I believe that instead of a single person who is called “President” presiding over the government, we have now become too big a nation, too diversified and too divided for one person to be able to handle the job of The Presidency and I think it is time for The Presidency to be made up of three different elected officials who act as a committee and that nothing becomes law until all three of these individuals agree. What I am saying is, “In The Presidency of The United States, Three heads will be better than one and in the case of some of the pretenders that have held the office, Three heads will be better than none.

  2. The ones about Republican Congress critters were funny!

  3. Barack Obama really was the worst. What an asshole.

  4. Hillary is the worst!

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