Virtual Football LeagueWilliam Hill offers you betting on virtual football and other sports.  The unusual aspects of the benefits brought to us all via the internet never cease to amaze me! Not only are you now able to keep track of the teams you love almost anywhere in the world but you can enjoy everything that goes along with the sports world!

I’m a huge fan of college football – and I mean ALL the divisions, from D1 to JUCO. It’s always nice to hear from readers who say they use my blog as their one-stop site for the divisions covered here. They tell me it lets them keep an eye on up and coming players who may transfer to a bigger name school and wind up making an impact there.

Many of their rivals are left clueless and unaware of the player’s level of talent and therefore they are able to get the better of them by having access to information that those rivals do not have. I can certainly understand that. After all, the way Bill Snyder pioneered filling in holes on a football team with JUCO transfers or neglected stars from the NAIA or elsewhere has been picked up by nearly every other team at this point.

It’s very interesting and pretty informative to learn how writing about my passion for collegiate sports winds up benefiting people I didn’t even know might have a reason for perusing my work.

Of course the MOST fun is anything BUT virtual – it’s the rewarding result of having collegiate players and their families link to the articles in which I mention their contribution to a particular game. I’m far from the biggest site on the web but it makes me feel good to know that whatever exposure I happened to give these student athletes (yes – there are REAL student athletes in the divisions covered here at Balladeer’s Blog) impacts them in a positive way.

I’m betting that many of the players, friends and family members who do happen to decide to check out the article in which I mention them (or their friend or family member) just might find themselves interested in some of the other topics covered here.

But that is neither here nor there. The subject that we’re covering here is betting on virtual football. That is like meta-squared territory but I guess I should not let myself be so surprised by anything that the world can access or participate in online at this point.

My main focus is on football but in addition to that sport I also get heavily into basketball, hockey, baseball, soccer and polo. Yes … POLO! And I often encounter people who are very, very immersed in the variety of sports betting opportunities they can explore for each and every one of those sports as well as others that I haven’t even mentioned yet.

There apparently is no ceiling on the ever-expanding social circles that can make contact via the internet. Since I’m a sports geek it follows that THAT is one of my main areas of interest but as we’ve seen the appeal for audiences goes beyond just the games themselves into sites catering to particular fan-bases or in this case to the competitive world of betting on virtual football. 


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  1. Very kewl! Good to know!

  2. It’s nearly impossible to find well-informed people on this subject,
    however, you seem like you know what you’re talking about!

  3. Well, sports is one of such domains where technology is being put to use in the most effective and aggressive way.

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