Obama laughing

With that ugly statistic and the way his administration has egged on people who want to kill cops Barack Obama has maintained that ages-old tradition of the Democrats: promoting race-hatred for political gain. If you’ll recall, even A MEMBER OF OBAMA’S OWN WHITE HOUSE STAFF resigned after SHOOTING AT A COP! That is 100% true, not a joke. Search for it yourself if you like.

Does anybody still wonder why Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have captured the attention of so many people here in the U.S? We kept getting told by the corporate media that Trump and Sanders were fringe weirdos. Unlike, y’know, a president who loves cop-killers and gives nukes to the Mad Mullahs of Iran or a secretary of state whose “Clinton Foundation” very conveniently got enormous amounts of money laundered through it JUST when bloated rich pigs and unfriendly governments around the world HAPPENED to have pending items before the State Department. 

Yep, the no-balls “satirists” of the American media can’t muster any outrage over the Clinton Foundation crushing Haiti or the COUNTLESS Obama administration scandals. Hairdos, orange skin and dirty poems that Bernie wrote decades ago were THE crucial issues of this campaign to those court jesters.  


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