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Old Man

Bill Clinton addressed the Democrats last night and assured them that they are all still young and “with it!” Maybe even “groovy!” 

Some of you were kind enough to say you would have liked to see me do fun takes on last week’s political convention. I can’t go back in time but here’s some takes on last night’s political convention coverage.

ITEM: The Democrats renewed their vow to support ONLY Muslims who hate non-Muslims. A clearly emotional Nancy Pelosi declared “If you’re a Muslim who loves freedom and wants to live in the 21st Century THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY DOESN’T WANT YOU, DAMMIT!”

ITEM: Union thug Richard Trumka addressed the crowd and speaking directly to the working class stated “Selling out the working class has made me and many other Democrats VERY rich. How DARE you hate-filled, divisive bigots want to jeopardize the sweet setup we have!”

Needless to say the Teacher’s Union reps among the delegates sprang to their feet and cheered in agreement.

ITEM: Refusing to be embarrassed by the way Wikileaks has exposed the coordinated deception that news media stooges stage with the Democrats those news media stooges proudly proclaimed “It is NOT the job of journalists to do negative stories on the political party we vote for!” Continue reading

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