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This should go without saying, but not to the enablers of Muslim violence.

I consider all religions to be nothing but irrational mythology. That said there is only ONE religion in the world that elected officials and the increasingly shrill media constantly try to browbeat the rest of us into regarding with a reverence it does not deserve: Islam. (But only those elements of Islam that are violent and want to live in the past. Muslims working to reform their faith get ignored by the Left, who accuse them of “internalizing Western oppression.”)

*** APRIL 25th – Enugu, Nigeria – Muslim fascists attacked, shooting and hacking 48 innocent people to death and injuring over 60 more. 

*** APRIL 11th – Gashak, Nigeria – Islamists raided the area, killing 44 innocent people and injuring an unknown number of additional victims.

April 3rd – Marib, Yemen – Muslim fascists attacked a hospital (how brave) and killed 3 innocent people while wounding 17 more. (And remember, Obama STILL pretends Yemen is a shining success of his administration.) 

April 4th – Izghe, Nigeria – Boko Haram, the local franchise in the Global Muslim Murder Machine, attacked the town, killing 5 innocent people. 

April 5th – Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan – Islamofascists gunned down 4 innocent people. 


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This man has provided a nuclear weapons program to the kind of fanatics carrying out these attacks.

April 6th – Diffa, Niger – Two Muslim suicide bombers killed 3 innocent people and injured 3 others.

April 7th – Gurum, Nigeria – The Muslim maniacs of Boko Haram tried to burn down the town, killing 20 innocent people in the process. 

Also April 7th – Aleppo, Syria – The Islamic State (also known as Obamastan) launched chemical weapons into a residential neighborhood, killing 23 innocent people and injuring over 100 others. 

Also April 7th – Sheikh Zuweid, Egypt – Muslim fascist bombers killed 4 innocent people and injured 14 more.   

April 8th – Hamar Weyne, Somalia – Muslim fascists fire mortars into a neighborhood, killing 3 innocent people and injuring over 10 more. 

Obama  work here is doneApril 9th – Darb Hassan, Syria – Mines of the Islamic State (Obamastan) killed 6 innocent children and injured 3 more. 

Also April 9th – Mogadishu, Somalia – Muslim fascist car-bombers rammed a restaurant, killing 6 innocent people and injuring 5 more.

Also April 9th – Ahwar, Yemen – More Obama success as Al Qaeda abducted and beheaded 19 innocent people.  

STILL April 9th – Basilan , Philippines – Abu Sayyaf, the local franchise in the Global Muslim Murder Machine, ambushed and killed 18 innocent people and injured 53 more.   Continue reading