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Katy PerryWow! What kind of fool thinks you can actually address the problems of the real world with brainless, sugar-coated nonsense like this! Doesn’t she realize there are some people who won’t care what feelings you express toward them?

Doesn’t Krazy Katy understand that sometimes you are dealing with irredeemably destructive people who have no intention of reciprocating any civilized gestures made toward them? When dealing with such hatred and savagery does Katy seriously think this kind of warmed-over mush can accomplish anything?

I can’t even … OMG and LOL, dude! BLOCKED! Continue reading


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Viktor OrbanAs the entire world has learned to its sorrow it is ALWAYS Muslim immigrants who refuse to assimilate and who try to force their new host countries to avoid offending their countless religious superstitions. (I’m an atheist so don’t bother trying to accuse me of being Christian or Jewish, etc)

EVERY country experiences the most trouble from its Muslim immigrants, largely because the political left’s parties in the Western World pander to only the worst and most violent Muslims. Muslims who WANT to assimilate are sneered at by American Liberals and dismissed as “Western Triumphalists” who have “internalized Western oppression.”

Poster Muslim womanTHIS IS ALWAYS THE ASPECT OF MUSLIM IMMIGRATION THAT GETS IGNORED. IT IS NOT REACTIONARY MUSLIMS ALONE WHO CAUSE THE PROBLEMS BUT THE POLITICAL PARTIES WHO ENCOURAGE ALL OF THE WORST ELEMENTS OF ISLAM. This toxic blend of Muslim fanatics and people who pretend to be Liberals always winds up resulting in the silencing of peaceful, civil Muslims and the elevation of violent Muslim fascists.

At any rate here are some excerpts from Hungary’s Viktor Orban regarding the way the political powers that be keep ramming large-scale Muslim immigration down the throats of the public. All while never expecting other, oil-rich Muslim nations to take in any of these “refugees” who are actually fit young men for the most part.

Muslim oppression 2“The main danger to Europe’s future does not come from those who want to come here, but from Brussels’ fanatical internationalism. We should not allow Brussels to place itself above the law. We shall not allow it to force upon us the bitter fruit of its cosmopolitan immigration policy.

“We shall not import to Hungary crime, terrorism, homophobia and synagogue-burning anti-Semitism. There shall be no urban districts beyond the reach of the law, there shall be no mass disorder, no immigrant riots here, and there shall be no gangs hunting down our women and daughters. We shall not allow others to tell us whom we can let into our home and country, whom we will live alongside, and with whom we will share our country.” Continue reading


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*** *** *** *** *** *** Catherine Chew

Donald “Agent Orange” Trump actually takes office in January Balladeer’s Blog has been having a lot of fun providing many points of view rebuking the pompous snobbery, cowardly hypocrisy and hilarious pretentiousness of the American Left.

Catherine Chew authored a terrific piece outlining her ultimate drift to Trump in the 2016 election. The link to the item is below, but first some excerpts:

“After eight years of ineffective leadership, it was time for an epochal change.”

“My biggest priorities in this election were the economy and national security.”

“I was a ‘closet’ Donald Trump supporter and I’ve decided to come out. I am a professional woman, educated and hold a university terminal degree. I am a former community college president. I am not racist nor am I xenophobic. I have a multicultural son conceived with an Iranian Muslim former husband.”

“Since the tsunami election occurred, pundits, journalists and pollsters have obsessively given credence to the voting bloc of male, working-class individuals from rural areas as being the cause for Trump’s successful campaign. They have consistently showcased an elitist attitude about Trump supporters.”

women-for-trump-2“Many predicted that Trump’s campaign was doomed because it could not attract enough women or minorities. But reports suggest Trump captured about 42 percent of women voters, including white, college-educated, middle-class and wealthy suburban women.”  

” … I was attracted to a Trump presidency because I sincerely believed only someone as unorthodox and bold as he could take on the deeply infested establishment and extremely dysfunctional system that exists in the federal government. As a non-career politician and businessman, he thinks differently and his unconventional and nonconformist campaign proves it.”   Continue reading

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Mascot with demo and repub heads

The symbol of the nonexistent Balladeer Political Party

It’s no secret that American Liberalism has alienated countless former allies with its insane fondness for ONLY the most backward, misogynistic and homophobic elements of Islam. Not only do Liberals pompously dismiss Muslims who embrace the West and the 21st Century as “Western Triumphalists” who have “internalized Western oppression” but Liberals have also become THE biggest obstacle to adult discussions about Muslim violence.  

ALL attempts to discuss Muslim violence get stagnated at the simple-minded pee-pee ca-ca level because American Liberals always think they’re being deep by pointing out the obvious – that not all Muslims go around killing people. Well, not all gun owners go around killing people, either, but you’ll never hear Liberals saying that means we should NEVER discuss mass shootings. But hey, it’s not news that American Liberals are spineless hypocrites.

Even though it’s a given that not all Muslims are terrorists the shallow, preening jackasses of the American Left STILL act like they are bringing some heavy-duty thinking to the argument by reciting that same tired refrain over and over again. That’s because American Liberals care only about their own egos and their pretensions. In their adolescent drama-queen minds they think they’re fighting battles of the past. Battles whose outcomes are already known.

liberals crying racismIn the deluded minds of American Liberals they are taking on mobs of ignorant people who just don’t understand that not all Muslims use violence. Ironically, the only Muslims who benefit from this refusal to openly discuss Muslim fascism are the violent, reactionary types who perpetuate misogny, homophobia and all of Islam’s other examples of intolerance and savage superstition. (Killing people for drawing pictures? Really?)   Continue reading





It’s entertaining listening to the hypocritical sniveling of people who are far too cowardly to criticize the violent fanatics of Islam. The more that the latest Muslim atrocities (and they perpetrate atrocities every single day) highlight the cowardice of their enablers the louder those gutless hypocrites howl in an attempt to deflect attention from their own craven behavior.

Here are some quick smackdowns that let you, too, join in the fun of casually dismissing the wimpy excuses of these would-be Kapos who hope Muslim fanatics will attack the rest of us first.

Gultess hypocrite Ben Affleck was happy to criticize Christians in the movie Dogma but crawls for Islam.

Gutless hypocrite Ben Affleck was happy to criticize Christians in the movie Dogma but crawls for Islam.

GUTLESS HYPOCRITE COMMENT: Dude, like, we shouldn’t like, let the actions of SOME Muslims, like, color our feelings about, like, all of the Muslim world.

SMACKDOWN: Tell them that the minute sniveling little shits like them stop acting like the actions of SOME Americans, or SOME white people, or SOME Christians or SOME cops represent the actions of ALL Americans, or ALL white people, or ALL Christians or ALL cops you’ll consider that. (HINT: Cowardly hypocrites will NEVER stop making sweeping negative generalizations about Americans or white people or Christians or cops so there is no danger of ever having to deal with a followup on this one. The reason they won’t stop? Because it’s SAFE to generalize about those targets.)

GUTLESS HYPOCRITE COMMENT: Dude, it is so totally not awesome to, like, discuss actions that would affect ALL Muslims after violent incidents that involve, like, some people who just happen to be Muslims.

SMACKDOWN: This one is just a variation of the first one (gutless hypocrites are very unoriginal thinkers). The smackdown is: So you’re saying it’s wrong to discuss actions that would affect ALL gun owners after violent incidents that involve some people who just happen to be gun owners?

Muslim oppression 3GUTLESS HYPOCRITE COMMENT: Dude, people shouldn’t be allowed to criticize Islam because you can’t, like, shout “fire” in a crowded theater. (This one will be accompanied by one of those looks that lets you know the gutless hypocrite who said this thinks it’s a Really Deep Thought instead of the easily dismissed excuse that it really is.)

SMACKDOWN: Yes you CAN shout “fire” in a crowded theater IF THERE’S A FIRE! Even if it APPEARS there is a fire (excessive smoke, etc) you have a responsibility to speak out so other theatergoers are made aware of the danger and can take appropriate action. Cowardly apologists for Islam act like Muslim violence is purely hypothetical and that there’s never been any real-world violence from Muslim fanatics.

GUTLESS HYPOCRITE COMMENT: Dude, are you, like, implying we should commit certain acts against Muslims?

SMACKDOWN: Nope. Cowardly enablers of Muslim violence always act like the only two options are: 1) Do and say and write absolutely NOTHING about Muslim intolerance or 2) Wage all-out war. If people in the Western Democracies would start verbally holding Islam as accountable as other faiths for its homophobia, misogyny and other forms of intolerance the message might get through with no need for any violence.

Trouble is, cowardly apologists for Islam are too timid to even use WORDS against Muslim intolerance. Unfortunately, with religious fanatics if you are too frightened to use WORDS against them you will eventually have to use MORE than words against them. And we’ve seen that collaborators with Islam are far too spineless to ever use more than words, hence their pre-emptive surrender.     Continue reading




Please fight Islam for me

*** *** *** *** *** Since Liberals are so simple-minded maybe posters like this would catch their eye like a bright, shiny object.

For anyone unfamiliar with the Rotherham Report just do an on-line search for it and you can pick from countless articles. The report dealt with instances of over 1,400 young non-Muslim women being raped and groomed for further rape by Muslims in part of the U.K. Similar reports have emerged from other areas in the country. The report was first issued over 2 years ago.

Previously I wrote about the horrific specifics of the atrocities perpetrated on young women by the Muslims in the report. This time I’ll comment on the way the atrocities were enabled by U.K. bureaucrats, many of whom willfully ignored the complaints of the rape victims because the assailants were Muslim. Some of the bureaucrats have tried to excuse their actions (or rather their inaction) by plaintively whining that they “didn’t want to be accused of Islamophobia.”

Incredible state the western world is in. It’s easier to turn a blind eye to multiple rapes of girls as young as ELEVEN than it is to speak out on the issue and be dubbed “Islamophobic”. Some of the testimony from the few brave souls who DID speak out detailed how punishment came swift and sure for anyone who pointed out that it was Muslim men raping non-Muslim women. Muslim Privilege in action! Continue reading

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The sign says it all.

The sign says it all.

Muslim violence and savage superstitions have been retarding the rest of the world’s social progress for centuries. 2016 has been designated as the year to raise awareness about Islam’s violent misogyny, homophobia and overall intolerance.

Islam hates human freedom. Period. And Islam’s Kapos in the “academic” and political world are happy to run interference for Islam. Those hypocritical cowards gutlessly ignore the Muslim world’s own colonial crimes while relentlessly castigating the Western World.

Plus there is no god called Allah and Muhammad was a false prophet. But most importantly: Continue reading

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Mascot 1

Here at Balladeer’s Blog I often get asked why I criticize both American Liberals AND American Conservatives. American Liberals are usually the ones who are stunned that other people don’t share their high opinion of themselves. That makes it as much fun to puncture the pomposity of American Liberals as it always was to lampoon holier-than-thou Christian Conservatives.  

*** AMERICAN LIBERALS ARE BIGOTS WITH SELF-CONSTRUCTED HALOS: The hilariously pretentious asses of American Liberalism have AT LEAST as many prejudices and bigotries as anyone else ever has but they go around convinced that they are THE moral models for the rest of the world.  

What’s even funnier is when the cowardly hypocrites who now call themselves Liberals try to take credit for the past accomplishments of courageous people. I mean the kind of courageous people who took stands when they faced genuine danger for doing so. American Liberals are gutless wonders who try to act like they would have had enough backbone to openly oppose the Nazis or 1950s blacklisting.

Mascot with demo and repub heads

The symbol of the nonexistent Balladeer Political Party

No, “Liberals,” it’s pretty clear that you would NOT have been brave enough to do so. Right now you have the opportunity to openly oppose the violence, homophobia and misogyny of Muslim fanatics but you’re too cowardly to do so. Instead of speaking out about those modern-day versions of Nazis you ally yourselves with them, especially the repulsive Liberals of the “academic” (LMFAO) world who seem willing to be Kapos for Islamofascism.

Even worse you ignore and even try to CENSOR Muslims who courageously speak out against the fanatics, even blocking them from speaking at universities. The preening jackasses of the American Left support ONLY Muslims who hate the west and who want to live in the past. Continue reading




Here at Balladeer’s Blog regular readers know the drill: I’m far from a conservative but like so many of us I stopped considering myself a Liberal when I saw how American Liberals adopted their “Islam: Right or Wrong” attitude years ago.

As a break from what I have to say about it here is a video by another former Liberal disgusted with the Democrats’ gutless hypocrisy. They’ll blame videos, they’ll blame guns, but will NEVER blame the blood-soaked religion that is the common factor in these terrorist attacks. Continue reading




Obama Islam

… And he certainly has, hasn’t he?

My sympathy goes out to the latest victims of Islam. A Muslim gunman in Orlando acted on behalf of the Islamic State, hence the plural title.

As I’ve stated in the past there are people dear to me who are female and there are people dear to me who are gay. I know how they would be treated in a world full of people too cowardly to challenge the superstitious savagery called Islam. Once again the blood-soaked fanatics of that most backward of all religions have done nothing but kill and kill and kill – in this case simply because their targets were gay.    

Islamophobia posterBarack Obama, the weakest, most inept and most cowardly little man ever to be president still cannot bring himself to condemn radical Muslims. Instead, that gutless and hypocritical champion of transgender bathrooms wilts like a flower when faced with REAL hatred and intolerance.

Obama compounded his idiocy by calling for GUN CONTROL to prevent incidents like this! Uh, yeah, Little Barry, Muslim fanatics are going to say “Oh, darn! Foiled again!” when faced with the need to break laws to obtain weaponry. Barack lives in that same realm of unreality that the gutless American Left refuses to leave.


This barely human political robot has just convinced me that people who act snobbish about Donald Trump are delusional weaklings. NOBODY could be a more embarrassing president than Little Barry Obama.

American Liberals, with their reaction to yet ANOTHER slaughter courtesy of Islam, have demonstrated once again why so many of us stopped considering ourselves Liberals. If you Liberals EVER develop enough backbone to criticize anybody IN ADDITION TO white, Christian, Americans – get back to me.

And for any pieces of garbage who can never be bothered to defend any religion EXCEPT Islam, don’t waste my time. I consider ALL religions to be irrational and blood-soaked, it’s just that I don’t follow your cowardly example by pretending that other religions are “just as bad” as Islam in this day and age.