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She also never expected him to get so much enjoyment out of killing her. Look at that smile!


Another entertainment world scoop for Balladeer’s Blog. My sources in the industry – and by the industry I mean the business – have told me Zack Snyder’s next foray into pointlessly glum and operatically melodramatic superhero stories will see Superman killing off his love interest Lois Lane.

Unfortunately audiences may have quite a long wait for this little honey because first Kal El has to be brought back to life in the Justice League movie.

Snyder’s plan for a film trilogy about the last day in the life of Bruce Wayne’s parents will also get in the way since my sources tell me that Zack STILL doesn’t think that audiences understand Batman’s origin story. Continue reading


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Superhero movies continue to dominate at the box office, so Balladeer’s Blog figured it was time to look at another neglected comic book star: in this case Kalthar, from MLJ Publishing. FOR MY BIG LIST OF NEGLECTED MLJ SUPERHEROES CLICK HERE


Secret Identity: None. Kalthar is his real name. 

Origin: The father of the infant who would become known as Kalthar the Giant Man gave his life saving the Urgana African tribe from Muslim slave traders. To thank the dead hero for his role in keeping them free the Urgana people raised his infant son as one of their own and named the child Kalthar.

As he reached adulthood Kalthar formed a Tarzan-like bond with all the jungle animals around the Urganas’ Congo River locale. Kalthar so impressed Ta-Lo, the High Priest of the tribe, that the medicine man chose the adopted young man to receive the gift of the secret grains which Urgana medicine men discovered in the jungle. Those grains enabled Kalthar to grow to giant size and helped him battle evil-doers throughout Africa.     

First Appearance: Zip Comics number 1 (February 1940). His final Golden Age appearance came in 1941.

Powers: Continue reading

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Ben Affleck portrays a superhero who defends Muslim terrorists from anyone who interferes with them on The Ben Affleck Show.

Ben Affleck portrays a superhero who defends Muslim terrorists from anyone who interferes with them on The Ben Affleck Show.

Ben Affleck’s latest venture is this eponymous web series in which he portrays Haven Monahan, a gutless hypocrite who hates Christianity and Judaism but grovels for Islam. Still hopelessly embittered by the scorn he gets for his disastrous turn in Daredevil and for any other casting of him as a costumed crimefighter Affleck has decided to tackle his critics head-on by starring as a superhero called the Defender of the Faith.

Whenever anyone is courageously standing up to Islamic oppression or violence Haven Monahan (Affleck) becomes the Defender of the Faith and ensures that non-Muslims are victimized by any Muslim fanatic in the vicinity.

Affleck as the costumed superhero the Defender of the Faith.

Affleck as the costumed superhero the Defender of the Faith.

Episode One, posted last night, was torn from recent headlines as Affleck’s Defender of the Faith swung into action to prevent a handful of heroic non-Muslims from interfering with a crazed Muslim gunman. The Defender of the Faith beat the interlopers unconscious then left the scene so the Muslim terrorist could wrack up a body count of innocent bystanders.

Talking about his latest role Affleck (who also produces and directs the web series) stated “My own ancestors were slave-owners and slavery is a tradition that the Muslim world has kept going long after the West abandoned it, so I’ve always felt a certain kinship to Islam. Continue reading


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