Bow-tied scientist impersonator Bill Nye.

Bow-tied scientist impersonator Bill Nye.

Bill Nye, perhaps best known as “the least funny member of the Almost Live cast,” is NOT a scientist, and merely has a degree in mechanical engineering. Hilariously he mistakenly thinks that because he played a scientist on a TELEVISION SHOW that that somehow makes him an authority on science.

Uh. Yeah. Actors who play doctors on a television show are not really physicians, either, but Nye has now combined his ridiculously pompous pronouncements on science with the old line “I’m not a doctor, but I play one on tv.” Kudos to Nye for being able to laugh at himself in this way on his new show. 

Bill Nye, the Delusional Guy debuts tonight and is a laugh riot depicting what happens when a self-important fool tries to pass himself off as an expert on subjects he has no idea about. This first episode presents the wacky Nye bluffing and blustering his way into performing heart surgery, resulting in black-humored, blood-soaked fun.  

Additional episodes will follow each week as Nye uses the same con-man approach to insinuate himself into all manner of situations which require actual expertise, but which the comedian bluffs his way into because hey, he’s had a tv show and the people he browbeats into thinking he knows what he’s doing haven’t!


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  1. Nye is such a douchenozzle.

  2. What do you think of Bill Nye?

  3. Bill Nye is such a tool.

  4. Paul

    Nye is a joke.

  5. Rosalie

    Superb blog post! Nye is such a poseur!

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