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Obamacare corpseOne of the most nauseating qualities of Democrats that has driven away so many of us is their hypocritical way of ignoring the victims of their own policies while shrieking in phony outrage about policies proposed by anyone else.

Watching Democrats and other Trump-Haters pretending to actually care about health care for the poor is especially laughable. For those of us who saw friends and/or loved ones suffering because of Barack Obama’s destruction of the health care system, if any of those hypocrites want to discuss what’s going on –  FIRST …

 I want to know why Democrats and other Trump-haters didn’t get as vocal about the countless numbers of people who died and suffered because of Obamacare. From the very beginning regarding Obama’s lie “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor” they remained silent.

obama obamacare jokeI want to know why they refuse to address the countless suffering people who – because of Obamacare – lost plans they could afford and had to buy plans that killed their monthly budgets.

I want to know why we never heard from them about the countless people who had their yearly deductible go up so high that they might as well have been paying double or triple payments per month.

I want to know why they never shed one tear over the people whose prescriptions were not covered under their new plans, unlike the plans they “liked” – which Obama lied about them being able to keep.

Obama peace prizeI want to know if the Democrats and other Trump haters EVER feel a spontaneous, genuine human emotion or if they are only capable of this faux outrage they manufacture whenever they want to blame something on someone else.

I want to know why they feel people who suffered and died under Obamacare don’t count as much as people who might face similar situations under other healthcare plans that are being worked on. Continue reading


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obama obamacare jokeThe numbers vary from source to source but all agree that literally MILLIONS fewer have health care now than had it before Obamacare was fraudulently shoved down America’s throat.

Oh, yes, I know financially comfortable American Liberals will remain as callous as ever to the real-world harm that Little Barry’s policies inflict on the working class. They are exactly like the Ronald Reagan Robots in that respect. If their personal world is not affected, they’re indifferent to human suffering.

Before ObamacareAnd please remember, overseas readers, Obamacare was NOT socialized health care. It was the worst of both worlds. But, as Nancy Pelosi told her Democratic Party allies at the time “You have to pass (Obamacare) to see what’s in it!” Spoken like any other bloated rich pig who will be immune to the damage they spread.  Continue reading




Obama DerpRecently I had the chance to interview the weak, inept and crooked little man named Barack Obama.  It was pretty easy to set up the interview. I claimed to be a Muslim family who would be happy to go on television and pretend America is an Islamophobic death-trap run by Jewish conspirators. Less than a half-hour later Obama and a film crew arrived at my place by helicopter.  ***

BALLADEER’S BLOG: Let’s start off with a recent development – the Supreme Court vacancy left by Antonin Scalia’s death. You are the ONLY U.S. President who, as a Senator, had voted to filibuster A SUPREME COURT NOMINEE. Given that fact, how do you justify insisting the Senate needs to act quickly on your nominee before you move on to your next criminal enterprise?  

BARACK OBAMA: Most people will never even hear about how hypocritical I am about this. I can count on the Democratic Party’s media outlets to avoid mentioning it and nobody will believe any of the Republican Party outlets when they talk about it.

BB: But even Democrat Chuck Schumer has publicly stated that an outgoing president should NOT get to pick the next Supreme Court nominee. And long ago the Democratic Party had backed a move to avoid considering SCOTUS appointments in an election year. 

BO: Do you really think American morons even know who Chuck Schumer is? Or know about something that happened decades ago? Remember, these are people who get their political views from television shows and celebrities.  Continue reading


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Before ObamacareAs millions of working class victims brace themselves for the 2015 increases in Obamacare payments and deductibles even Obama shoe-shine boy Chuck Schumer has broken ranks with his fellow Obamabots to point out how damaging Obamacare has been to families with real-world incomes.

This came in a week which also saw the forced resignation of yet ANOTHER Obama administration member – Chuck Hagel, the Secretary of Defense (lmao) AND saw another scandal arise as Obama crony Terrence P Bean was arrested on charges of sexually abusing a FIFTEEN YEAR OLD BOY.  Continue reading




Jonathan Gruber: A man so pompous he posed for his wedding photo wearing an "I'm With Stupid" T-Shirt.

Jonathan Gruber: A man so pompous he posed for his wedding photo wearing an “I’m With Stupid” T-Shirt.

Welcome back to Balladeer’s Blog, the only place on the web that is non-partisan in its criticism of American Liberals and Conservatives. In addition to writing about lesser-known pantheons of deities from around the world I frequently examine the “deities” worshipped by Liberals and Conservatives in the U.S.

American Liberalism in particular has become nothing more than a secular religion based on so many leaps of faith it makes Islam and Christianity seem rational by comparison. See below for links to my main list about Liberal deities. Today I’m focusing on the “canonization” of the latest Liberal god; a figure who is a decidedly mixed bag for the true believers of the left.

Thankfully Gruber decided against using his original title "I Could Tell You Morons This Was a Cookbook And You'd be Stupid Enough to Believe It"

Thankfully Gruber decided against using his original title “I Could Tell You Morons This Was a Cookbook And You’d be Stupid Enough to Believe It”

JONATHAN GRUBER – The god who embodies Liberal pomposity, condescension and dishonesty when dealing with what they consider to be the “lesser intellects” of the population at large. It was DAYS ago that Gruber was thrust into the headlines but I honestly believed his tale would die out quickly. However, despite denials, apologies, more Liberal pomposity and additional lies by Nancy Pelosi “Grubergate” is still going strong.

Potential cover photo for Gruber's autobiography "Even My Pets Are Smarter Than You Fools"

Potential cover photo for Gruber’s autobiography “Even My Pets Are Smarter Than You Fools”

Dr Jonathan Gruber from MIT was one of the architects of Obamacare, the ill-conceived destruction of American health insurance that was rammed through the Lame Duck Congress. Five tapes (and counting) have surfaced of Gruber, his colleagues and various Liberal audiences proving that from the very beginning Obamacare was sold on a bed of conscious lies by the Administration.

"I'm having thoughts that are MUCH too deep for the cretin taking my picture to understand."

“I’m having thoughts that are MUCH too deep for the cretin taking my picture to understand.”

Most damaging from the Administration’s point of view is the way Gruber and the others on the tapes are recorded laughing at what he repeatedly refers to as “the stupidity of the American voter” being essential to Obamacare being sold to the public. Gruber himself points out that Obama’s repeated lies about how Obamacare would supposedly let you keep your existing healthcare plan if you wanted to, how Obamacare would supposedly lower costs for health insurance, and all the other lies were conscious deception.

"I want you to just relax, Mr President, and please don't be intimidated by my massive intellect."

“I want you to just relax, Mr President, and please don’t be intimidated by my massive intellect.”

Gruber knowingly chuckles to his equally pompous colleagues and audiences that American voters would, thankfully (from the Obama Administration’s point of view) be too stupid to understand the Bill’s language and mathematics. Gruber’s point was that anyone who DID understand the language and mathematics would realize the damaging effects Obamacare would have, but luckily (again from the Obama Administration’s point of view) they could count on the voters to be so stupid they would just accept Obama’s lies at face value.   Continue reading




America's sole remaining journalist.

America’s sole remaining journalist.

If there’s only one true journalist left in the United States it would be Sharyl Attkisson. She’s the only one doing what the self-infatuated “Fourth Estate” is SUPPOSED to do – follow a story no matter which political party it embarrasses.

Attkisson got targeted by Obama during his abuse of the NSA, got fired from CBS for continuing to pursue the ONGOING investigation into the Benghazi coverup and has kept on digging and digging into the countless Obama scandals, making her the only journalist who can use the cliche “speaking truth to power” without hypocrisy.

Obamacare corpseNow Attkisson is among those reporting how bad the “sticker shock” for the unfortunate victims of Obamacare will be. The new rates were – conveniently of course – delayed for AFTER election day but they’ve been unearthed and the cheapest Bronze Plan alone will go up an average of THIRTEEN POINT NINE PERCENT. This will put an even greater burden on the poor and working class, but Obama’s callous and unfeeling supporters simply will not care.    Continue reading




"Why would I care? You morons ALREADY reelected me!"

“Why would I care? You morons ALREADY reelected me!”

As always Balladeer’s Blog is the only site on the web that equally criticizes Liberals and Conservatives. The latest AP poll revealing that only 26% of Americans like Obamacare will be no surprise to anyone. After all, Obamacare NEVER should have been passed in the first place because even when it passed -in a vote that went strictly along party lines – the polls AT THAT TIME were already showing that the vast majority of Americans DID NOT WANT IT PASSED. What kind of  Continue reading