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Obamacare corpseOne of the most nauseating qualities of Democrats that has driven away so many of us is their hypocritical way of ignoring the victims of their own policies while shrieking in phony outrage about policies proposed by anyone else.

Watching Democrats and other Trump-Haters pretending to actually care about health care for the poor is especially laughable. For those of us who saw friends and/or loved ones suffering because of Barack Obama’s destruction of the health care system, if any of those hypocrites want to discuss what’s going on –  FIRST …

 I want to know why Democrats and other Trump-haters didn’t get as vocal about the countless numbers of people who died and suffered because of Obamacare. From the very beginning regarding Obama’s lie “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor” they remained silent.

obama obamacare jokeI want to know why they refuse to address the countless suffering people who – because of Obamacare – lost plans they could afford and had to buy plans that killed their monthly budgets.

I want to know why we never heard from them about the countless people who had their yearly deductible go up so high that they might as well have been paying double or triple payments per month.

I want to know why they never shed one tear over the people whose prescriptions were not covered under their new plans, unlike the plans they “liked” – which Obama lied about them being able to keep.

Obama peace prizeI want to know if the Democrats and other Trump haters EVER feel a spontaneous, genuine human emotion or if they are only capable of this faux outrage they manufacture whenever they want to blame something on someone else.

I want to know why they feel people who suffered and died under Obamacare don’t count as much as people who might face similar situations under other healthcare plans that are being worked on. Continue reading


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