Before ObamacareWelcome back to Balladeer’s Blog, the only site on the internet that equally criticizes BOTH American Liberals and American Conservatives. It’s no secret that Little Barry Obama is incredibly corrupt and incompetent. Some of the lowlights of the past week include the New York Times, a traditional Democratic Party outlet, once again finding it impossible to ignore what a catastrophe Obamacare is. The Times pointed out what a disaster Little Barry’s only alleged “accomplishment” is to the Middle Class and those just below.

Barack also admitted this week that he could not name a single terrorist attack that was prevented by his administration through their unprecedented expansion of NSA surveillance over U.S. citizens and friendly nations. Plus the Washington Post, another Democratic Party outlet nailed him the other day for the high-handed – and unconstitutional – way he overstepped his authority by concealing information about the many, MANY downsides of Obamacare until after he was safely reelected. As always you can do your own online search for these stories from the Times and the Post since Little Barry’s fascistic followers like to question links provided by others. (As if we construct phony New York Times and Washington Post websites just so we can run phony stories about Obama’s ineptitude and corruption) 

Investigations into the countless other scandals of this Chicago crook’s White House continue, too, setting us all up for even more Nixonesque parallels for Obama as he continues to desperately cling to the bottom of History’s boots. Every time it seems like it’s impossible to have a lower opinion of that racebaiting demagogue he proves his critics wrong by being even slimier than was previously imagined!


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  1. May

    Obamacare has caused so much suffering I hope Obama pays for it in some way.

  2. Ken

    Why did your country reelect this thug?

  3. I once thought Obama would be a great president, but not anymore.

  4. Omg, really like!!! The interaction amongst the 2 is amazing. So are your footage

  5. Fantastic blog post.Really thank you! Really Great.

  6. Janet

    I think your too tough on Obama but I guess that’s natural considering how the media always coddled him and covered up for his wrongdoing.

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  8. Linda

    Obama was your worst president ever.

  9. Obama sucked more than any other president.

  10. B Klein

    Sleazy doesn’t even begin to describe Obama.

  11. Jeff McComesey

    Barack Obama was the worst president ever! I love that you are bashing him!

  12. Parrella

    It’s amazing how horrible Obama turned out to be.

  13. PaLunte

    Great site! Obama was a trashy disappointment.

  14. Bill

    Obama is overrated and a criminal.

  15. Yi

    Obama is a disgrace to your country.

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