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Mascot with demo and repub headsWell, I am STILL having a terrific time watching the political realignment going on here in the U.S. The only change we would have gotten would have come from either Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders and if one of them got in then the two rival gangs of White Collar Criminals called Democrats and Republicans would attack the outsider at all costs.

The attacks would be different in nature but Bernie would now be getting slammed like Trump is by the establishment forces. Most recently United States President Donald Trump withstood the awkward Comey/ Russia/ Impeachment witch-hunt. In related news the Democrats’ Pro-Sharia mobs in their black masks attacked the protests against Sharia around the country.

Resistance SorosThen there’s the childish drama queens of the self-styled “Resistance.” LMFAO! Yep, the opposition to Trump and his Populism is a rag-tag collection of bloated rich pigs, privileged children of the left, international corporate interests and establishment politicians who’ve been in office for DECADES in many cases. 

“Resistance, Inc” or maybe “ResistCo” would be a better name for them. None of these allegedly “rebellious” groups lacks funding and the mask-wearing members gleefully launch physical attacks on anyone who disagrees with them.

REAL Resistance movements throughout history have been composed of the poor, the working class and courageous nonconformists of all stripes. Those REAL Resistance movements are composed of people who are taking actual RISKS because of the stands they take, unlike the Anti-Trump fascists.

The bizarre little people who make up the conformist mobs that oppose Trump are the ones inflicting physical injury on people as well as “filing complaints” around the clock to try to inflict financial or professional harm on their victims.


Resistco 2If you can file a complaint and get the Powers That Be to act on your behalf to punish those who disagree with you then you are NOT part of a Resistance Movement … you’re part of the forces of Oppression.

If TEACHERS – the ultimate forces of conformity – are on your side and encouraging your “resistance” (LMFAO) then you are NOT part of a Resistance Movement … you’re part of the forces of Oppression.

If TEACHERS can only threaten your future career prospects if you dare to disagree with the worldview of those secular clergy members then you are NOT part of a Resistance Movement … you’re part of the forces of Oppression.  

If you can impose censorship on others while remaining free to express open hatred to anyone who disagrees with you then you are NOT part of a Resistance Movement … you’re part of the forces of Oppression.

If you pretend to be a rebel but you need a Safe Space to deal with the world then you are NOT part of a Resistance Movement … you’re part of the forces of Oppression.  

Members of REAL Resistance Movements risk ending their lives in a prison where the last sound they ever hear may be the laughter of the people torturing them to death. Posturing drama queens like you Americans of “The Resistance” figuratively spit in the faces of those courageous people. And you cheapen what they represent with your oh-so-safe play-acting. Continue reading


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Nth ManTHE Nth MAN (1920 – 1924?) – Written by Homer Eon Flint, who died in 1924. Though this short novel was not published until 1928 many fans of the author argue that it was actually written in 1920.

The story is set in what was then the near future of the 1930s. The Nth Man is an enormous humanoid figure with hardened skin like the shells of certain species of animals. He is supposedly 2 miles tall, but that would make many of the events in the novel impractical if not impossible.

The mysterious giant is at first regarded as half rumor and half Tall Tale as he sets the world talking with some incredible actions. He tears apart some of the Great Wall of China, he removes the head of the Sphinx and places it on top of one of the pyramids and he picks up a ship bound for Australia and carries it for thousands of miles.  

Showing more cognitive purpose the Nth Man also makes off with an entire building to thwart a plot by anarchists and saves a little girl from drowning. All of the preceding deeds have been accomplished under cover of darkness but now the colossus comes out into the open, emerging from San Francisco Bay to tower over the city.  

The Nth Man walks from coast to coast, easily defeating the aerial and land forces that attempt to stop him. You would think this proto-Kaiju sequence would have inspired a film adaptation long ago. The gigantic figure goes to Washington D.C. and lays down some demands from on-high. Continue reading


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george-soros-aloneSOROS FOLLIES – George Soros, the one-percenter and bloated rich pig, owes roughly 6.7 BILLION DOLLARS IN DEFERRED TAXES according to Bloomberg.

No wonder George was trying to force Hillary Clinton into the White House – one hand washes the other, as always. 

Soros, who is so old he has REAL ties to Nazis but because he owns much of the mass media he never gets called Hitler and rarely gets called out on his enormous tax bill.

Susan Rice unmasked scandalSUSAN “SPYGATE” RICE – Mike Cernovich, one of the few actual journalists in the United States, recently exposed – in Medium – Susan Rice’s role in the Obama Administration’s illegal spying scandal.

Evidence ties Rice – remembered as Obama’s “Designated Liar” on Benghazi, Bergdahl and countless other misdeeds – to spying on the Trump campaign, possibly to help the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.

Cernovich also exposed biased reporters who were sitting on the story, possibly to avoid embarrassing Barack Obama yet again. Among the reporters mentioned in Mike’s story were Maggie Haberman from Carlos Slim’s notoriously biased New York Times and Eli Lake. Last year Haberman was exposed as a reporter with a cozy, “friendly” relationship with Hillary Clinton’s doomed campaign.

Scott Adams and DilbertA BLOW FOR FREE SPEECH – Dilbert creator Scott Adams is among the alumni of the University of Cal-Berkeley, which has renounced its previous devotion to Free Speech and replaced it with riots and violence against guest speakers with whom the university’s Faculty Lounge Fascists disagree. 

Cal-Berkeley is to the Left-Wing Archie Bunkers of the 1960s generation what Nuremberg was to the Nazis. (Elderly white American Liberals love to throw around Nazi comparisons so I couldn’t resist that comparison.)

Getting back to Scott Adams, after Cal-Berkeley’s fascistic treatment of guest speakers who are aware that it’s no longer the 1960s Adams informed his alma mater that he would no longer be making contributions to the university, citing their hostility to Freedom of Expression. This is the only message that those Capitalists who masquerade as Marxists will understand.

Obama Years cheapest lowest wormiestOBAMA SCANDALS – Given the way Obama partisans lie about his scandals the same way Nixon partisans lied about his it’s important to always remember how corrupt the Obama Administration was.

Feel free to look the following small collection of Obama scandals and misdeeds up at a site of your own choosing.

Here are just fourteen scandals from that weak, inept and crooked little man: Continue reading




zoltan-kovacsDON’T MESS WITH THE ZOLTAN – Hungary’s Zoltan Kovacs, speaking for Prime Minister Viktor Orban, spoke out about how organizations funded by billionaire George Soros are pretending to care about illegal immigrants in order to attack nations like Hungary which enact rational border security measures INCLUDING FENCES. CLICK HERE 

jamiel-shawDEMOCRATS SUPPORT ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS WHO KILL, BUT NOT THEIR DEAD VICTIMS – African-American Trump supporter Jamiel Shaw – the father of Jamiel Shaw II, who was killed by illegal immigrant Pedro Espinoza, joined the chorus of voices denouncing the DemoKKKrats’ skewed priorities:

“They don’t want nothing but division, bickering. They don’t want to solve no problems. They don’t want to help kids or husbands or family members that’s been murdered by illegals.”  CLICK HERE   

David SolwayLEFT-WING ARCHIE BUNKERS LOVE TO BLACKLIST OTHERS – The great David Solway examines the hypocrisy of the political left and the way that Faculty Lounge Fascists love to blacklist and censor artists who express opinions that those Left-Wing Archie Bunkers disagree with.

CLICK HERE  Continue reading


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zuhdi-jasserThe American Left is apparently worried that their bloodthirsty public mob scenes haven’t yet driven away ALL of us who used to consider ourselves part of them. 

The crazed DemoKKKrats continue shrieking their slogan “If you disagree with us we will beat you bloody to show how compassionate and inclusive we are!”

Meanwhile courageous Muslims like Dr Zuhdi Jasser – who opposes violent jihadists – continue trying to talk sense to the insane political left about President Donald Trump’s Executive Order regarding proper vetting from danger zones.

He also noted that the seven countries affected by Trump’s executive order are “the same seven countries that Obama listed as hot spots.” (italics mine)

Dr Jasser emphatically disputes the propagandist claim made by Left-Wing Archie Bunkers that Trump’s EO “bans Muslims” or applies “a religious test.” 

trumps-muslim-executive-order“I don’t know where they’re getting that from,” he said. “I don’t think they read the same executive order.”

“The executive order from President Trump said nothing specifically about any specific religion. It said we will protect those persecuted in the name of religion, for their religion. So that would include Christians, Yazidis, and even Sunni Muslims like myself who are part of the majority in Syria – or Egypt, or Saudi Arabia, or wherever – but yet have dissident opinions that are persecuted,” he continued.

” … I think it’s appropriate to pause and begin the process of vetting ideology, which hasn’t happened so far. We’re sort of welcoming in anyone, including jihadists.” Continue reading


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Hillary Clinton: The Ultimate Whore for Wall Street 

Yes, amid all the confusion with some polls showing Hillary in front and some showing Trump in front comes this shocking poll paid for by Plutocrats for Hillary.

Speaking for the group, bloated rich pig George Soros said “I didn’t pay all that money to Hillary to NOT have her do my bidding as U.S. president. She and I are stronger together, you might say.”

When asked about all the Wikileaks evidence of Hillary’s corruption Soros said “Luckily we 15 billionaires who own all of the U.S. media are ignoring it. We beat Bernie Sanders for Hillary and we’re going to beat Trump for her, too. We all KNOW what Hillary is. Continue reading


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“Their side’s billionaires are evil! Our side’s billionaires are wonderful!”

Balladeer’s Blog’s latest look at ancient Greek comedies deals with another work by Cratinus who, along with Aristophanes and Eupolis, constituted the Big 3 of Attic Old Comedy.

This time around I’ll examine the comedy Plutoi, aka Wealth Gods and the way in which it dealt with issues that are still relevant to us over 2,400 years later. 

 For more background information on the subject of ancient Greek comedies click here: https://glitternight.com/ancient-greek-comedies/


This comedy opens as the audience is told Continue reading


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