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masc graveyard newI’m a non-believer but I love exploring the mythology behind the world’s various belief systems.

America’s Democrats have regressed into a faith-based belief system that’s every bit as irrational as any other religion, but since Democrats – or “Democrat Fundamentalists” – are such pompous, hypocritical and close-minded fools it’s A LOT of fun to describe their myths as sarcastically as possible.

THE RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY – The Democrat Party’s version of an afterlife. Narcissistic Democrats strive to live their lives in such a way that people every bit as pretentious and snobbish as they are will sit around in the future sipping wine and pompously expressing approval of the worldview and political opinions that today’s Democrat Fundamentalists held while alive.

This notion of an afterlife is every bit as flawed and fantastic as any other religion’s tales about what happens after human beings die. No one alive today knows how the people of the future will feel about any of us or about our worldview.

SnobIf anything history has shown that people – ESPECIALLY the self-congratulatory asses called Democrats – take great delight in loudly and repeatedly condemning people of the past for (GASP) having opinions that differ from their own. It takes no courage and little effort to put on an air of moral superiority toward long-dead human beings.

That being said it’s more likely that American Democrats of the future will look down on even the most self-consciously “progressive” Puritans of today as hopelessly misguided or simply ignorant.

Those future Democrat Fundamentalists very well may just sit around sipping wine and reassuring each other that they are morally superior to every Democrat of this era for not having THE EXACT SAME opinions as they do regarding race, gender, etc. Exactly like pompous Democrat Fundamentalists of today do with people of the past. 

#WalkAwayThe obsessive conformity, status-anxiety and insecurities of Democrats prevent them from questioning their faith and thereby realizing that their own condemnation of figures from long ago is every bit as much of a shallow, meaningless pose as the attitude that may be shown by Democrat Fundamentalists of the future.

Especially on their assumption that THEY are on “the right side of history” while the Democrats of the present were on “the wrong side of history.”   Continue reading


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White racist conspiracy? No. Police misconduct?  Probably.

White racist conspiracy? No. Police misconduct? Probably.

Once again the American media was selling a story about alleged (yawn) racism that turns out to be false once the actual facts come out. Just as it was proven that Mike Brown did NOT have his hands up and that Trayvon Martin was a thug with multiple violations to his name we now find out that the supposedly “racist” Baltimore cops involved in the Freddie Gray situation included THREE BLACK COPS.

This is clearly another case of police misconduct, but NOT a “racist conspiracy” like the mindless Baltimore rioters were claiming. As everyone around the world has noticed by now the American media is not to be trusted.They prefer to hype, distort and outrightly lie about the stories they cover.  Continue reading