My fellow fans of J-Horror know that Japan practically invented weirdness. What none of us knew is how far back they go with that mastery of entertaining madness.

John Adams fighting a giant snakeTheir view of American history is mind-boggling. This 1861 work of “J-History” if you will, features little-known events like JOHN ADAMS FACING A GIANT SNAKE (left) and George Washington hitting a tiger. It also corrects the mistaken assumption that Washington’s wife was named Martha when her real name was apparently “Carol.” (?)  

Balladeer’s Blog’s Presidential Action and Horror Films bit only WISHES it could be this mind-bending. Credit Nick Kapur with drawing attention to this item from the Waseda University Library.

My favorite part: the illustration of Benjamin Franklin casually HOLDING A CANNON IN HIS ARMS while firing it at a squadron of Red Coats! Now that’s badass. And begs for a movie – “The Rock IS Benjamin Franklin!” And he’d have to follow up blowing away the Brits with an action hero quip like “A penny saved is a penny earned, you bastards!”  

To see every page of this acid trip AND

its cover click HERE   And be prepared! You’ll never look at Christopher Columbus, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and his wife “Carol” the same way again! And for Nick Kapur’s translations go to https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1062823813338091520.html  


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  2. Great. Now we can add “fighting a tiger” to the list of Washington’s accomplishments:

  3. Rex

    This is freaky.

  4. Emilio

    Wow! Loved the Ben Franklin joke!

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