Balladeer’s Blog’s end of the year retrospective continues with September’s best:

Joe MagaracJOE MAGARAC: NEGLECTED AMERICAN FOLKTALE – What Paul Bunyan was to lumberjacks, what John Henry was to railroad men and what Pecos Bill was to cowboys, Joe Magarac was to workers in Steel Mills.

Balladeer’s Blog examined Steel Man folktales and legends from both before AND after Joe Magarac’s rise to fame among Polish-American steel workers in Pennsylvania. CLICK HERE

MatewanTHREE LABOR DAY MOVIES – In honor of Labor Day Weekend I reviewed three films that are very appropriate for that holiday.

That trio of movies:

Matewan (1987), Eight Men Out (1988) and The Triangle Factory Fire Scandal (1979). To read the reviews CLICK HERE  

Apollo 12 patchAPOLLO MISSIONS TWELVE THROUGH SEVENTEEN – Since the lion’s share of the attention always goes to the Apollo 11 moon landing I decided nothing could be more Balladeer’s Blog-ish than to cover the subsequent moon missions instead.

For a concise breakdown on those six missions just CLICK HERE

Trump the EstablishmentTHREE BOOKS FROM THE GREAT DON SURBER – The one and only Don Surber churned out three of the most riveting and refreshingly offbeat political chronicles of recent years.

For Don’s books Trump the Press, Trump the Establishment and Fake News Follies of 2017 you can simply CLICK RIGHT HERE  

alien covenant 2RECENT MOVIES: SOME REVIEWS – Instead of the old Golden Turkeys or obscure foreign films that I usually review I gave in to reader requests and posted my takes on assorted recent big-name releases.

For my reviews of Solo: A Star Wars Story, Alien: Covenant, The Last Jedi, Trumbo and Ocean’s 8, as well as micro-reviews of Justice League and Avengers: Infinity War CLICK HERE 

Babe for TrumpBABES FOR TRUMP INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT – Beauty and brains and a daring, iconoclastic nature!

Those words perfectly describe the strong women and positive role models who participated in this account.


LINKAPALOOZA: SEPTEMBER 17th – I linked to multiple news items that tended to get overlooked. Click HERE



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8 responses to “BEST OF SEPTEMBER 2018

  1. Nooj

    Joe Magarac is wonderful!

  2. Nicholas

    Joe Megarec rules!

  3. Jerold

    Babes for Trump was awesome!

  4. Albert

    Babes for Trump is great! Trump 2020!

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