mascot new look donkey and elephant headsA TERRIFIC LOOK AT THE NEED TO PROTECT POLITICAL SPEECH FROM THE TECH OLIGARCHS – A great read and very appropriate. Click HERE

FAMILIES OF THE VICTIMS OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT VIOLENCE WANT ACTION – America’s corporate media love to ignore the countless victims of illegal immigrant crimes as well as their loved ones. (Unless they say ONLY what the Democrats want them to say, like Tibbets’ father). Click HERE 

A REFLECTION ON THE WEST COAST AND A REMINDER THAT HILLARY CLINTON’S CAMPAIGN LAUNDERED EIGHTY-FOUR MILLION DOLLARS – Years ago I used to support Hillary but as it turned out she embodied political corruption and underhanded ways of funneling what was basically bribe money through her fake charity. This article is worth reading for the Hillary bits alone. Click HERE

John McCain mad bomberANOTHER COLUMN POINTING OUT HOW REPUBLICAN JOHN “LET’S FIGHT WARS ALL OVER THE WORLD” MCCAIN WAS CALLOUS ABOUT PEOPLE DYING IN THE WARS STARTED BY HIM AND HIS PALS IN THE MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX – But people who claim to hate American Interventionism and Cowboy Diplomacy praised McCain simply because he took cheap shots at Trump. Click HERE 

BECAUSE THERE ARE STILL SOME GULLIBLE FOOLS WHO PRETEND GOOGLE DOESN’T ABUSE ITS INFLUENCE – I will say again that Google, Twitter, Facebook and their fellow techno-fascists need to be made public utilities because of their blatantly partisan way of abusing their influence. Click HERE 

FBI a subsidiary of the clinton campaignAs our de facto Third Party President Donald Trump continues battling America’s 3rd World-level cesspool of corruption which masquerades as a government here are some quick headlines and links.

BUSINESSES CONNECTED TO DEMOCRAT SENATOR CLAIRE MCCASKILL’S HUSBAND GOT ONE HUNDRED THIRTY ONE MILLION DOLLARS IN FEDERAL MONEY FUNNELED TO THEM. Another news item for the file marked “How do all of our members of Congress become multi-millionaires while in office?”  – CLICK HERE  And look into Democrat Maxine Waters’ multi-million dollar house while you’re at it.

AMERICAN STEEL WORKERS APPLAUD TRUMP TRADE AGENDA – Working class hero President Trump kicks Republican and Democrat butt while making good on his campaign promises. CLICK HERE

Fisa ScandalSAN FRANCISCO LETTING ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS VOTE – Hey, why not? Illegal immigrants in California have been voting for Democrats for years and gave Hillary millions of votes in 2016. San Francisco says it’s just for “local” elections but in national election years their local and national items are on the same ballot. I guess they’ll go by “The Honor System” to make sure the illegals don’t fill in the national part of those ballots. CLICK HERE


By the way, I’m neither a liberal nor a conservative. Want proof? CLICK HERE 

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