Balladeer’s Blog’s look back on 2018 concludes with this review of November’s best:

Trump and black supportDYSTOPIA NATION: DEMOCRATS PERSECUTE PEOPLE OF COLOR WHO LEAVE THE PARTY – This most recent installment of Dystopia Nation dealt with the way the intolerant fascists who call themselves Democrats think people of color are only “authentic” if they obediently toe the Democrat Party line.

Free-thinking voters of color get harassed by Democrats, the party of the Ku Klux Klan, in direct proportion to how many of them reject the condescending, privileged white people who run that political party. CLICK HERE

Doughboy WarWORLD WAR ONE: SOME INTRIGUING BOOKS – This November saw the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One on November 11th.

Balladeer’s Blog presented quick reviews of several books that cover the First World War, from well-known topics all the way to neglected side elements. For this blog post CLICK HERE

Trump and black people in maga hatsYUMIKO BLASCHKO: TRUMP’S POLICIES ARE WORKING WELL FOR WOMEN AND MINORITIES – Woman of color Yumiko Blaschko once again ignored the pompous white left-wing Archie Bunkers called Democrats and spoke her mind.

For her excellent and profound look at how President Trump defies both the Republicans and Democrats to help working class and poor people of ALL colors CLICK HERE

John Adams fighting a giant snakeRANDOM WEIRDNESS: JAPAN’S 1860s LOOK AT AMERICAN HISTORY – This baby must be read to be believed.

Before Japan’s odd J-Horror there was J-History as in this outrageous depiction of our Nation’s Founders as you’ve never seen them before! My personal favorite: Their illustration of Benjamin Franklin casually holding a cannon in his arms and firing it at a troop of Redcoats! Now that’s badass! CLICK HERE 

Allie StuckeyANOTHER FEMALE VOTER FED UP WITH CONDESCENDING DEMOCRAT FOOLS – The title said it all with this terrific item!

Allie’s hilariously sarcastic take on the way so many pompous Democrats who pretend to be “intellectual” (LMAO) alienate so many women by talking down to them. CLICK HERE 

Matarese Circle 2ROBERT LUDLUM EXPANDED UNIVERSE – With “expanded fictional universes” all the rage now Balladeer’s Blog presented this look at a potential Robert Ludlum Expanded Universe.

Television shows like Beowulf Agate, depicting Brandon Scofield’s daring Scarlet Pimpernel-style defection operations from the Cold War Era, or Operation: Medusa, about David Webb (later called Jason Bourne) carrying out covert missions late in the Vietnam War. All that and more, just CLICK HERE

Obama hates childrenTEAR-GASSER IN CHIEF BARACK OBAMA – Democrats are nauseating with their phony concern over illegal immigrants and their children in dealing with the Border Patrol and ICE.

Those political robots never cared about all the deaths that happened in custody or from tear-gas during Obama’s time in office. For a look at the HUNDREDS of incidents CLICK HERE 




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4 responses to “BEST OF NOVEMBER 2018

  1. Tandy

    I really enjoyed your blog post about an expanded universe for Robert Ludlum!

  2. Treyvon

    Democrats are always persecuting us!

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