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Stolen Lives QuiltILLEGAL ALIENS: KILLING LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONNEL THAT AMERICANS WON’T KILL – A mere TWO HUNDRED EIGHTY DOLLAR FINE was all that an Illegal Alien – Roberto Garza Palacios – had to suffer for killing an FBI Agent and a Fire Investigator with his vehicle … AND DIDN’T EVEN HAVE TO APPEAR IN COURT OR DO JAIL TIME.

You see, Maryland keeps making noises about wanting to be a Sanctuary State, and if they had made poor, poor Roberto appear in court then they would have been expected to turn him over to immigration authorities. To callous fans of illegal immigration the loved ones of the two dead men don’t even deserve to get that much justice in their own country’s courts. After all, they’re here LEGALLY, and Sanctuary clowns hate people who are actual citizens. Just ask the mourners of Kate Steinle.   

The Democrats at The Washington Post BURIED Roberto’s illegal status deep in the article, just like his two dead victims are buried in the ground. Immigration authorities had been searching for Roberto for years. If he hadn’t still been in the U.S. his two victims would be alive. Click HERE 

But to Democrats, President Trump is the bad guy for wanting to enforce immigration laws.

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Jose ZarateSan Francisco is Democrat-run, like other cities that call themselves “Sanctuary Cities” but are really Illegal Immigrant Colonies. The entire nation has heard the news about how the FIVE TIMES DEPORTED illegal immigrant who COMMITTED MULTIPLE ADDITIONAL CRIMES and who was tried for the killing of Kate Steinle was charged with murder but found guilty of a lesser offense.

I wasn’t going to bother writing about it, since a jury verdict is a jury verdict, but the unabashed GLOATING of Democrats in politics and the media made me change my mind. 

Kate Steinle’s killer entered and reentered the country illegally multiple times because of our perpetually unsecured southern border. He would not have been in San Francisco (where he killed Steinle) AT ALL if not for the fact that it is one of the Democrat cities which go by the motto: “Illegal immigrants, right or wrong!”

Democrat sloganSan Francisco and its sister Sanctuary Cities/ Illegal Immigrant Colonies refuse to cooperate with our country’s Immigration enforcement authorities by turning over illegal immigrants for hearings. That left Steinle as yet another of the countless victims of the American Left’s politics of spite.

Democrats are APPLAUDING the verdict, despite the fact that the killer CONFESSED. To Democrats – and I’m ashamed to say I used to be one – ANY victory for an illegal immigrant over a U.S. citizen is looked on favorably, no matter how many lives are lost and no matter how many women are raped.

Mull that over. Look up Jose Inez Garcia Zarate and read about his many previous crimes, too. The American Left want entire CITIES where felons like him are immune to immigration (and apparently ALL OTHER) laws. Compare that to their treatment of and their hatred of innocent people who simply oh, say … voted for President Trump. Or who refuse to hate him as irrationally as Democrats do. Continue reading




Zoltan Kovacs


Balladeer’s Blog is still enjoying the virtual bonfire of the vanities of what we’ll call the previous world. The pompous players of that world are still indignant that so many of us are rejecting their supposed wisdom and moving into the future without them.


One percenter and bloated rich pig Carlos Slim has turned the New York Times into a newspaper version of a blustering old coot railing at a changing world. Fewer Americans listen to Carlos’ pretense that unmoderated immigration is the only “decent” thing to do. More and more Europeans have been slapping down the Slimster’s rag when it presumes to lecture THEM on the topic, too.

I love this reply from Hungary’s Zoltan Kovacs to the New York Times rebuking the Upper Class Twits on their editorial board for lecturing Hungary about its immigration policies.

The link is below but first some excerpts: “Admittedly, it’s not easy to grasp this “indisputably difficult problem” from the comforts of Midtown Manhattan, but if we’re going to have a serious conversation about it, we all need to understand some basic facts.

“To begin, let’s get something straight about borders. “A country that is unable to protect its borders,” as Prime Minister Orbán has said, “is no country at all.”

Hungary“The Orbán Government has BUILT A FENCE on the southern border of Hungary because it’s an external border of the European Union’s Schengen Area. It was not simply “to tighten his border,” as they say, but to defend Europe and uphold treaty obligations, which include preventing illegal immigration into the EU.”

(Note from Balladeer: It seems like only yesterday that Europeans used to pile on the U.S. for “daring” to even DISCUSS preventing illegal immigration. The past several years have shown them the consequences of rampant illegal immigration first-hand.)

“We also need to get something straight about what the NYT casually refers to as international law and European values, language that appeals to the ‘limousine liberal’ readership of the Times. There is no international law, no European treaty that gives Brussels the authority to decide on immigration. ”

(Note from Balladeer: That reference to the Left-Wing Archie Bunkers who read the Times no doubt had them huffing and puffing. I can just hear them blustering “Doesn’t this deplorable Hungarian realize how many times we’ve listened to the Arlo Guthrie song Deportee? How DARE he insinuate that we don’t really understand the issues here?” )

Back to the article: Continue reading


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Mascot with demo and repub heads

The symbol of the nonexistent Balladeer Political Party

Recently the perpetual children who call themselves Democrats tried to make cheap political capital out of a (possibly faked) note that the child of an illegal immigrant addressed to their parents.

The child was supposedly sad about the possibility of immigration authorities catching the family and sending them home. Being Democrats the repulsive fools acted like this letter was proof of how supposedly “evil” it is for countries to have immigration laws.

To counter that here’s a letter written to Heaven by the child of a law enforcement officer killed by an illegal immigrant. It’s just as sad, Democrats. Do you immature drama queens STILL think that heart-breaking letters written by children should form the basis of a country’s immigration policy?

Victims of Illegal ImmigrantsOh, I know, Democrats. Only touching letters that further your political goals count. If the letter below helped push your politics the letter and the little girl who wrote it would be world-famous.

I’m REALLY sick of the way Democrats exploit emotion to try to make every one of their political opinions carry the force of law.

Below is the letter written by the little girl whose father will never be coming home because of an illegal immigrant. Try to remember, Democrats, emotion can cut both ways. Not that you barely human political robots will care.  

Young Daughter of murdered Deputy Brian Tephord writes letter to Heaven
My Daddy
By Alyssa Tephord
“My Mommy told me a very bad man hurt my Daddy and now my Daddy is dead. I was very sad and I cried and cried and then I asked a lot of questions.

I asked my Mommy how the bad man hurt Daddy. She said he shot him with a gun. I wanted to know why my Mommy couldn’t fix it since she was a nurse. I’m very angry at the bad man who hurt my Daddy because he hurt my Daddy really bad.

I will never be happy with the bad man. After Mommy told me, I made Daddy pictures and cards. Mommy tied them to balloons and we went outside and let them go to heaven where my Daddy is. I said Daddy, I hope you like the cards and pictures, I miss you. Then I saw Daddy on TV and I was very proud. Grandma Gwen told me he was on TV because he was special and was a hero. My Daddy is in heaven because he’s a good man. Continue reading


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Stolen Lives QuiltThe increasing unwillingness of American citizens to vote for the Left-Wing Archie Bunkers who call themselves Democrats has made DemCorp even more fanatical about increasing the numbers of illegal immigrants who enter the country. Democrats have alienated most of us who used to belong to their political party (the Republicans, meanwhile, are clueless buffoons and worse) so they are frantically trying to legalize millions of illegal immigrants so they can vote for Democrats.

ShataviaDemocrats are also always trying to give voting rights to convicted felons as well because they know felons will not only VOTE for Democrats but very likely already ARE Democrats. Plus the Democrats are always trying to lower the voting age to 16 because they know people that young are naïve enough to vote for Democrats.

But right now all that matters to America’s politicians and to Corporate Fascists like Mark “Skippy” Zuckerberg are illegal immigrants. Bloated rich pigs want to lower the median wage – plus recently Zuckerberg EXPRESSED DISMAY THAT – IN ONE AREA ALONE – OVER 750,000 JOBS THAT COULD HAVE GONE TO ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS WILL INSTEAD GO TO AMERICAN CITIZENS. Oh, the horror of it all!

Victims of Illegal Immigrants

********************* Remember the victims of illegal immigrants – they and their loved ones are the people who really “live in the shadows.”

American Liberals like to pretend they are “compassionate” and “caring” but that pretended concern is very selective and goes only one way.

Grieving mother Maureen Maloney was one of the untold thousands of Americans to lose a loved one to people who illegally cross our border with Mexico and then go on to commit other crimes.

Maloney’s 23 year-old son Matthew was hit by a repeat-offending illegal alien drunk driver. Although Matthew survived the initial crash, he died as he was subsequently dragged a quarter of a mile—caught in the wheel well of the illegal alien’s pick up truck— as the alien sought to flee the crime scene. “Witnesses who saw [Matthew] pinned screaming under the truck ran out and pounded on the vehicle, crying out to the driver who kept going…'[Matthew] was alive for a good portion of it,’” wrote a correspondent.

American Liberals, who pretend to be so “caring” always ignore these frequent tragedies. They can’t exploit such events to fit their political narrative, you see, so they turn a blind eye to them. Had an American citizen struck an illegal immigrant and dragged them along, killing them in an attempt to flee, that Mexican’s name would be known worldwide now. 

The Democratic Party (Slogan: “Oppressing others while posing as the oppressed”) would have launched one of its internet and social media memes about the incident. Democrats would go in front of the cameras to make political capital out of the death and for their usual drama queen antics.  

democratic party donkey

The Party that represents illegal immigrants but NEVER American citizens. That would be so gauche.

American Liberals always practice this philosophy  – “Something bad happened, so do what we say to do or else it means you are a hater.” They never care about people like this young man’s mother. Liberals will launch no hashtags about her son’s pointless death. There will be no Hollywood movies made about the tragedy. 

Democrats love to whine “If it saves even one life …” about actions the Democrats want done but, trust me, they will NEVER say “If it saves even one life isn’t it worth it to FINALLY secure our southern border?”  

Even Republicans like John Kasich have vowed to pursue amnesty to all illegal immigrants. Maureen Maloney’s public response was to ask Kasich to “visit the grave of my murdered child.” That will never happen of course. Instead, callous, comfortable and uncaring American Liberals prefer to accuse the citizens who mourn the dead victims of illegal immigrants of being (yawn) “racists” and “haters.” 

If Maureen’s heart-breaking request for Kasich to visit her son’s grave furthered the narrative of the pro-illegal immigration crowd then, trust me, EVERY SINGLE ELECTED OFFICIAL would be forced to answer – over and over and over again – questions about what their own feelings are regarding the tragedy. 

Virtually no attention is paid by our politicians to grieving families who have lost loved ones to murders committed by people who illegally crossed our (still unsecured) border with Mexico. Or those families who’ve had loved ones raped or assaulted by those illegal immigrants – and over 600,000 documented crimes have been committed by illegal immigrants  in recent years.

Many of them committed by Mexican criminals WHO HAD PREVIOUSLY BEEN CAUGHT and either were not deported or were deported but simply strolled right back across our perpetually unsecured southern border. The victims of these repeat offenders and the loved ones of those victims are the people who REALLY “live in the shadows.” ++

(For overseas readers I’ll clarify that last line. Liberal hypocrites like to coyly – and publicly, of course – agonize on behalf of illegal immigrants. A line they’re fond of using is that those illegal immigrants are forced to “live in the shadows.” Uh. Yeah. Who’d have thought you might experience difficulties for making the conscious decision to enter a country illegally? Astonishing.)    


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latinos-for-trump-4-came-here-legallyBalladeer’s Blog has often covered former Democrats like myself who left the Democrat Party because of how out of touch they are with the real world.

The polls that Democrats, Carlos Slim’s New York Times and Left-Wing Archie Bunkers from the 1960s generation live by showed that LEGAL immigrants were crucial in defeating the attempt to extend Illegal Immigrant Colonies  – propagandistically called “Sanctuary Cities” by Democrats and La Raza (Racists Without Borders) to Maryland.

Democrats are such condescending fools that they were ESPECIALLY stunned that LEGAL Hispanic Immigrants overwhelmingly opposed Illegal Immigrant Colonies. Last year’s election results still haven’t sunk in to the snobbish, pompous Democrats and their virtual House Organ the New York Times.  

latinos-for-trump-3Stephen Crowder had a terrific look at this. The link is below but first some excerpts:  

“Democrats have gone all in as the party of illegal immigrants. You know who has an issue with that? Legal immigrants … ”

“It bears repeating because many a leftist twit conflates illegal immigrants with legal immigrants. But as this story shows, ’tis not so.” (Note from Balladeer: I’m sure we’ve all gotten plenty of laughs from the grand and pompous way that Democrats love to say “We are a nation of immigrants,” conveniently forgetting the difference between legal and illegal immigration.) “

“The New York Times is shocked and appalled that folks with different racial backgrounds, hailing from different countries, aren’t rubber-stamping the idea of “All people welcome here with nary a process.” This erroneous liberal thought process is likely due to an expectation that all brown people believe whatever a Democrat tells them. Which, dare I say it, is a teensy bit racist. But hey, I’m not here to insinuate.”

latinos-for-trump-2Cluelessly expressing their exasperation with LEGAL Hispanic Immigrants the New York Times continued in this same condescending vein: “Their objections stunned Democratic supporters of sanctuary here and helped bring about the bill’s demise in March. A similar proposal for the state collapsed this month in the Maryland Senate, where Democrats also hold a two-to-one advantage. Some of the same immigrants spoke out against it.”

And the crowning stupidity from Carlos Slim’s Times:

“The failure of the sanctuary bills in Maryland reveals a potentially troublesome fissure for Democrats as they rush to defy Mr. Trump. Their party has staked out an activist position built around protecting undocumented immigrants. But it is one that has alienated many who might have been expected to support it.” ONLY AMERICAN LIBERAL MORONS WOULD EXPECT  THEM TO SUPPORT IT! Continue reading


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zoltan-kovacsDON’T MESS WITH THE ZOLTAN – Hungary’s Zoltan Kovacs, speaking for Prime Minister Viktor Orban, spoke out about how organizations funded by billionaire George Soros are pretending to care about illegal immigrants in order to attack nations like Hungary which enact rational border security measures INCLUDING FENCES. CLICK HERE 

jamiel-shawDEMOCRATS SUPPORT ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS WHO KILL, BUT NOT THEIR DEAD VICTIMS – African-American Trump supporter Jamiel Shaw – the father of Jamiel Shaw II, who was killed by illegal immigrant Pedro Espinoza, joined the chorus of voices denouncing the DemoKKKrats’ skewed priorities:

“They don’t want nothing but division, bickering. They don’t want to solve no problems. They don’t want to help kids or husbands or family members that’s been murdered by illegals.”  CLICK HERE   

David SolwayLEFT-WING ARCHIE BUNKERS LOVE TO BLACKLIST OTHERS – The great David Solway examines the hypocrisy of the political left and the way that Faculty Lounge Fascists love to blacklist and censor artists who express opinions that those Left-Wing Archie Bunkers disagree with.

CLICK HERE  Continue reading


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map-of-crime-and-democratsSomething that Trump-Haters don’t understand is the fact that, unlike California President Hillary Clinton would be doing, he expresses sympathy for the VICTIMS of illegal immigrants who repeatedly commit violent crimes. It has been extensively documented that many of those Felons Without Borders were caught multiple times during the Obama years but were simply released over and over again.

Donald Trump, as a de facto Third Party President, took an action that NO Democrat or Republican president would ever have taken. He diverted taxpayer funds AWAY from lawyers for illegal immigrant felons and into VOICE, a support organization for the victims of illegal immigrant crime. Continue reading

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canada-immigration-policyIn one of the FUNNIEST stories of the decade it turns out that many spoiled and whiny American Democrats trying to move to Canada to escape their AntiChrist Trump are being TURNED BACK BECAUSE OF CANADA’S IMMIGRATION POLICIES WHICH EXCLUDE THOSE WHO “WON’T CONTRIBUTE TO THE ECONOMY.”   

HILARIOUS! The “Snowflake Diaspora” has met a roadblock! Those Democrats have been behaving the way American Left-Wing zombies always do when confronted with reality: they are crying and calling Canadian immigration officials names. Turns out the Canadians don’t like admitting people who seem likely to go on public support. (When Americans try to enforce the same policy against people entering our country illegally we get called “racists.”)

It is incredibly funny to see clueless, uninformed American snowflakes learn that it isn’t just eeeevilllll America that has immigration policies. The difference is other countries ENFORCE theirs.  Continue reading




Victims of Illegal ImmigrantsBalladeer’s Blog remains the only site on the web that equally criticizes American Liberals and American Conservatives. This time around I’m looking at two of the biggest lies American Liberals tell about illegal immigration.

A. American Liberals love to claim that illegal immigrants “do the jobs Americans aren’t willing to do.”

Actually they do the jobs that pompous, snobbish American Liberals aren’t willing to do, but Americans who function in the REAL world are perfectly willing to do those jobs.

B. Remember when American Liberals told us that NAFTA would create so many jobs in Mexico that the problem of illegal immigration would go away because Mexican people would no longer need to enter the U.S. illegally in search of work? Continue reading