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Donald Trump never called racist till running against DemocratsHillary Clinton and her deluded supporters are STILL manufacturing excuses about her humiliating LOSS to President Donald Trump. (Red counties on map below – TRUMP, blue ones – Hillary) The funniest ones involve the way Hillary supporters had no clue about how the Electoral College works. No, Hillary-drones, winning California and New York by large margins does NOT make you president – those numbers are meaningless statistics. (Plus California’s total included who knows how many illegal immigrants since that state goes on defiantly turning a blind eye to voter fraud)

Since Hillary’s bitter loons still trot out the same tired excuses this blog post looks at how PRESIDENT TRUMP EVEN DEFEATED HILLARY CLINTON AT IRRELEVANT STATS. President Trump crushed Hillary in terms of counties won, states won and geographical area won, but those, too, would have been as meaningless as Hillary’s popular vote in California and New York (LMAO) if he had not won the Electoral College. 

mapRED was TRUMP – BLUE was HILLARY.  November 2016 saw Donald Trump become President of the United States while the blustering and bitter Hillary “Bugsy” Clinton had to settle for winning a meaningless statistical category that both she and Trump knew did not designate the election winner.

United States President Donald Trump won the Electoral College, which is WHAT COUNTS because America is a Democratic Republic. That means that while the popular vote IN EACH STATE determines which candidate won each of those states the nationwide popular vote total does not – AND HAS NEVER – outweighed said Electoral College vote total.

trump-and-hillary-map-behind-themCareer criminal Hillary Clinton continues to flail her arms, get that unfocused look in her eyes and – in between long coughing jags – snivel and whine about her humiliating loss. She blames everything for her defeat at President Trump’s hands EXCEPT her phony charity, her mishandling of classified information and the public exposure of the steady bribes being funneled to her through the Clinton Foundation.

I repeat, even if Hillary wants to dwell on meaningless statistical categories PRESIDENT TRUMP STILL DEFEATS HER! He won more STATES than she did and he won more COUNTIES than she did and won a LARGER  GEOGRAPHICAL SHARE of the country than she did. But all that would be just as meaningless as the popular vote that Crooked Hillary dwells on if he hadn’t won the Electoral College total.   

black-trump-supporterAnd remember, it was definitively established that Hillary “Bugsy” Clinton stole the Democratic Party nomination from Bernie Sanders WITH HELP from DNC figures. Only President Trump or Bernie Sanders would have represented the change the nation wanted, not Hillary.

But it’s hilarious to picture Hillary and her fascist followers spending the rest of their lives impotently banging their heads against the wall while weeping “But Hillary won California, dammit, Hillary won Califooooorniaaaaaaa!” Continue reading

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map-of-crime-and-democratsSomething that Trump-Haters don’t understand is the fact that, unlike California President Hillary Clinton would be doing, he expresses sympathy for the VICTIMS of illegal immigrants who repeatedly commit violent crimes. It has been extensively documented that many of those Felons Without Borders were caught multiple times during the Obama years but were simply released over and over again.

Donald Trump, as a de facto Third Party President, took an action that NO Democrat or Republican president would ever have taken. He diverted taxpayer funds AWAY from lawyers for illegal immigrant felons and into VOICE, a support organization for the victims of illegal immigrant crime. Continue reading

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