Stolen Lives QuiltILLEGAL ALIENS: KILLING LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONNEL THAT AMERICANS WON’T KILL – A mere TWO HUNDRED EIGHTY DOLLAR FINE was all that an Illegal Alien – Roberto Garza Palacios – had to suffer for killing an FBI Agent and a Fire Investigator with his vehicle … AND DIDN’T EVEN HAVE TO APPEAR IN COURT OR DO JAIL TIME.

You see, Maryland keeps making noises about wanting to be a Sanctuary State, and if they had made poor, poor Roberto appear in court then they would have been expected to turn him over to immigration authorities. To callous fans of illegal immigration the loved ones of the two dead men don’t even deserve to get that much justice in their own country’s courts. After all, they’re here LEGALLY, and Sanctuary clowns hate people who are actual citizens. Just ask the mourners of Kate Steinle.   

The Democrats at The Washington Post BURIED Roberto’s illegal status deep in the article, just like his two dead victims are buried in the ground. Immigration authorities had been searching for Roberto for years. If he hadn’t still been in the U.S. his two victims would be alive. Click HERE 

But to Democrats, President Trump is the bad guy for wanting to enforce immigration laws.

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