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Zoltan Kovacs


Balladeer’s Blog is still enjoying the virtual bonfire of the vanities of what we’ll call the previous world. The pompous players of that world are still indignant that so many of us are rejecting their supposed wisdom and moving into the future without them.


One percenter and bloated rich pig Carlos Slim has turned the New York Times into a newspaper version of a blustering old coot railing at a changing world. Fewer Americans listen to Carlos’ pretense that unmoderated immigration is the only “decent” thing to do. More and more Europeans have been slapping down the Slimster’s rag when it presumes to lecture THEM on the topic, too.

I love this reply from Hungary’s Zoltan Kovacs to the New York Times rebuking the Upper Class Twits on their editorial board for lecturing Hungary about its immigration policies.

The link is below but first some excerpts: “Admittedly, it’s not easy to grasp this “indisputably difficult problem” from the comforts of Midtown Manhattan, but if we’re going to have a serious conversation about it, we all need to understand some basic facts.

“To begin, let’s get something straight about borders. “A country that is unable to protect its borders,” as Prime Minister Orbán has said, “is no country at all.”

Hungary“The Orbán Government has BUILT A FENCE on the southern border of Hungary because it’s an external border of the European Union’s Schengen Area. It was not simply “to tighten his border,” as they say, but to defend Europe and uphold treaty obligations, which include preventing illegal immigration into the EU.”

(Note from Balladeer: It seems like only yesterday that Europeans used to pile on the U.S. for “daring” to even DISCUSS preventing illegal immigration. The past several years have shown them the consequences of rampant illegal immigration first-hand.)

“We also need to get something straight about what the NYT casually refers to as international law and European values, language that appeals to the ‘limousine liberal’ readership of the Times. There is no international law, no European treaty that gives Brussels the authority to decide on immigration. ”

(Note from Balladeer: That reference to the Left-Wing Archie Bunkers who read the Times no doubt had them huffing and puffing. I can just hear them blustering “Doesn’t this deplorable Hungarian realize how many times we’ve listened to the Arlo Guthrie song Deportee? How DARE he insinuate that we don’t really understand the issues here?” )

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mark zuckerberg

Bloated rich pig Mark Zuckerberg now proselytizes about the virtues of hiring illegal immigrants instead of those yucky people called “citizens.” 

Hungary continues to be one of the few nations in the world to actually think of its own citizens as being every bit as human as the able-bodied male Muslim rapists flooding Europe. Not only has Hungary repeatedly pointed out the insanity of letting in millions of UNKNOWN men from Muslim nations but they have refused to be suckers like Germany has become under Merkel. 

Hungary has now declared a State of Emergency and moved troops to their border to help keep out the flood of economic migrants pretending to be “refugees.” It must be nice to live in a country that cares about its own citizens and even (gasp) MAINTAINS ITS BORDER! Hungary even constructed a fence! Bulgaria is hoping to follow Hungary’s lead. To financially comfortable liberals and bloated rich pigs around the world this makes Hungary “hate-filled.” 

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