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vincent-tolliverVincent Tolliver (pictured) has decided to sue the Democrat’s National Committee for breaching his due process rights and his right to free political expression. Tolliver was among the candidates for the new DNC Chair, but was expelled for pointing out that another candidate – Muslim Democrat Keith Ellison of Minnesota – might not be the best chairman because of Islam’s intolerant views on homosexuality. 

Tolliver stated “His being a Muslim is precisely why DNC voters should not vote for him. Muslims discriminate against gays. Islamic law is clear on the subject, and being gay is a direct violation of it. In some Muslim countries, being gay is a crime punishable by death.” 

“Clearly,” he continued, “Mr. Ellison is not the person to lead the DNC or any other organization committed to not discriminating based on gender identity or sexual orientation. I’m shocked [the Human Rights Campaign] has been silent on the issue. A vote for Representative Ellison by any member of the DNC would be divisive and unconscionable.”

Tolliver was consequently expelled from the race by interim chair Donna Brazile, who described his comments as “disgusting.” (Note from Balladeer: But of course Muslim homophobia and general intolerance are NEVER to be criticized according to the Democrats.)

Mascot with demo and repub heads

The symbol of the nonexistent Balladeer Political Party

Tolliver has now pledged to take legal action against the DNC. 

“ The Democratic establishment are denying me due process and are attempting to suppress my voice …” Tolliver elaborated, adding that he stands by his views on Islam.

“The DNC and the Democratic establishment are attempting to prevent me from freely expressing known and indisputable tenets of lslamic law. Moreover, through sleight of hand tactics, interim chair Donna Brazile falsely accused me of discriminating against Mr. Ellison and cast aspersions by suggesting I was intolerant of religious freedom,” he alleged. 

“Furthermore, the DNC’s blocking my candidacy is a glaring contradiction to the 2016 Democratic Platform, that ‘as Democrats, we respect differences of perspective and belief, and pledge to work together to move this country forward, even when we disagree.’ I am a lifelong Democratic who believes in people and not power and elitism which has successfully corrupted the DNC and the Democratic Party.”  Continue reading


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asra-nomaniAnd we have another member for the real-life League of Extraordinary Women! Her name is Asra Q Nomani, an outspoken critic of the reactionary elements of Islam. She also authored a courageous op-ed piece for the Washington Post‘s website.

Asra added her voice to those of other Trump voters of color disproving the Democrats’ claim that only eeeeevillll white people voted for Trump. The link is below, but first some excerpts: 

“This is my confession — and explanation: I — a 51-year-old, a Muslim, an immigrant woman ‘of color’ — am one of those silent voters for Donald Trump.”

asra-nomani-2“And I’m not a ‘bigot,’ ‘racist,’ ‘chauvinist’ or ‘white supremacist,’ as Trump voters are being called, nor part of some ‘whitelash.”

She goes on to explain that she is a “single mother who can’t afford health insurance under Obamacare,” and a “liberal Muslim who has experienced, first-hand, Islamic extremism in this world.”

Nomani, who says she has been a lifelong liberal (Note from Balladeer: So was I until American Liberals decided Muslim extremists were above reproach), explained that she did not decide to announce her support of Trump publicly until after the election when she “found it offensive that Trump voters were being dismissed as uneducated white voters.” Nomani has courageously dealt with the backlash from the increasingly hate-filled American Left. (Search on-line for the deranged responses to her op-ed.)

asra-nomani-3American Liberals are so anxious to discredit Muslims like Asra who DON’T hate the Western World and to depict them as if they aren’t “authentic.” (As I often point out, to the bullying fascists of American Liberalism, the only “authentic” voices of groups that those American Liberals think they “own” are the voices that agree with every word that American Liberals say.)  

“(W)e as reformers hear all sorts of charges of not being Muslim from the extremists within our community,” Asra went on. (Note from Balladeer – This then allows the cowardly hypocrites of American Liberalism to claim that the Muslims criticizing elements of Islam aren’t “really” Muslims.) Continue reading


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jeremy-peters-of-the-new-york-timesBalladeer’s Blog presents another figure pointing out what pompous and close-minded asses that American Liberals have become. I throw these in sometimes as a nod to the fact that more and more people have noticed this regression.

This time around the figure is Jeremy Peters from the Democrats’ New York Times – Motto: “All the news that one percenter Carlos Slim wants you to know about and ONLY the news that one percenter Carlos Slim wants you to know about.” Adding insult to injury is the fact that Peters made his remarks on the Democrats’ MSNBC during Morning Joe.  

Peters (rather inelegantly) stated that “Democrats have an utter incapability for self-examination. It’s the Russians’ fault. It’s Comey’s fault. … It’s Obama’s fault. It’s fake news’ fault … but what all of this allows them and the Democratic Party to do is to avoid the tough questions about why they lost, and how they alienated such a large block of voters that they needed to win …” Continue reading





Media bias rages unabated

Some elements of America’s hilariously biased Corporate Media have shown some integrity by pondering the way their prejudices and snobbery blinded them to the Donald “Agent Orange” Trump victory. Others apparently think they didn’t go far ENOUGH in their snobbery, hatemongering and lying to cover up Hillary “Bugsy” Clinton’s countless crimes and conflicts of interest.

And you have to laugh at the biased media’s new obsession which has them insisting that “Fake News” is ANYTHING that puts the Democrats in a bad light. 

*** THE WASHINGTON POST ran this story about the study by Harvard (no friends of anyone outside the Democrats) regarding the 10-1 media bias AGAINST Trump. CLICK HERE 

*** TIME/ WARNER CEO admitted the Democrats are a bigger threat to the First Amendment and Press Freedom than Trump ever was. CLICK HERE 

*** THE JACKSON PRESS ran this item on the media’s obsession with praising Left-Wing Dictators and expressing contempt for the working poor. CLICK HERE 

*** AND A REMINDER about how the American Media ignored black support for Trump – CLICK HERE Continue reading




Obama Yelling

OBAMA: I usually just ignore black-on-black violence but dammit, even when a black cop shoots a black suspect I will ALWAYS promote violence against the cops!

My contempt for America’s Democrats and Republicans is not a secret. I was tempted to post a mock-news story today headlined EVERY DEMOCRAT AND REPUBLICAN ELECTED OFFICIAL DIES FROM MYSTERY DISEASE: NATION REJOICES. Instead I decided my review of the blaxploitation satire Funky Ferguson would be more appropriate. 

FUNKY FERGUSON (2014) – This was one  of the biggest money-makers of 2014. Funky Ferguson is the title character of this very dark satire which uses the style and structure of 1970’s blaxploitation films to comment on the horrific events in Ferguson, MO.

Hands Up Don't Shoot

*** *** *** *** *** Unidentified black men making with the ubiquitous new hand-signal which means “I have a very small penis.”

The events that spawned the whole “Hands up, don’t shoot” lie are depicted in disjointed and irreverent ways. The main character Funky Ferguson is in the mold of figures like the Black Baron from The Candy Tangerine Man. The Funky One keeps the streets safe for criminal elements and prevents law-abiding African-American business owners from fighting back against the thugs.

Funky Ferguson’s many triumphs over The Man mean nothing but hardship and personal tragedy for other African-Americans, who watch their children being killed by African-American criminals on a regular basis. Funky cares nothing for them or the “crapitalist” (as he calls them) business owners.

Gradually all of the promising young African-American children in Funky Ferguson’s hood wind up getting preyed upon and eventually killed by the brainless, violent black thugs who are the only kids worth caring about in the eyes of Funky Ferguson, the politicians and the media.  

An entire generation of creative and hopeful African-American children come and go, slain by street gangs like the film’s Gentle Giants, unmourned by a world that cares only for the plight of the sadistic criminals who killed them. Only those criminals are elevated and considered “heroic” by the demagogues of “the community”. Continue reading


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There is so much going on right now on so many levels here are some of Balladeer’s Blog’s Quick Hits. This way I can cover scattershot topics in a few sentences without boring people who aren’t all that into these subjects.

milo blonde

Milo Yiannopoulos, the swashbuckling gay man who outfights 1960s burnouts at every turn

MILO YIANNOPOULOS FIGHTS ON – Milo – who embodies the best characteristics of Oscar Wilde, Hunter S Thompson and James Bond – continues his Dangerous Faggot Tour of American college campuses to fight for freedom of expression.

Recently the University of Chicago administration joined the side of freedom by announcing a policy against allowing left-wing fascist mobs to shout down or disinvite speakers with daring views. UC also announced they would NOT provide “safe spaces” for the emotional cripples who pretend to be college students in America.

Obama laughing

OBAMA: High office is about personal gain, not caring about the working class!

SUCK-ERRRRRRS! – Barack Obama admitted on August 3rd that his trade deals HAVE caused job losses for the American working class of all colors. Just like people at the time pointed out they would. Those voices of reason were shouted down by Little Barry’s pompous supporters of course.

NOW Obama admits that his dishonest deal with Iran has made them nuclear weapons-capable with NO measures in place to keep track of their nuclear program. ALL DEATHS CAUSED BY MUSLIM FANATICS WITH NUKES ARE ON THE HEAD OF THIS WEAK, INEPT AND CROOKED LITTLE MAN!  Continue reading

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*** *** *** *** *** *** *** … And, unlike Hillary, Trump never called Klansmen like Senator Robert Byrd (D) a “mentor” and “influence.”

Promoting race-hatred is nothing new for Democrats. The Democrats defended slavery, fought for its expansion in the new territories as the nation expanded and even waged a civil war for the economic interests of wealthy Democrat slave-owners. After that war was lost the Democrats formed the Ku Klux Klan and politically continued harassing freed black people for a century following the war.

Despite all that Democrats pompously lecture the rest of the country about the legacy of THEIR obsession with preserving slavery. Worst of all is Hillary “Bugsy” Clinton, an outright criminal who has disgustingly used a fraudulent “charity” to amass obscene wealth. Hillary goes beyond attacking her opponent Donald Trump and accuses his supporters of being (yaaawn) racists and “stupid” for being part of the working class.

democratic party donkey

“We’re the party of slavery, the Ku Klux Klan and Jim Crow but Americans foolishly let US get away with lecturing THEM about racism!”

Countless black people support Trump and that TERRIFIES the Democrats. One of the pillars of their organization has been the pretense that “real” black people support Democrats. Increasing numbers of voters of color have been breaking away from the party of slavery, the Klan and Jim Crow.

And rightfully so. The Democrats race-bait just to win elections but the only people of color who benefit are professional hatemongers like Al Sharpton and others like him who play along with the Democratic Party’s pretense that they “care” about black voters. Sharpton and his ilk are the “beards” that the Democrats use to attack black people who decide they can vote for ANY candidates they please and that they don’t need the approval of Democrats to do it.

It can all be summed up like this:

Hillary Clinton how dare you

*** *** *** *** *** *** “You are NOT an official black person without the Democrat seal of approval.”


In the final third of the 20th Century the power and money people of the Democratic Party began developing a very proprietary, some would say condescending, attitude toward African-Americans. The 1960s generation of American Liberals in particular had often treated the lives and history of African-Americans as a kind of hobby.

These patronizing dilettantes originally demonstrated a protective, or at least supportive, attitude toward African-Americans, who in turn rewarded the Democratic Party’s candidates with almost unanimous support.

However, as the decades wore on and African-Americans had greater opportunities open up to them many of them began making up their own minds about what political attitudes they would embrace and what political candidates they would support. This did not sit well with the Democratic Party’s power brokers. Continue reading

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Karl Rove 2

*** *** *** *** *** *** Karl Rove, secret Furry.

Balladeer’s Blog has learned that the thoroughly detestable Karl Rove, a man synonymous with the disastrous presidency of George W Bush, has been maintaining a dual identity for decades.

Miss Piggy

Karl in his better known identity of Miss Piggy.

In addition to being the living embodiment of the Bloated Rich Pigs that the world justifiably despises, Karl has been living out his secret Furry Fetish lifestyle as the popular Muppet called Miss Piggy. Continue reading




American FlagThis review is especially relevant to the insanity of the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign and the increasingly open hostility between the voters and the ugly criminals who hold elected office. 

TO THE FOURTH POWER (2013) – You’d think it would be impossible to do something creative with the mock documentary format at this point but To The Fourth Power proves to be a thought-provoking and inventive piece set “just a few years from now”.

The movie depicts a near future in which the American people have taken back the 4th of July and have transformed it into more than just a celebration of the nation’s birth: into an expression of the rapidly rising public resentment at the way elected officials represent the wishes of their political party and not the wishes of the people who elect them. Continue reading

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Mascot with demo and repub heads

The symbol of the nonexistent Balladeer Political Party

Balladeer’s Blog has long expressed disgust with the Democratic and Republican Parties, those two rival gangs of white collar criminals who have hijacked America’s political system. Defections from the Republican Party have been growing at a nice pace and now comes word from William Galvin, the Democratic Secretary of State from Massachusetts that at least TWENTY THOUSAND registered Democrats in the state FLED THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY … JUST SINCE JANUARY 1st OF THIS YEAR!

Most of the former registered Democrats joined Yours Truly as Independent Voters and about 3,500 actually re-registered as Republicans. Again, that’s JUST SINCE JANUARY 1st!  

And let that sink in – this wasn’t a “poll” – these weren’t just people expressing annoyance with the would-be “Royal Houses” of the Democrats and Republicans. These 20,000 people TOOK THE TIME AND EFFORT TO CHANGE THEIR POLITICAL PARTY REGISTRATION! Wow, it’s like voters are getting tired of having career criminals with (D)’s and (R)’s after their names talking down to them and accusing them of being haters for caring about how their loved ones will be able to afford to live in the coming decade.   Continue reading

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