Islamophobia posterI’m a non-believer when it comes to religion, but we all know that there is one particular religion – Islam – that remains the untamed beast among the world’s belief systems at this particular point in time. Here are just a few of the latest atrocities perpetrated by Muslim fanatics as Muslim Violence Awareness Year continues.

Period Covered: October 3rd – November 26th

October 15th: Godogodo, Nigeria – Muslim fascist terrorists attacked, killing FORTY-EIGHT innocent people, injuring THREE HUNDRED TWENTY-SIX more and burning their homes, all because they were non-Muslims.

October 24th: Quetta, Pakistan – Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, the local affiliate in the Global Muslim Fascist Murder Machine, used a suicide attack to kill SIXTY-ONE innocent people and injure ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-FIVE more. 

October 12th: Kaga Bandoro, Central African Republic – Islamofascists hacked THIRTY innocent non-Muslims to death, injuring FIFTY-SEVEN more in the process. 

October 6th: Tazalit, Niger – Muslim fanatics attacked an aid camp, killing TWENTY-TWO innocent people and injuring FIVE more.

October 16th: Ghashghar, Nigeria – Boko Haram, the local franchise of the Global Muslim Fascist Murder Machine, killed TWENTY innocent people and injured TWENTY-TWO more in a surprise attack.

November 26th: Mogadishu, Somalia – A Muslim fascist suicide bombing killed 17 innocent people and injured at least 30 more at a market.

October 29th: Talala, Nigeria – Boko Haram attacked and killed 17 innocent people and injured 3 more.

October 25th: Beledweyne, Somalia – Al-Shabaab, another local franchise in the Global Muslim Fascist Murder Machine, killed 17 innocent people in a suicide bombing.

November 13th: Ungwan Magaji, Nigeria – Islamofascist raiders killed 17 innocent people.

October 14th: Sirte, Libya – Snipers serving the Islamic State (which, as Democrat Nancy Pelosi agrees, was spawned by Barack Obama’s premature withdrawal from Iraq) killed 14 innocent people and injured 25 more.

November 15th: Duwabayi, Nigeria – Boko Haram killed 13 innocent people.

October 14th: Bir al-Abd, Egypt – Muslim fascists gunned down 12 innocent people and injured over 8 more.

October 25th: Mandera, Kenya – Muslim fanatics targeted non-Muslims at a guest-accomodation, killing 12 and injuring an unknown number.

October 18th: Afgoye, Somalia – Islamofascists used a suicide bomber and a frontal attack to kill 11 innocent people and injure over 30 more.

October 15th: Ngakabo, Central African Republic – The local affiliate in the Global Muslim Fascist Murder Machine killed 11 innocent people and injured 10 more.

November 13th: Kigam, Nigeria – Muslim fanatics killed 11 innocent people while burning their homes.

October 27th: Grimari, Central African Republic – Islamofascists killed 10 innocent people and injured 12 more.

October 30th: Borno, Nigeria – Boko Haram killed 9 innocent people and injured 20 others.

November 14th: Dasa, Nigeria – Boko Haram killed 9 innocent people.

October 27th: Passakori, Nigeria – Islamofascists killed 9 more innocent people.

November 4th: Diyarbakir, Turkey – The Islamic State, also known as Obamastan, used a car bomb to kill 8 innocent people and injure at least ONE HUNDRED more.

October 25th: Misisi, Nigeria – Muslim fanatics killed 7 innocent people and injured 26 more.

October 27th: Ungwar Missi, Nigeria – Jihadists killed 7 innocent people and injured at least 3 more.

November 6th: Baraf, Somalia – Al Quaeda, which Obama claimed was “on the run” YEARS ago, killed 7 innocent people in a mortar attack. 

October 6th: Mandera, Kenya – Al-Shabaab gunmen go on a raid to exterminate non-Muslims and kill 6 innocent people while injuring 27 more.

November 1st: Kitevya, Democratic Republic of the Congo – Islamofascists shot 6 innocent people to death and injured 2 more.

November 5th: Timbuktu, Mali – Al Quaeda released footage of themselves killing 6 innocent people.

November 22nd: Darak, Cameroon – Muslim Sharia proponents killed 6 innocent people.

October 29th: Bakasi, Nigeria – Jihadists used a female suicide bomber to kill 5 innocent people and injure 11 more.

October 29th: Karachi, Pakistan – Muslim fanatics on motorcycles shot and killed 5 innocent people and injured 6 more. 

November 4th: Malam Fatori, Nigeria – Boko Haram killed 5 innocent people and injured 4 more in an ambush attack.

November 20th: Northern Mali – Jihadists killed 5 innocent election workers.

October 27th: Pervomayskoye, Chechnya – Islamofascists killed 5 innocent people, a judge (their primary target)among them. 

October 29th: Benghazi, Libya – At the site of the Four Dead in Benghazi, Hillary Clinton’s most cold-blooded crime, Muslim fascists killed 4 more innocent people and injured 23 more in a shell attack.

November 5th: Taiz, Yemen – Islamofascists killed 4 innocent people and injured 10 more. Remember, Obama STILL calls Yemen a “success” of his administration.  

November 6th: Gourma, Mali – Al Quaeda fanatics killed 3 innocent people and injured at least 7 more.

October 29th: Maidaguri, Nigeria – A Muslim fanatic suicide bomber killed 3 innocent people and injured 6 more.

November 2nd: Burte-Mangate, Kenya – Muslim fascists killed 2 innocent people and injured 4 more.

November 2nd: Songkhla, Thailand – Jihadists killed 2 innocent people and injured 3 more at a car dealership. That same day Jihadists killed a 23 year old man in Muang, Thailand.

Due to limited space I cannot cover ALL of those daily attacks by Muslim fanatics in which 1 or 2 or 5 or so deaths result. 


As always these days many people are so paranoid about information that does not come from a site of their own choosing I’m not bothering with links. Just search online for this info and read for yourself from whatever site you prefer.



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  1. Sometimes it seems like all these fanatics do is kill and kill and kill.

  2. Muslim fanatics need to be stopped.

  3. I like that sign about Islamophobia being nonexistent.

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