bedlam-series-oklahoma-vs-oklahoma-stateRival teams Oklahoma and Oklahoma State are both hopeful that they will make it to the college play offs, although they have mountainous challenges to overcome before they get there. Their performance in recent games has seen their rankings improve, which is a good sign for both teams.

Oklahoma moved from position 9 to 8, while Oklahoma State finally made it to the top ten teams by ranking 10th according to the Tuesday rankings. Both have something to celebrate now that Louisville is out of the picture, as they have one less rival to deal with. Here is a more detailed account of what the Oklahoma teams are up against. You can get more NCAA football lines from sites like MyBookie.

The Battle Scene

The Bedlam Battle is still a week away, and the Big 12 teams have some time to catch their breath and prepare. This is however not the case for other teams that still have titles to win. The titles in question are of course the Pac- 12 and the Big ten titles. The teams that are battling it out for these titles include six that are on the top ten best college football teams. These are Ohio, which ranks second, Michigan which ranks third, Washington which as at fifth position, Wisconsin which ranks sixth, Penn State which ranks seventh and Colorado which is at position nine. How these teams perform affect the fate of Oklahoma in a big way. But until Saturday, all the Sooners can do is sit back and wait.

The Oklahoma Stakes

Oklahoma didn’t have the best start to the season. They lost to the Houston Cougars who are ranked No. 20th in the season opening. Shameful and denting as that might have been, the fact that the Cougars again beat the Louisville Cardinals improves the image of Oklahoma. The Sooners, however, also beat the West Virginia team, which is ranked at position 18 out of the top 25 teams nationally. Although this was good for image, it still didn’t impact heavily on their rankings. But if the Oklahoma team wins the Bedlam battle, they might as well consider themselves as worthy candidates for the college play- offs. They will have proven themselves to be too good to be ignored.

The Oklahoma state team is also doing remarkably well- they have won seven games in a row. If they win an eighth game, they will have the College Football Committee squirming. This is because the committee will be in the undesirable position of having to make a decision about the Cowboy’s 30-27 apparent loss to central Michigan.

The chairman’s committee, Kirby Hocutt, has however hinted that they will treat the game as a loss, although they are still wary of the circumstances of the ending. His sentiments have not gone down well the Oklahoma State Coach, who has not shied away from opining to the public that he thinks Hocutt is bluffing. Although the Oklahoma coach, Bob Stoop, feels the same way, he is wise enough to keep it to himself. He knows that it is important to keep calm for the good of both teams.

This season’s play- offs are more than competitive, and even the smallest details matter. Regardless of who wins the Bedlam Battle, The Big 12 teams have reasons to hope that they will make it to the play- offs, although they also have other reasons to be nervous.




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  1. That went nowhere, these two teams lost early.

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