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Jill Stein: What’s wrong with attracting some GREEN to the Green Party?

Jill Stein, the Green Party Candidate for President, came within a bare 63 million votes of being elected the next President of the United States. Just in case there were some oversights she has been demanding recount after recount ever since.

Even DEMOCRAT Chuck Todd observed that someone seems to have put the idea for these recounts in Stein’s head. Seriously. Look it up.

When a non-existent correspondent for Balladeer’s Blog asked Jill Stein for a comment about Chuck Todd’s suspicions she replied “This has absolutely NOTHING to do with anyone coming forward with money … nothing to do with anyone anywhere offering to make my campaign’s massive debt go away … nothing.”

When pressed for more Stein blurted out “I am NOT being bribed by the people who own Hillary Clinton! … I mean, what was the question?”


*** *** *** *** *** *** Stein was talking about Hillary “Bugsy” Clinton in this quote from when Stein had some integrity.


Defenders of Dr Stein have pointed out that there is nothing illegal about asking for recounts, as opposed to the VOLUMINOUS illegal acts that can be tied to Hillary Clinton, the career criminal hoping to benefit from these late and repeated recounts.  

Feeling her oats, Jill Stein released a new statement demanding a recount in the 1888 presidential election, when Benjamin Harrison defeated Grover Cleveland AND in the election of 1824. Citing the way supporters of Andrew Jackson claimed there was a “corrupt bargain” between John Quincy Adams and Henry Clay when that 1824 election went to the House of Representatives, Stein said her new-found  commitment to election integrity knows no bounds!  

Hillary Clinton hands together


“With THIS kind of payday I’d be nuttier than Tim Kaine to stop now!” she elaborated.

Neither Harrison, Cleveland, Jackson, Adams nor Clay were available for comment.   Continue reading


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