abdul-at-ohio-stateAbdul Razak Ali Artan has been identified as the Muslim Somali man shot to death after using a car to ram several innocent people then stabbing more after exiting the vehicle. Abdul had pledged his allegiance to the Islamic State online before committing this horrific act which injured at least 10 innocent people. 

Pledging such allegiance before committing an act of Muslim terrorism is in keeping with the Islamic State’s online instructions to jihadist fanatics around the world. It “guarantees” them their 72 virgins in the afterlife, as mentioned in misogynistic Muslim myths. (I’m an atheist. Don’t bother accusing me of being a Christian or a Jew, etc)

Career criminal Hillary Clinton led the Democrats in demanding that the United States end its imperialist occupation of the Buckeye State at once. “NO MORE BLOOD FOR CHESTNUTS!” Hillary and her shrill supporters screeched. They also insisted Muslim fanatics would not commit these violent acts if America would just withdraw from Ohio.


Left-Wing Archie Bunkers: They’re so HIP!

Left-wing Archie Bunkers, who love to pathetically attempt reliving their youthful years, were joined in protesting the American occupation of sovereign Muslim territory by the usual throng of emotional cripples who pretend to be college students in America.

This sad, sad spectacle saw the childish students and their horribly, horribly old teachers and administrators carrying signs that said “U.S. OUT OF COLUMB**!” and other slogans. As usual those slogans were on the same intellectual level as nursery rhymes to ensure they were simple-minded enough to be written and chanted by both the young snowflakes and the senile 1960s burnouts.  

The teachers at a nearby pre-school showed up with their entire class of children, INSISTING that the toddlers were outraged at American imperialism in Ohio and that they were absolutely NOT using the kids as props to pretend that lots and lots of other people share their outdated worldview in which everyone who hates the Western World is automatically in the right.

Obama Islam

… And he certainly has, hasn’t he?

Barack Obama, in a tearful statement, praised the “courage” of the slain terrorist and said “Even if all of his victims had died instead of just being injured he would still deserve respect for raising awareness about White Privilege and the oppressive way that Ohio State students use their bodies to get in the way of Muslim cars and Muslim knives.”  

Barack ignored the fact that Abdul had committed the act in the name of the Islamic State aka Obamastan, which – as Democrat Nancy Pelosi agrees – was spawned by Obama’s premature withdrawal from Iraq. (Credit to Wikileaks for making that public, by the way.)   

ESPN, to no one’s surprise, is calling for Abdul’s corpse to dot the “i” in Script Ohio at the next Buckeyes football game. Many find that suggestion to be a bit tasteless. ESPN is dismissing those critics as “Islamophobic.” ++


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  1. You imitate 1960s losers perfectly!

  2. Pedro

    Democrats are horrible. I used to be one.

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