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ForsetiFORSETI – The god of the laws for men and gods alike who acted as the judge and moderator for disputes among the deities of the Teutono-Norse pantheon. His powers of arbitration and unquestioned fairness were necessary for settling conflicts involving his hot-blooded and temperamental fellow divinities. It is unknown, but doubtful, if Forseti’s rulings were at all binding on Odin. He was the son of the god Baldur through his wife Nanna and lived in a

 gleaming home sporting gold pillars and a silver roof. This home was called Glitnir.

Forseti was said to have come down from Asgard to Midgard (Earth) and given humanity the laws they were to live by. He also was said to have struck the ground with a golden axe in order to cause springs to burst forth. Fositesland near Denmark and Forsetlund in Norway were named for this god.    


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    That’s one way to get water!

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