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Left-Wing Archie Bunker: Back in MYYYY day, you were on the right side of an issue as long as you automatically sided with the enemies of the Western World!

The Left-Wing Archie Bunkers of the 1960s generation like to pretend every war is the Vietnam War all over again. Even against the intolerant forces of Muslim fascism the gutless hypocrites of “the most self-aggrandizing generation” continue to twist logic as severely as they have to in order to take sides against the Western World.  

They also push the concept of allegedly “unwinnable wars.” The expression “unwinnable wars” needs put in perspective. In modern warfare a victorious nation shows restraint and does not bombard an entire nation into submission like was done to Germany in World War Two for instance.

That restraint means that when the conventional war is won there is a sufficiently effective enemy network still at large in the defeated nations. The existence of such networks – often aided by forces outside the defeated country – means that any victorious nation needs to be prepared to maintain forces in the defeated nation for literally two decades AT LEAST.

That will not happen because the civilized world’s enemies (Muslim fanatics at present) know that as long as they can maintain ANY level of hostile activity they can count on the spineless and self-aggrandizing political left in the Western Democracies to do politically what they themselves cannot do militarily – force a premature withdrawal of the victorious forces.

American Liberals are the biggest offenders on that score – especially the nauseatingly self-congratulatory 1960s generation of American Liberals who STILL use every conflict as an excuse to pathetically try to relive their youthful protests of the Vietnam War. Those pompous fools always ignore the fact that America and the other Western Democracies are now facing AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT TYPE OF FOE and AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT SITUATION.

So this is apparently where we in the civilized world stand: we have barbaric external foes opposed to any form of freedom and built-in political parties (the Democratic Party in America, Labour in the U.K., etc) in every free nation who are determined to NEVER let their own countries win a war against those foes. In fact, those political parties think they can woo “the Muslim vote” while somehow retaining the freedoms that Islam is opposed to.

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  1. This is an interesting way to look at it. Leftwing nuts do act like every war is the Viet Nam war.

  2. You may be wrong on some of these counts but I agree with you on the gist of it. War and how much time is spent in the country after the surrender needs to be seriously rethought out given the circumstances you described.

  3. Hear hear! Your right that adults have to have a long conversaton about the points you raised. Liberal children would never be able to handle it.

  4. I like the way you call them left wing Archie Bunkers!

  5. I think you’ve looked at it in an interesting way. This may be the type of seriousness a nation should show before it goes into a war.

  6. The 60s generation needs to grow up or butt out.

  7. I think this is the way to think of any wars going forward against foes like Muslim terrorists.

  8. I think this should be the mindset about military intervention. Good post!

  9. These are excellent points. And I noticed other places where we had troops for a long time ensured stability like in Japan, South Korea and others.

  10. I fear that the world will go nuclear because of some leader of a Muslim nation.

  11. Kerry Beck

    Democrats in your country have gone insane.

  12. I shared this with my gab.ai followers.

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