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Mark Zuckerberg dead inside


Nobody takes more joy in sucking the emotion out of all human contact than Facebook’s Mark “Skippy” Zuckerberg! Mark – who hopes to become “a real boy” someday – recently chatted with a nonexistent reporter for Balladeer’s Blog. The subject was Zuckerberg’s new algorithm for breaking down poetry (patent pending).

BALLADEER’S BLOG: So Mark, what made you and your ilk in Silicon Valley take time away from invading people’s privacy to poke and prod at poetry?

MARK ZUCKERBERG: It annoyed me that there was still a scintilla of humanity left in the written word and I realized I couldn’t rest until I had analyzed it, broken it down and/or monetized it in some way. At the very least I wanted to destroy the emotion within it.

BALLADEER’S BLOG: Why do you despise all passion?

Mark Zuckerberg act normalMARK ZUCKERBERG: I figure if I’m not capable of experiencing emotions there’s no reason that people who have less money than I do should get to experience them either.

BALLADEER: Say no more. May I recite some random lines of poetry to you so you can demonstrate how your poetry algorithm would translate them?

MARK ZUCKERBERG: I would not be opposed to doing that.   

BALLADEER’S BLOG: The moon like a flower/ In Heaven’s high bower/ In silent delight/ Sits and smiles on the night


BALLADEER’S BLOG: Let thy loveliness fade as it will/ And around the dear ruin each wish of my heart/ Would entwine itself verdantly still

MARK ZUCKERBERG: “Male gaze.” Or maybe “Toxic masculinity.” I yield to the Sarkeesian-bots on my staff when it comes to translating such dangerous misogyny and exhortations to rape.  

BALLADEER’S BLOG: Two roads diverged in a wood and I – / I took the road less traveled by

MARK ZUCKERBERG: “Problematic fascist walks.”

BALLADEER’S BLOG: Where they have cringed and crawled and prayed/ I stand/ The self-damned/ Unafraid

mark zuckerberg free to say whatever i wantMARK ZUCKERBERG: I don’t understand it, so it must be Hate Speech. It would be banned for violation of community standards.

BALLADEER’S BLOG: I have no mouth and I must scr-


BALLADEER’S BLOG: Ours not to reason why/ Ours but to do and die

MARK ZUCKERBERG: Hey, why are you reading from the Silicon Valley Employees Manual? Continue reading


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Halloween Month continues with the most frightening documentary since the morbidly obese Michael Moore’s film titled Why Can’t I Find A Training Bra That Fits Me? 

Creepy LineTHE CREEPY LINE (2018) (AVAILABLE ON I-TUNES) – This is a terrific and highly-detailed look at the abuses involved in selective censorship on Social Media and other internet sites. The techno-fascists at Facebook, Google, Twitter and similar 21st Century Robber Baron domains are finally getting the kind of scrutiny that those privileged (and partisan) one percenters deserve.

The willingness of those corporate fascists to cooperate with totalitarian regimes and totalitarian political parties has become a danger to freedom of expression all around the world. Letting privileged white billionaires dictate acceptable language and ideas on the internet is like a real-life version of countless works of dystopian fiction.

Mark Zuckerberg dead inside


This situation also brings to mind Robert Ludlum’s espionage novel The Prometheus Deception in which Zuckerbergian techno-fascists are more than happy to help oppressive governments impose a global dictatorship. Such thoughts remain in the back of your mind the entire time you watch this riveting documentary.

Silicon Valley’s fondness for suppressing speech and undermining free elections makes this long-overdue expose very VERY relevant as social media sites are now often refusing even PAID ADVERTISEMENTS of candidates disliked by the one percenters in charge.

Data Harvesting and the way those same Robber Baron fiefdoms in Silicon Valley violate the privacy of users and then sell their most intimate information is explored as well. Overall The Creepy Line is as explosive and relevant as Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle was back in its day. Think of this documentary as a similar work updated for the internet age. 

The Jungle caused such an uproar that it led to the Pure Food and Drug Act as well as the Meat Inspection Act. Hopefully The Creepy Line will lead to similar policing of the flagrant abuses of Silicon Valley’s “Masters of the Universe.” 



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corporate fascist Mark Zuckerberg


Corporate fascist Mark Zuckerberg – who hopes to become “a real boy” some day – has joined forces with his fellow techno-tyrants in assorted social media to impose their own narrow-minded notions of “decent speech” upon the rest of us.

Conveniently for the Democrats, Zuckerberg and his fellow bloated rich pigs agree to ban ANY opinions that Democrats say should count as “hate speech” and as “violations of community standards” and other such vague, meaningless phrases that totalitarians always use to justify censorship. Already an Asian, female Republican political candidate (Elizabeth Heng) has had her campaign ads censored. Just a coincidence, I’m sure.

Facebook, Twitter, Google and others have been shown discriminating against all non-Democrats plenty of times over the years. As I often point out, I visit left-wing AND right-wing sites regularly to make sure I’m getting multiple viewpoints. Plus in real life I am close to people from all over the political spectrum and it has become impossible to ignore the way that social media target, harass and discriminate against ONLY the non-Democrats.

Freedom of expression amnesty international### Facebook and Twitter should be treated like public utilities and stopped from their war on the free exchange of ideas. Ever check out how the overwhelming majority of the one-percenters at those companies donate ONLY to the Democrats? They are also giving IN-KIND contributions to the Democrats and need to provide equal time. 

The modern-day versions of the disgusting old Robber Barons might well be the corporate fascists aka techno-fascists in assorted tech industries, not just regarding Silicon Valley but also  privacy-violating rich pigs at Facebook and elsewhere.

In fact, you could make the case that people like Mark “Skippy” Zuckerberg and his fellow corporate fascists are even worse since I don’t recall bloated rich pigs like E.H. Harriman or Cornelius Vanderbilt trying to police other people’s every thought, word and deed.

truth is the new hate speechThe invasive and ever-expanding tentacular reach of techno-fascists like Google and others makes these totalitarians a very credible threat to political freedom and freedom of expression.

In recent years outfits like Twitter, Facebook and others even made public noises about banning customers based on their conduct UNRELATED TO THOSE UTILITIES! Can you imagine the old, old Ma Bell monopoly cutting off people’s phone service because their operators caught those users discussing voting for political candidates disapproved of by Ma Bell’s upper echelons or expressing opinions frowned upon by Ma Bell?

Even worse, places like Google and others have made it firing offenses to be caught holding opinions at odds with the one percenters and bloated rich pigs who run those tech-related outfits.

Or put another way:   Continue reading

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