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Creepy LineIt’s no secret that Techno-Fascists like Jack Dorsey and his ilk have been waging war on freedom of expression. Big Tech has shown that it is all about corporate fascism. They really are publishers, not just providers of platforms, and deserve no Section 230 protections and should have their would-be monopoly on communication broken up.

Freedom of expression amnesty internationalPoland has introduced a new Freedom Act against Big Tech censorship. This act will see members of the public automatically notified of “shadowbans” and empowered to overturn restrictions if their speech online is lawful. Deputy Minister of Justice Sebastian Kaleta, who is spearheading the new legislation, confirmed that “every time an algorithm is used to limit reach, the user will be informed if and why his reach is being limited.” 

Hungary is looking to take similar action to protect speech from the whims of bloated rich pigs like the Jack Dorseys and Mark Zuckerbergs of the world. 

Here in the U.S. you can fight back against the Big Tech robber barons by signing the petition to break them up HERE. THANK YOU TO THE COURAGEOUS ALVAREZ GALLOSO FOR PASSING ALONG THE LINK TO THIS PETITION. YOU CAN FIND HIM HERE.


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Here at Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog, I can’t help but reflect on how less than three full years ago when this blog post used America’s increasingly totalitarian Big Tech fascists as examples for dystopian literature, it seemed like the dire possibilities explored might come within a decade or just under.

Unfortunately, in less than those three years that I mentioned we’ve seen privileged white male one-percenters like Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg EXCEED many of the abuses I wrote about in what was then (2018) fiction.

If you enjoy the article below, HERE is a link to a 2018 article about AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL pointing out how Google and Facebook threaten human rights. And HERE is a link to another such article. The lesson being “Don’t try to say that Big Tech won’t abuse their money and power after all that we’ve seen.”


THE TECHNO-TYRANTS OF SILICON VALLEY (2018) – The modern-day versions of the disgusting old Robber Barons might well be the corporate fascists aka techno-fascists in assorted tech industries, not just regarding Silicon Valley but also privacy-violating rich pigs at Facebook and elsewhere.

In fact, you could make the case that people like Mark “Skippy” Zuckerberg and his fellow corporate fascists are even worse since I don’t recall bloated rich pigs like E.H. Harriman or Cornelius Vanderbilt trying to police other people’s every thought, word and deed. The invasive and ever-expanding tentacular reach of techno-fascists or in this fictional case Techno-Tyrants would make these villains a very credible threat to political freedom and freedom of expression. Continue reading


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