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masc chair and bottleMichael Tracey, originally one of the Young Turks and still a very outspoken anti-Trump reporter, has shown some of the integrity his colleagues lack by calling out their irrational and childish refusal to let go of the discredited and debunked Russian Collusion fantasy.

Tracey skillfully points out that no matter how many times it is proven false, the Russian Collusion conspiracy theory is bitterly clung to by Democrats and their media outlets. Ironically, Tracey points out how this shrill cult does nothing but help President Trump by making media critics look like hopelessly biased partisans. (Which they are, of course.)

Unafraid to name names and to post screen-captures of some of the loonier anti-Trump lies spread by his colleagues in the Democrats’ media, Tracey’s long threads documenting the dishonesty and delusion of alleged “reporters” are great. A link is below, but first some excerpts:

First off, quoting Matt Wolking about the lies of bug-eyed Democrat Adam Schiff:

Adam Schiff eyesAdam Schiff
-Lied about having evidence of collusion
-Leaked false info from confidential hearings
-Pushed partisan memo with false claims
-Met secretly with Michael Cohen to shape his testimony
-Met secretly with FusionGPS Glenn Simpson
-Sought dirt on Trump from foreign actors

A Michael Tracey tweet calling out EmptyWheel, an alleged “reporter” who claimed to have proof of collusion:

Hey @emptywheel, whatever happened to this bombshell evidence of collusion that you claimed to personally possess? Just wanted to check in on that. 

Another Tracey tweet:

Throughout this ordeal, it’s been truly disturbing to watch otherwise intelligent people lapse into conspiratorial lunacy. After Mueller said no collusion, you’d think they would at least begin to self-reflect and change their behavior. Nope. They’re just getting worse Continue reading


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Education or indoctrination gifAnother look at the make-believe “educators” (LMAO) who have – with their political intolerance – reduced colleges and universities to faith-based institutions that are as irrational as any religious “schools.”

These institutions are no longer interested in intellectual rigor but are instead dedicated to ramming simple-minded notions of “right” and “wrong” down the throats of students. 

Mascot new lookWhat to do with quasi-religious narrow-mindedness that doesn’t announce itself as such – as with backward-thinking, ridiculous houses of worship – but instead masquerades as “social consciousness” or “being woke.” Alleged teachers are now really just clergy, or seem to consider themselves to be Missionaries for the Democrats. They’re really Left Wing Archie Bunkers.

The close-minded zealots who claim that “teaching is a political act” (LMAO) are the kind of people who often organize and carry out those “Wikipedia Edit-a-Thons” where they change entries to match their own personal political prejudices. Better to use alternate sites like INFOGALACTIC.COM, where political operatives don’t get to edit articles on a whim.

Milk SupremacyLAW PROFESSOR SAYS MILK IS A RACIST TOOL OF WHITE SUPREMACY – “Racist Tool” is a good way to describe white Democrat children of privilege like this alleged “educator” (LMAO). Democrats are now pushing “mylk” as a substitute for “problematic” milk. I wish I was kidding but I’m not. (And by the way, Democrats are determined to make the term “White Supremacy” as overused and meaningless as they’ve made “racism.”) Read her insane ramblings that masquerade as academic thought HERE   

CAN DEMOCRATS BE TRUSTED TO SET ASIDE THEIR MANY BIASES AND MAKE OBJECTIVE HIRING DECISIONS? (No.) – This next item is further verification of the ugly way Democrats discriminate against anyone outside their political party and it plays a large part in the biased and viciously partisan approach used in colleges and universities. The bias and exclusionary hiring is so bad that at Cornell alone ELEVEN ENTIRE DEPARTMENTS have ZERO Republicans. That doesn’t happen by accident. Click HERE Continue reading


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