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Education or indoctrination gifAnother look at the make-believe “educators” (LMAO) who have reduced colleges and universities to faith-based institutions that are as irrational as any religious “schools.”

“THE VIOLENCE OF WHITENESS” – More absurd bigotry and hate-mongering from the kind of Left-Wing Archie Bunkers who think “teaching is a political act.” Hilarious! Leave it to Americans to believe the idiotic notion that one-way political browbeating of college students somehow “educates” them! For more click HERE  

Nicole Neilly of Speech FirstSPEECH FIRST: HEROIC GROUP – A new group has joined the fight to defend Freedom of Expression in those Churches of Irrational Thought called “academies.”

Speech First – led by their President Nicole Neilly – fights the fascistic Democrats of America’s colleges and universities who use violence and other tactics to ban everyone who is not a mindless Democrat. For more on Speech First click HERE  

Balladeer: And by the way, I’m a Third Party man but I can’t believe the way too many groups who fight Faculty Lounge Fascists refrain from mentioning the overwhelming numbers of Democrats among faculty and administrators who are always behind the current attacks on Free Speech.

Groups who get banned or harassed should loudly and repeatedly announce the wildly out-of-proportion numbers of Democrats who are so clearly biased against any students or teachers who think independently. Continue reading


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