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Bracket of shameCourtesy of the Alliance Defending Freedom comes this hilarious bracket depicting some of America’s WORST colleges and universities when it comes to Freedom of Expression.

The intolerant fools of the “academic world” (LMFAO) tend to be either Left-Wing Archie Bunkers from the 1960s Generation OR people who had the misfortune of being “educated” (LMFAO) by Left-Wing Archie Bunkers from the 1960s Generation. FOR MORE ON THAT, CLICK HERE   

Free Speech 2There was a time when Liberals actively supported freedom of expression because they understood it was THE primary freedom from which all other freedoms flowed. The early figures from my own country’s history protected speech with the FIRST Amendment to the Constitution because they knew all too well that ideas that are considered taboo and offensive today might be considered essential truths by future generations.

The forever-hypocritical 1960s generation of American Liberals were all about Free Speech when THEIR ideas were the ones offending people. Once they considered themselves to be comfortably in the cultural, educational and political driver’s seat by the early 1990s they decided they wanted their own already outdated worldview enshrined in stone and presented as THE one true set of values.

The totalitarian asses of the 1960s can’t bear the fact that younger people might have opinions that offend THEM as much as their opinions offended their parents’ generation.  Continue reading


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