joe biden extra creepyIn my opinion Joe Biden is the new George W Bush in so many ways. Both men brought disaster upon the U.S. while enriching themselves and their cronies, and both men were selected, rather than elected, joining Rutherford B Hayes as the three presidents who – as the evidence indicates – did not really win their elections. (Links below)

Biden is creepyFor the umpteenth time I will remind Biden supporters that they need to relax – it is far too late to remove Creepy Joe and replace him with Trump, no matter how much talk they hear about that happening. But corrupt and senile Joe Biden will wear an eternal taint like Bush from the contested 2000 election and Hayes from the contested 1876 election. And needless to say, many Republicans resent reasonable people for pointing this out about George W Bush and many Democrats resent reasonable people for pointing this out about Joe Biden. Grow up, partisan fanatics. 

Biden as creep from fam guyGeorge W Bush was being contained until the 9-11 attacks were exploited by him in atrocious ways that continue to scar the country. Joe Biden, as head of the Biden Crime Family, hasn’t hesitated in the least in unleashing disaster on the nation. And, by the way, BIDEN STILL HAS KIDS IN CAGES. More than either Trump OR Obama. Plus EVEN BIDEN’S OWN PEOPLE ARE NOW ADMITTING THE CHANCE THAT COVID ORIGINATED IN A WUHAN LAB. And BIDEN’S NOMINEE TO HEAD THE BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT has been tied to calls for violence against government officials. (Again, links below)

Biden’s regime continues to crush the working class and the poor in heartbreaking ways. Neither of America’s major parties care about those suffering people but the Democrats nearly always win the Public Relations battle because Democrat media outlets still outnumber the media outlets of the buffoonish Republicans by astronomical amounts. This should always serve as a reminder for other countries – the expense of maintaining multiple media outlets year-round is just “the price of playing poker” in modern-day politics.

The Democrats learned decades ago that the most effective political commercials are the ones that masquerade as news broadcasts, and the barrage of talking points must be an ongoing effort with no let up. Republican power players understand nothing but money so they pointlessly fret over “splitting audience share” while the Democrats, who understand power and the fact that money will follow power, saturate the nation with their interpretation of events no matter the cost in mere money.

Both Democrat office-holders AND Republican office-holders are the figurative “bad guys” which is why so many of us in the U.S. have become Independent Voters, but the Democrats continue to lead their less sophisticated opposition by a huge margin in the Media Arms Race. And it shows in terms of who calls the political and cultural shots in the country. 

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  1. Kevin Arez

    I am ashamed to say I voted for Biden. What filth he has turned out to be.

  2. Cycstorm

    Take comfort from the fact that Trump actually beat Biden but the fix was in and Biden got installed.

  3. Alex Chaudhari

    Joe Biden is disgusting. He and his whole family.

  4. Gregg Rosenberg

    Joe Biden is the worst possible choice for who they could have installed as president.

  5. Darth Scipio

    Never stop saying it – Trump won and we all know it.

  6. Jakub Rejak

    Every point you made here nailed it! I used to be a democrat but they have become too intolerant and too much like fascists.

  7. Gavad

    I hated Trump but I agree that Biden has been infinitely worse.

  8. Bully Trisk

    Joe Biden is far worse than either George W Bush or Trump. And I’m a Democrat!