Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog takes a look at some of the Democrats and Republicans whose activities in 2022 made them deserving of nothing but contempt at best.

pelosi weirdNANCY PELOSI

Gang Affiliation: Democrat

Comment: The bitter and defeated Nancy Pelosi embodies the worst aspects of privileged white one percenters who hold political office. Even though her policies hurt the working class and the poor, she sanctimoniously pretends the opposite is true and presumes to lecture the rest of the country. Nancy is at least as corrupt as the Bidens and Bushes, and several years’ worth of their tax returns deserve to be examined.

Nancy has fueled hatred and political division, abusing her Speaker position to violate Congressional procedures by denying the minority from selecting their own members for committees among other partisan abuses. Pelosi’s childish destruction of her copy of a State of the Union Address was a new low for any Speaker of the House. She TWICE led the Democrats to losing the House of Representatives to the opposition party, the most recent time coming this past November.

nancy pelosi is garbageNancy cemented the ugly practice of last-minute voting on bills so complex and consisting of so many pages that no members of Congress would have time to read them before having to offer their Yea or Nay on the legislation. “You have to pass it to see what’s in it” was literally instituted by Pelosi herself. Pelosi consistently blocked attempts to prevent members of Congress from using their insider knowledge to exploit the stock market, even though the business community AND THE REST OF US would face criminal charges for such insider trading.

pelosi old and defeatedThis repulsive snob’s lies and corruption have made her one of the most destructive and despised Speakers of the House since Schuyler Colfax in the age of the Credit Mobilier Scandal. In addition, Nancy repeatedly kept down newer members of her own political party who sought to bring new ideas to Congress, ideas which the octogenarian Pelosi apparently felt threatened her own wealth and other privileges.

Pelosi is complicit in the chaos at the border, as well as in the additional crimes committed by every illegal immigrant who pours across with no examinations for Covid or other diseases and no checks for criminal backgrounds. Nancy Pelosi has been an enemy of the suffering working class and poor during her career among the white-collar criminals who hold political office in the U.S.

Nancy’s political career saw this pattern: lying, racebaiting, lying, making impossible promises and then blaming opponents when those promises can’t be kept and, of course, more lying. She embodied the callous, bloated rich pigs who abuse the people while offering absolutely nothing in return.

mitch mcconnell the turtleMITCH MCCONNELL

Gang Affiliation: Republican

Comment: Senator Mitch McConnell is what so many people think of when they picture the bloated, privileged one-percenter clueless white guys in suits that symbolized the Republican Party for so long. The chinless wonder, often called “Cocaine” Mitch from previous scandals, is rumored to have used one of the oldest ways that corrupt American office holders have of amassing side wealth – their spouse.

McConnell’s name is often mentioned in one breath – or at least in the same news reports – about scandals involving him possibly being compromised by China, just like the Biden Crime Family. Mitch brags about ramming through all of the federal judges that the country condemns for countless ugly decisions made by the Supreme Court and the courts beneath it.

mitch mcconnell buffoonCocaine Mitch represents plutocrats and power players, not his constituents. For years McConnell has abused his position in the Senate to keep the Republican Party in the past, trying to shore up old, teetering political families like the Bushes, Cheneys, Romneys and McCains. You know – the kind of families that embody the unwholesome combination of political corruption with wealth acquired through very questionable means.

Mitch has made his political party’s campaign funds his personal fiefdom, making sure that his own favored candidates get plenty of money while denying funds to candidates that don’t seem sufficiently subservient to him. His personal grudge matches have damaged grassroots candidates that he apparently considers a threat to his privileges, perks and graft money. 

mitch mcconnell cartoonThe pompous, obstinate refusal of Mitch McConnell and his ilk to step aside for candidates more in tune with the country is the main reason that his party’s candidates have for decades been classified as callous, racist warmongers in the public consciousness. Every candidate who dares to run as part of Mitch’s party must bear the burden of being associated with all of the baggage that an unprincipled creature like him represents to so many voters. 

McConnell is a failing, flailing buffoon reluctant to give up power even though it is long past time that a career white-collar criminal like him should have done so. 

michael mooreMICHAEL MOORE 

Gang Affiliation: Democrat

Comment: Yes, it’s the man who put the “pig” in bloated rich pig, Michael Moore, a fake friend to the working class. Moore continues to slither out from under rocks every so often, pretending to speak for the working class even though working class people despise him. Moore first inflicted his presence on the American public with Roger & Me, the movie where he exploited the plight of laid-off auto workers to launch a film career. This vulture in whale form has been no stranger to picking at the carcass of national tragedies ever since, padding his bank account even more.

This loathsome hypocrite owned stock in Haliburton despite claiming he never soiled his hands with anything as capitalist as “stock” and has done post-production work on some of his movies in Canada where this self-proclaimed lover of unions can work free of Hollywood union restrictions.  

Mikey pretends to care about the poor, often using that “99 %” cliche that Democrats have become so fond of. If Moore really cared about that 99% why doesn’t he divest himself of all but a million or so dollars of his own fortune and donate the rest to the poor? Oh, right, he only likes judging what OTHER PEOPLE should do with their money. 

This rotund, self-important waste of biomass is a classic example of how ignorant of history Democrats are. Oh, they know every single disgusting thing the United States has ever been guilty of, but they remain hopelessly ignorant of the heinous offenses of nearly every other country in the world. Becoming familiar with the failures and crimes of other nations would complicate their simple-minded view that history is a story of “good guys” and “bad guys” with America being the bad guys in their view and every opponent of America being the good guys. It’s, like, so DEEP to condemn only your own country while giving others a free pass.

ann coulter picANN COULTER

Gang Affiliation: Republican

Comment: She’s been called the pass-around of the political right. Ann Coulter has replaced Bill O’Reilly as the most despised Republican pundit around.

Coulter was a troll even before the term troll was being used in its current sense. Like Bill O’Reilly before her, Ann is all about self-promotion and pushing whatever her latest book is, frequently throwing previous allies and endorsees under the bus just to try staying relevant.

Ann has also mastered the art of being wrong. When the repulsive George W. Bush retook the White House in 2004, Coulter hailed it as a sign that media influence had been broken forever. When the equally repulsive John Roberts was confirmed as Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, Ann hailed him as a Republican savior. Since then, Roberts has been seen as a political opportunist with no intellectual honesty, infuriating his former supporters time and time again.

Not only is Ann wrong over and over again, but she has publicly supported Republican presidential candidates that she abandons and turns on the moment they fall from favor. Coulter pushed Chris Christie, Mitt Romney and other cosmic level non-presidents.

Ann becomes especially vindictive when elected members of her party refuse to make her part of their administration in any capacity, or simply ignore her and her advice – which often changes from day to day.        



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