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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! In lieu of Give Them A Shoutout Before They’re Dead, Balladeer’s Blog will call this “That Song Many People Associate With That Clive Revill Episode Of Columbo.” 


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Swarthmore College GarnetFIRST SEMIFINAL – The SWARTHMORE COLLEGE GARNET clashed with the CHRISTOPHER NEWPORT UNIVERSITY CAPTAINS as D3’s Final Four action commenced. The Garnet led the Captains by a Lucky 7 points, 36-29, come Halftime and then maintained that advantage for a 70-63 triumph. Cam Wiley put up 23 points to lead Swarthmore College.

oshkosh titans logoSECOND SEMIFINAL – This game pitted the UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN AT OSHKOSH TITANS against the WHEATON (IL) COLLEGE THUNDER. By the midpoint the Titans were on top of the Thunder by a score of 46-41. From there UW-Oshkosh went on to win it by a Centennial Club-level 104-85. The victors were led by Jack Flynn’s Double Double of 21 points and 15 rebounds.


Herkimer Generals logo BIGFIRST SEMIFINAL – In the 2 spot the HERKIMER COLLEGE GENERALS tangled with the 3rd seeded RICHLAND COLLEGE THUNDERDUCKS. Smothering defense was the key to the opening Half, which ended with the Generals up 27-21. After the break the Thunderducks could only edge an inch closer as Herkimer College emerged with a 63-59 triumph. Derrick Felder led the Generals with 17 points. Continue reading

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Magus 1Balladeer’s Blog takes a look at the turning point story for Adam Warlock, a Marvel Comics character … and therefore probably destined to become a pop culture demi-god like almost every other Marvel figure thrown at the screen. (He was already an Easter Egg in their Cinematic Universe)

Marvel Comics characters, their film rights spread across multiple studios, have been at the center of seemingly countless movies in recent decades as well as plenty of television shows, both broadcast and cable. Flops like Howard the Duck and Ben Affleck’s Daredevil are cultural touchstones for cinematic failure. Marvel’s vampire slayer Blade, introduced in the 1970s, succeeded in three motion pictures AND a television series long before the Black Panther was adapted for the screen.

The X-Men, Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and others have appeared in multiple films. Even less popular Marvel figures like the Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man have been money-makers. Hell, even Groot, originally introduced as a rampaging monster in NINETEEN SIXTY has become nearly iconic despite having the most limited vocabulary this side of “Hulk will smash!”

(Yes, Groot – like Fin Fang Foom, Patsy Walker and the zombie Simon Garth – came even before the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man!).  

All of which is my roundabout way of getting back to ADAM WARLOCK, another lesser-known Marvel character who will probably become a household name before you know it. Adam had the very FIRST encounter with GAMORA. He fought THANOS in multiple storylines dating back to the 1970s, sometimes alongside DRAX and THE AVENGERS. Continue reading

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Roberts Wesleyan College RedhawksFIRST SEMIFINAL – The 2 seeds – the ROBERTS WESLEYAN COLLEGE REDHAWKS – took the court against the 3rd seeded HANNIBAL-LAGRANGE UNIVERSITY TROJANS. The Redhawks found themselves chasing the Trojans at Halftime as they faced a 35-22 deficit. After the break Roberts Wesleyan College mounted a massive comeback, winning the game 63-61 led by 19 points from Peyton McLaurin. 

Cedarville U Yellow JacketsSECOND SEMIFINAL – Up next the top seeded CEDARVILLE UNIVERSITY YELLOW JACKETS clashed with the 4 seeds – the BLUEFIELD COLLEGE RAMBLING RAMS. The Yellow Jackets put up 36 points in each Half, leading the Rambling Rams 36-27 at the midpoint before winning it by a final tally of 72-59. Conner TenHove tossed in 20 points to lead Cedarville U.


Herkimer Generals logo BIGFINAL FOUR: FIRST BERTH – The 2 seeds – the HERKIMER COLLEGE GENERALS – squared off against the 7th seeded SANDHILLS COLLEGE FLYERS yesterday. The Generals were clobbering the Flyers to the tune of 40-22 at the break, then kept them at arm’s length in the 2nd Half for a 76-64 victory. Arnold Agard, Derrick Felder and Musa Pough led Herkimer College with 14 points each. Continue reading

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Flashman 1st novel 5Balladeer’s Blog’s original reviews of The Top Five Harry Flashman Novels were such a hit I followed it up with bonus reviews of what I consider the 6th, then 7th, then 8th, then 9th novels. It may be a few weeks until I finish any of my reviews of the remaining books in the series so here’s quick links to the 6th through 9th place selections.

Flashman and the Mountain of Light 2SIXTH PLACE

FLASHMAN AND THE MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT (1990) – Time period: First Sikh War (1845-1846) Harry’s bed and battle adventures during the First Sikh War. The Mountain of Light of the title refers to the Koh-I-Noor (“Mountain of Light”) Diamond, at that time in the possession of the Maharani Jeendan of the Punjab. CLICK HERE 

flashman and the redskins 2SEVENTH PLACE

FLASHMAN AND THE REDSKINS (1982) – Time period: 1849-1850 and 1875-1876 This novel deals with Flashman’s escapades with the Forty-Niners on the way to the California gold fields during the Gold Rush. Features Pawnee, Arapaho, Sioux and Apaches. The second part finds Harry reluctantly (as always) involved in the Sioux Uprising including Little Big Horn and its aftermath. CLICK HERE 

flashman 1st novelEIGHTH PLACE

FLASHMAN (1969) – Time period: 1839-1842  The novel that started it all follows our favorite British blackguard from his infamous expulsion from Rugby for drunken misconduct, to his purchase of an officer’s position in the British Cavalry, his marriage to Elspeth and finally his peril-filled exploits in the First Afghan War. CLICK HERE  Continue reading

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Cedarville U Yellow JacketsDAY ONE, GAME ONE – The top seeds – the CEDARVILLE UNIVERSITY YELLOW JACKETS – took on the 8th seeded NEBRASKA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE SENTINELS (formerly the Parsons). The Sentinels were never really in this game as the Yellow Jackets held a 41-28 Halftime lead and then parlayed that into an 80-58 blowout win. Branden Maughmer scored 20 points to lead Cedarville University.  

Roberts Wesleyan College RedhawksDAY ONE, GAME TWO – The 2nd seeded ROBERTS WESLEYAN COLLEGE REDHAWKS clashed with the 7 seed – the PIEDMONT INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY BRUINS (formerly the Conquerors). The Redhawks were clinging to a close 34-31 edge at the Half. After the break Roberts Wesleyan College squeezed out a bit more separation from the Bruins to win it 70-60. Peyton McLaurin led the Redhawks with his 23 points.  Continue reading

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March MadnessMarch Madness is upon us once more . Office betting pools, lost productivity in the work place and days & nights spent watching countless basketball games! As fans of a certain sports broadcaster would sing:

“Come on and watch some basketball/ You’ll watch it all/ Day and all night …”

If you plan to win your office bracket pool get ready to put in a little time. Filling out a strong March Madness bracket requires doing research, including picking the right double-digit seeds to pull off the inevitable Upsets. Identifying those teams that will break other people’s brackets while making your own pay off isn’t easy. Continue reading

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